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Monday, April 3, 2017

Portland, Maine Travel Guide

We loved Portland so so so much! It's one of the few places we would fly back to the Northeast for. We did a quick weekend trip so we didn't have time for everything, but what we did do was amazing!

Where to eat:

  • Duckfat - Get the truffle fries! Also J was obsessed with their paninis. 
  • Bomb Diggity Bakery and Cafe - SO CUTE AND SO GOOD! I loved the Whoopie cookie, cinnamon roll, hot chocolate, and egg sandwich. J got a breakfast burrito that he loved, too.
  • Tandem Coffee Roasters - Cutest little stop for breakfast and the best cheddar jalepeno scone.
  • B. Good - Ok so after our trip I realized this isn't specific to Maine, but it's still so good! They have the Maine Root sodas that are SO GOOD and everything is really fresh and healthy. 
Places that were on our list but we didn't have time for:
  • The Honey Paw
  • Coffee Me Up
  • Portland Pottery Cafe
  • Urban Sugar Food Truck
  • Sister's Gourmet Deli
  • Ohno Cafe
  • Bard Coffee
  • LB Kitchen
  • East Ender
  • Palace Diner
  • Aurora Provisions
  • Dutch's
  • Bird Dog Roadhouse
  • Food Fork Lab
  • Back Bay Grill
  • Otto
  • Bayside American Cafe
  • Portland Lobster Company
  • The Holy Donut

Where to stay:

  • We stayed at Microtel because it was cheap and fit our college budget. I was actually really impressed with it and would stay again. 
Other hotels that are on my list:

What to do: 

  • A lighthouse tour! There are supposedly 6 lighthouses in Portland, but we could only find these four: Portland Breakwater Light, Spring Point Ledge Light, Portland Head Light, and Two Lights State Park.
Let me know if I missed anything! Or if you agree that these places are amazing/delicious! I'm really hoping we can make it back up before we move back to the west. It was truly everything I wanted it to be and will forever remind me of Stephen King.

- - - - -

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Portland, Maine

You guyssssssss!! Maine was a-maz-ing. If you know me you know I am obsessed with Stephen King and Maine was like, actually so creepy because it's the actual setting for almost all his books!

We loved, lovedddddd Portland. It was amazing!

From Rhode Island to Maine it was maybe an hour or two drive? I honestly can't remember. But this oversized sweater is my new flave. 

Lol this sign for St. Patrick's day.

We drove around New Hampshire for a minute, because J spent the first 5 years of his life there. To be honest, we weren't too impressed. This was the Main Street in Portsmouth. Cute, but not very parking friendly lol.

We stopped at the Dinnerhorn and got clam chowder, because that's where his parents used to go when they lived there. I haven't ever had clam chowder before, and not gonna lie, it wasn't my favorite thing lol. It was fun to *ReMiNiSc* though. 

Um wow? I guess those were the only pictures I took that day? Ummmm ok!

The next morning we went to breakfast at a little cottage outside of Portland. It was so good!

This cinnamon roll is what dreams are made of, you guys.

My sandwich was good too! Anything with goat cheese, right?

The girl forgot to add my sandwich to our check so I had to go back up and order it again. She felt so bad haha. When she came back she brought us a whoopie cookie! It was legitimately like one pound, I swear to you. (Also I look like such a dweeb in this picture lol.) 

We went on a little lighthouse tour! There were supposed to be 6, but we could only find 3 lol. 

This one was so cute and baby! It was called Portland Breakwater Light.


This was our second lighthouse: Spring Point Ledge Light. It looked like the walk out there was like 2 seconds, but it was actually way longer lol. It was scary too because there were gaps between the rocks. Ah!

So this one is the like, "famous" lighthouse in Maine everyone takes pictures of (Portland Head Light). It was p cool!

I kind of want to open an Etsy shop and sell landscape prints? Idk do you guys think anyone would buy the picture below??

When your self-timer takes 3 pictures in a row and you don't know what to do lol.

We had an early dinner at Duckfat! The line was long so we put our name in and walked around a neighboring health food store. There is maple candy and maple syrup there. And Beyond Meat, if you are veg.

The fries were SO. GOOD. We got the ones with truffle ketchup!

I wasn't the biggest fan of my panini? Idk one thing about switching back to meat is I sometimes feel like there is less flavor in meat dishes than in veggie dishes? Idk. J loved loved loved his though!

The next morning, we ate at the cutest coffee shop called Tandem Coffee Roasters. The hot chocolate wasn't the best, but it sure was pretty! The jalapeƱo scone was SO GOOD. And the oatmeal there looks really good too, I'd probably get that next time. It had a great atmosphere though and was decorated super cute.

We made one final stop at Two Lights State Park. This was my favorite place we went the whole time. It was so freaking pretty.

It was a v fun trip! I think we'll probably go back before we move. I want to do Acadia state park!

Places we wanted to go but didn't have time for: LB Kitchen, Bard Coffee, Ohno Cafe, East Ender, Aurora Provisions.

- - - - -