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Friday, October 27, 2017

Harry Potter World Travel Guide

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What to eat:
  • The Leaky Cauldron: We only did breakfast here, but it was good! Good bacon, eggs, potatoes,  pumpkin juice, and butter beer. 
  • Sugar Plum's Sweet shoppe: GET ALL THE THINGS! Chocolate frogs, pumpkin pasties, cauldron cakes, pumpkin cakes, chocolate wands, butter beer fudge, and caramel apples. 
  • Fishy Green Ale: After you get sick of all the butter beer (try it in all forms!) get this! It's like a blueberry mint soda, which sounds weird but I thought it was good!
What to do:
  • Olivander's: The line gets big so go early! You do a little wand experience which is cool and I posted about here and then get to choose your wand. The gold label wands are interactive and do things around the park. They are about $50 and so worth it! 
  • Escape From Gringottss: This is the ride at Diagon Alley (there is only one). The line also gets long, so get there early! We went as single riders once and we waited less than a minute in line, so definitely consider that as well! 
  • Do all the spells around the park: It's hard at first but employees are really nice and will show you how to do it. 
  • Look around all the shops!
  • See the dragon breath fire!
  • See the drinking fountain squirt water at people lol.
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What to eat:
  • The Three Broomsticks: The family feast is good and aesthetically pleasing. It's full of vegetables, potatoes, and meat. A very unique experience for sure! Do it! Other things that are good are the fish and chips, chicken tenders, fries, butter beer, and pumpkin juice. 
  • Honeydukes: A lot of the same pastries as Diagon Alley, in case you couldn't get everything you wanted there.
What to do: 
  • Hogwarts Express: Take the train to get here! It's way cooler walking in that way. 
  • The Forbidden Journey: Ok so the line is actually cool on this one because you get to walk through the castle. This ride was my favorite of the two! Seriously it was so so fun. 
  • Flight of the Hippogriff: I didn't go on this but my niece and nephew liked it!
City Walk:
This is right outside the parks and has good food options!
  • Vivo Italian Kitchen: Everyone in my family swore by the lasagna. It also has good bread and butter.
  • Cowfish: Sushi and burger bar. They have a sushi burger that J loved. You can sub any burger with a veggie patty. Super yummy! Also they have crazy milkshakes. 
  • Toothsome Chocolate Emporium: Really good macarons! My favorite was the lavender. 
  • Hard Rock Cafe: I actually don't like these, but I know a lot of people do so I thought I would include it as an option lol. 
  • Yardhouse: Ok so this isn't in City Walk. You'll have to drive/Uber but it's SO GOOD and WORTH IT! They have a whole section of GardeIn vegetarian foods. I got the veggie burger and it was SO GOOD!
Where to stay:
  • We stayed at Cabana Bay and actually loved it! It had shuttles that took you to the parks and was just the cutest thing. Read more about it here

Let me know if I missed anything! 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Cabana Bay

Ok so I wanted to do a separate post about the hotel we stayed at because it was amazing! We stayed at Cabana Bay and I would definitely stay there again when we go back. Here's what I liked, in bulleted list form:

- Super close to Universal Studios. There was a bus that took us there and back, v convenient!
- Cutest decorations. It had such a colorful 60's vibe that I was DIGGIN'. 
- Amenities AF! The pools were great and they had a bunch of food options, an arcade, bowling, and movies by the pool.
- J always brings his Chromecast on vacation and always tries to hook it up to the hotel T.V. It never works because they never have the right port or remotes with ability to change the input. BUT THIS HOTEL DID! So we were able to connect our SNES and play Donkey Kong at night. It was amazing.

Anyway, so this is the part we stayed in. It was called Starlight and right next to the pool and lounge areas. 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last Day At Harry Potter World

So we had a break day on Sunday, and then headed back to Harry Potter World on Monday. My mom and I went early, because she didn't ride Escape From Gringotts before and we wanted to avoid the lines. Since it was just the two of us, we had to put our bags in a locker. To unlock a locker you have to scan your finger and it tells you which one to use, and then you scan your finger to unlock it when you're done. So when I got up there, I put two fingers on the scanner at like, the weirdest angle because I am an idiot. Sure enough, after we got off the ride I couldn't unlock the locker with my fingerprint. So an employee had to override it and quiz me on what was inside lol. So embarrassing. 

OH! But also we did the single rider line because the other one was already pretty long, and it was the BEST THING! We walked straight up to the line of like 2 people. Waited under a minute and got on the ride. If I could go back (and we didn't have babies), I'd do single rider on all the rides for sure!

We got drinks while waiting for the rest of the fam and chatted. After having like a million butter beers I got this Fishy Green Ale. It was like a mint soda with blueberry bursts. Super good and refreshing!

We met up with the rest of the fam and went to Hogsmeade again. 

I wanted to get better pictures in Hogsmeade, but MAN there are a lot of people there! I always feel so embarrassed when people like stop so we can take a photo haha. Anyway, I'm proud of the ones of me and J, but kind of bummed about the family pic! That's what you get for asking a stranger to take a photo lol. At least it has charm!

It was a million degrees and we were hungry, so we headed back to the hotel and got some food. (I'll post more about the hotel tomorrow because it was amazing.) We went to Cabana Bay after that (it was literally like 20 feet from our hotel) and *swam for a bit!

For dinner we ate at Yardhouse and it was SO GOOD. They had a bunch of Gardein vegetarian options available. No subbing or anything, just plain vegetarian friendly! I got a burger and it was seriously SO GOOD.  

Afterward we went to Sugar Factory again with the babies. These macarons are from the day before I'm pretty sure, but I'm posting them here because I do what I want. They were from Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and strawberry cheesecake and lavender flavor. SO GOOD. 

Anyway, all in all Harry Potter World was AMAZING. Definitely go. Especially if you are a fan. I am a fan. I currently have a pair of shorts, 3 pairs of pants, a shirt, and 4 pairs of socks that are all Harry Potter. All thanks to Primark's Harry Potter collection #notsponsored hahaha. 


*I sat in the shade and people watched because I can't swim and also very paranoid about our things getting stolen. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017


Ok so Hogsmeade was so cute? I still can't get over how creative people are and how good of a job they all did at making it feel real. 

We got up again, at the butt crack of dawn to get to the park before everyone else. We did a few things I can't remember and then stood in line for the Hogwarts Express. They had this night bus and the kids being the "bus driver" were so good! They acted and looked exactly like the kid from the movie every time I saw them haha. It must be a fun job for them to get so into character.

The line went pretty fast! It was also one of those lines that takes you through cool places, so even when you have to wait, it is still a fun experience. 

All aboard the Hogwarts express!!!! Honestly Harry Potter is like a Christmas tradition for me? I always think of winter and Hogsmeade and the train going through a winter-y landscape when I think of Harry Potter. So I always end up watching it around Christmas time. 

I took like 0 photos on the train this day, but it was really cool! The dementors scared my niece lol. 

We didn't get a "good" family pic on this trip, but the ones we did get have a lot of charm! Like this one where we are getting covered in fog lol. 

Once again, they did such a good job at making the walk into the park fun! Look how cute! 

I loved all the snow capped cottages.

This, my friends, is the power of Photoshop. I can't for the life of me remember where I read it, but at one point a blogger was talking about a Reddit thread where you can post your photo and people will edit it for you. So, I looked at this picture and was immediately annoyed by all the blue shirt people, because it would be such a cool picture without it. So, I post it in the thread (link here) and was BLOWN AWAY by how talented people are! You can see the after at the beginning of this thread. 

The Hogwarts ride was SO COOL! It was by far my favorite. The line walks through the whole castle and that experience is almost as cool as the ride. The ride was cool because it was part simulation and part physical/rollercoaster. So it felt like, SO real.  

We had lunch at the Three Broomsticks and it was so good! Out of all the butter beer we tried, I think my favorite was the frozen! The cold one you have to drink without a straw, because you need to get the foam on the top! It's pretty good too, but that frozen... mmmmmmm. 

I got fish and chips, and they were pretty good! My sister was obsessed with this "family feast", so that's what everyone else ate haha. I am still lol-ing at how "feast-like" it actually was. Once again, people are v creative!

Honeydukes had a lot of the same things as Diagon Alley, so it was nice to not have to go back to the other park to get a specific treat. I can't remember what this pumpkin thing was called, but it was really good, kind of like carrot cake with frosting. I also got butter beer fudge, which was really good too. 

For dinner we went to this place on the city walk called Vivo Italian Kitchen. I wasn't too hungry from all the treats, so J and I split spaghetti and meatballs. I thought it was good, but J ended up being OBSESSED with the lasagna some other people got. They all said it was the best lasagna they have ever had, so get that when you go!

We went back to the hotel and played some games. My brother-in-law gave J these joggers because they didn't fit him, and now J is obsessed with joggers haha. If you know of a good place to get jogger pants (not sweats), please comment down below! 

So when my mom came out to visit in May, we went to Primark and stumbled upon a bunch of Harry Potter pajamas. Unfortunately, they didn't have any for guys, so we just got them for all the girls as a surprise. Then, I went back a few months later and they had some for guys!! Yay! So I got them and we were all twinning and v cute. This is the best family photo we got. We tried to get one on the last day and it would be so cute, but it was BLURRY AGHHHH.

Idk about you guys, but I am so shy when it comes to asking people to take a photo. So like, after they take it I am always like, "That's good!" Even if it isn't, because I don't want to be like, "Wait, it's blurry, can you take another? This time make sure the square is on us?" Because my camera is like, way complicated.

Anyway, so the other picture is cute, but this is the only one that is in focus. 

I have been slow at posting these, but am going to finish them all up this week because then I have Vermont and the puppy halloween party to post about! Yi yi!