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Friday, June 16, 2017

Staycation: Boston!

IT'S BEEN A MINUTE! Ok so I have this new thing where I like to put vertical images side by side, but when I do it through coding it throws off the number of posts that show up on my home page. So, I did these in Photoshop instead, and it took a minute! 

But alas I am finally posting all of this. Hey, also, does anyone have a good website that prints blogs into books? I think I am going to delete some of the old posts here once they are in book form.

ANYWAY. So back to when my mom came to visit, we drove up to Boston for the day! When my mom was planning her trip, she was really pushing staying over night in Boston. I was like, "Let's just drive up for the day?" And she was like, convinced it wouldn't be enough time there. Well, well, well. Guess who is always right? This girl!

Nah, jk.

But actually just driving up for the day was a perfect amount of time for us! We headed out at 7:00ish and got home around 9:00 or 10:00. Not too shabby!

I love how clean Boston is in comparison to New York! It seems a lot smaller and quainter to me. And QUIETER. 

All their window boxes with flowers are SO CUTE!! 

So for a little breakfast we went to Tatte Bakery. The pastries weren't my favorite but the breakfast sandwiches looked AMAZING!! Next time that is definitely what I am getting!

Every time I take a picture like this I pat myself on the back for being good at Instagramming/blogging.

After we ate we started the Freedom Trail. I am 0% a history person, but it was fun to walk so much and see so much! Walking is my favorite way to see a city. This is my cute mom. I used to not post about family on here cuz privacy or whatever, but then also in my journal I will never have photos of family? Which is weird to me, so I am posting things again lol.

Next we went to a cemetery where all the famous people were buried. Also, does anyone know what this little face on the headstones means? It was everywhere. 

Like the streets in Boston are so cute?

I am a good person to have on vacations cause I'll call you name and bug you to get cute candid photos that you won't appreciate. 

Guys this is my husband? Like I don't even know.

So they turned this ancient church into a CHIPOTLE!?!?!?!? Really, America? REALLY.

Ok I have to LOL. So, this is the Freedom Trail. Like, you can just follow this path that's in the sidewalk. When we first saw it, my mom was like, "Oh! I bet that's the freedom trail!" And I was like, "No, I bet that's for blind people to get around the city." And she was like, "????" But in Tokyo they literally have little bumpy strips across the whole city for people who were blind, so it's not a far stretch? But also it's OBVIOUSLY for the Freedom Trail and I'm just an idiot lol.

Remember in junior high when these types of pictures were *very* cool?

Of course we had to go to Little Italy. My mom went to Italy a little while ago and has been OBSESSED ever since.

So my mom and J stopped to get pizza. It didn't sound good to me so I didn't get any. While they were walking out I was hiding behind a tree and acting like a paparazzi yelling things at them. They both laughed and I got the CUTEST genuine smile photos!!! I got a really good one of my mom but it's close up and I know if she ever saw it she would be like, "Why did you post that!!! Look how close it is to my face!!!" But I THINK IT'S CUTE OK.


So I am trying this new thing when I travel, where like instead of waiting for everyone to move to get a "good shot" I just take the photo with the tourists in it. I feel like it is more real? Obviously, I guess. But I guess I feel like it captures the place/monument/whatever better.

Lemme tell you, I reallllllly appreciate living by water! It's so pretty and so nice.

New England style homes 10/10. I love shake siding and shingles and shutters. Dream home material for sure!

At the end-ish of the Freedom Trail you can take a ferry back to the Boston Aquarium. 

Remember when we went to that really good farm fresh restaurant in Maine? Well, they had on in Boston too! It's called BGood and I would HIGHLY recommend!

Next we rode the boats at the park!

So people were walking back and forth over this bridge. They stopped for us to get this picture and then a guy was like, "You know, we don't just do that for anyone!!!" And I thought it was so nice and funny. It's always nice when people aren't super mean to tourists lol.

OK CUTEST THING ALERT. So these kids were playing with their grandpa and this ball. One of them had a bad throw and it went into the pond. We went around on our boats, got off, and walked around for a bit, only to get on the bridge and see this grandpa was still waiting for the ball to come back. It kept coming back, but was still far enough away he couldn't get it. So finally this BAE GRANDPA GETS INTO THE POND TO GET THE BALL FOR HIS GRANDKIDS. It was the actual cutest thing.

Oh, and shortly before this someone else proposed to his girlfriend and everyone clapped.

And that's a wrap! It was a v fun trip and v fun to see my mom. I love that everywhere out here is so close! It's so neat to be able to drive to Boston and back in a day, or go into New York for school and come back home to Connecticut. It's definitely something we are trying to take advantage of while we are out here!

- - - - -

Friday, October 7, 2016

Boston For A Day!

So, one of the biggest reasons we moved out of New York City is because we wanted a car to explore more of the east coast! New York is great and everything, but it is extremely limiting to live there unless you have money to rent a car (which we didn't). 

A few weeks after we moved to Connecticut I went on a little day trip to visit my friend Hailey in Boston! She goes to Harvard and is just an AMAZING person. We went to high school together and it's so nice to have a friend from home out here in the northeast with me, even if she is 2 hours away!

Our apartment complex is right by a river and it's always so foggy in the mornings. I love it!

I love the drives here! All of the highway are 2 or 3 lanes and lined with trees. Utah has one freeway that goes down the middle, so you basically just get on and take one exit. Here there are a bunch of different exits that lead to other freeways. It's definitely more confusing, but it also is a little bit more interesting when making long drives.

I brought my lil Polaroid Snap along on this trip and took lots of cutie pictures. I love the personality film has. It feel so authentic and genuine to me. 

The first thing we did was tour Harvard! Can you spy a baby Hailey in the photo below? Lol.

The Harvard library was SO beautiful. 

Then we went to Faneuil Hall! I love how clean Boston is. I want to go back in the winter when it's all cute and snowy. (It snows there, right?)

We walked through Quincy Market and I spent $10 at a chocolate shop because it was cash only and the card minimum was $20. It was delicious chocolate though. Quincy Market felt like a Pike's Place market type thing and I loveeeeee those.

We then walked around some parks that I can't remember the name of. But one was by the aquarium and super pretty! While we were there we met a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog and it's for sure the dog  I want to get when we get a house. It was SO NICE AND BEAUTIFUL! Ughhhhhhh dogs

Also I love this picture of Hailey so much. <3

The one park we went to had these little vine covered walkways that were so beautiful. This was where we met the Swiss Mountain Dog lol.

We went to a vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge for dinner and I tried goji (goja????) berries for the first time. It was with granola in soy milk and was SO GOOD. 

Ok embarrassing story. So, the place I parked at was cash only. I was short like $3. It was around 8:00 at this point. So, I found an ATM a few blocks away, walked there, tried to open the door and found it was locked. I called J panicking that all the banks were closed, and he told me to find an ATM outside of a bank. So, after like 10 minutes of panicking, I figured out you swipe your card to get into the building area with the ATM. So, I went in, I swiped my card, and it just spit out a receipt. I thought maybe I chose the wrong option so I did this a few more times and it still didn't give me any money. So, I walk out to try to find another ATM. It's was now like 8:30 and there were homeless people and it was dark and I was scared and just wanted to be in my car on my way home. So, finally I found another ATM inside of a bank where I could swipe my card and get in. I went in and there were 3 ATMs. I swiped my card at the first one and it did the same thing as the other one. I started FREAKING OUT and called J almost crying and so frustrated and scared. I went to the second ATM and it did the same thing. I started tearing up! J told me to try a different card, so I reached in my wallet and realized I HAD BEEN TRYING TO WITHDRAW USING MY FREAKING CREDIT CARD!!!! UGHHHHH

I am an idiot.

We use our cards for everything for the sky miles so I guess I got in the habit but I mean, REALLY!! The worst haha. I'm glad no one was there to see me in my panic though.

ANYWAY! Boston was really fun! I would definitely go back!

- - - - -