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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


(This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnackWithCreminelli #DiscoverFood #CollectiveBias. Thanks for support the brands that help me pay for grad school 😊)

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One of my favorite things about living in the northeast is that everything is so close. It has been so fun to visit all the states we probably wouldn't have done a separate trip for. One of the last places on our list was Philadelphia. Since it is only like 2 1/2 hours, we decided to just drive down for the day. 

So this post wouldn't be complete without a story about the dog sitter we dropped Tucker off at. I will have to write the details when I turn this post private, but basically the sitter's house looked COMPLETELY different from the pictures they had online. The pictures online were of all these dogs playing outside in yards with kids, and it just looked amazing. Then in real life, all the pictures I got were of Tucker inside a dark house. When I initially dropped him off, it was a really creepy experience. I left and was in the car like, "What the f did I just do, what the f did I just do". I was convinced that we should just cancel our plans and go get him. So I called J and we decided that even though it was creepy to me, dogs probably didn't notice that kind of stuff and he would be fine. When we went to get him at the end of the day, I made J come with me to make sure it wasn't just me thinking it was a really creepy place. Long story short when we left J was like, "Yeah, that was one of the weirdest things." 

I felt so bad. Tucker NEVER cuddles and that night he came home, immediately jumped on the couch next to me, and slept on my lap for hours! I still feel bad about it. I know he wasn't abused or anything because the sitter had like 60 five star reviews, but still. I don't think it was his favorite place. For our trip this weekend, I just booked him with who he has stayed with before, because I know he likes it there. Ideally in the future I want to find someone who maybe has one other dog and a backyard and just take him there every time we leave, so he is familiar and comfortable with it. 

ANYWAY! So Philadelphia was alright. It was one of those place I don't feel like we would make a separate trip for, but it was nice to go in for the day. 

They had so many cool murals!

Obviously the main thing on our to do list was to eat cheesesteaks lol. J picked Geno's and I'll admit, it was good! I wouldn't make a trip solely for the purpose of eating cheesesteaks, but they were very good. 

The first sign of spring!! Right after this trip we came back to Connecticut and got 4 inches of snow FML. 

We went in search of a vegan cheesesteak for me, but the location I had looked up was closed. So we went to Dottie's (a vegan donut shop) instead. I got the lavender sugar donut and it was so good! 10/10 would recommend them. 

I gave J "Instagram husband" points each time he took a photo of me. Points can be redeemed for things such as not having to take Tucker out, head scratches, and not having to do dishes. On this trip he earned 30 Instagram husband points. So far he has only redeemed 5. 

(This is me being stupid, not serious in case you couldn't tell. Although the points are real. This pic only got 3 (max for each pic is 5) because of slight blur lol. Anyway, highly recommend Instagram husband points. V good and fun experience for all. 😂) 

This mural is for my sis-in-law, Sara.

Like I would love to see people in the process of painting these.

So I am trying to convince J to start an Instagram making fun of me. For every picture I have of myself somewhere cool, I have the exact same picture of J that I took to get my settings right. Anyway, plz convince him to do it because it would be so funny I think lol. 

The was Philadelphia's city hall. So pretty right! 

If you walk into it, there is a place where you can stand in the middle and see for miles in each direction. It's kind of hard to tell in these photos but it was really cool.

When the paparazzi gets u like

There was this really cool little sculpture park next to city hall. I swear I have seen this statue somewhere else?! Someone back me up!

Also this is the famous "love" statue. I love that people were organized so politely to take photos in front of it lol. 

How cool are these giant game piece statues?!

We had Federal Donuts which were v good. They ask you if you want them hot, which was a new concept to us. They were really good hot, though! I got strawberry lavender and J got cookies and cream. Would recommend both!

More cool murals. I bet you could do a really fun walking tours of all the murals they have.

We went to the magic gardens, which is basically a huge garden made of trash. It took the artist something like 14 years to put it all together! Crazy, huh? 

Here are some photos of me being awkward on stairs. So the problem with the magic gardens is they let like, way too many people in at the same time and then everyone just wants to take photos lol. And I am not the type of person who is totes chill to have pics taken in front of strangers. #socialanxiety lol. So, these are what I get!

I really wanted to try a vegan cheesesteak, so we stopped at Blackbird Pizzeria. It was a really good sandwich, but not the same as a cheesesteak (I had a bite of J's from Geno's). I think what would have made it better for me is if the cheese was Cheese Whiz instead of a vegan mixture. But overall I would still definitely recommend it if you are vegan and wanting a good sandwich. It was really good, just not the same taste as a cheesesteak. 

For the drive home we had a to-go tray from Creminelli Fine Meats™ that I got at Target. 

Check out their Instagram here to see more fun pics of people snacking in cool places. And check out their website here to see more tray options! This picture was taken at a service plaza, which is one of the greatest inventions in the world. It's like a little pull off from the freeway that has bathrooms, gas, and food places. But it's not like it's own exit, if that makes sense. So you can just pull off real quick, grab some gas, and then pull right back on. BEST THING EVER. 

All in all, it was a good trip! I truly feel we have explored every last bit of the northeast. I don't feel like we will leave feeling like we missed anything. So I'm excited! Next up, the PNW!

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