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New York City
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Friday, May 3, 2019

New York City: Day 3

Wow I am so late blogging these pictures!!

Our last day in New York we got chicken and waffles from Sweet Chick, pizza from Prince Street, cookies from Pick A Bagel (where a little boy projectile vomited inches from Jake's back lol) and then went home! It was a good quick trip!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

New York City: Day 2

Our second day in New York was so fun! Before we talk about anything else, please note how tan my legs are hahaha. I use this tanning stuff and I would honestly die for it. 

We started with breakfast at Sarabeth's, which I would say is good but also maybe not worth the hype everyone gives it! (Kneader's has such good French toast it is hard to compare haha.) Also, I wasn't crazy about the atmosphere, which is usually the thing that will tip it for me if I am on the fence. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

New York City: Day 1

Jake went to New York for business, so naturally I tagged along (free hotel helloooo). 

Friday, September 29, 2017

New York City Guide

What to eat:
So these are just my favorite snippets from each place. If I didn't post something, it doesn't mean it wasn't good. I just didn't want to list a million things for each place. Also, it's organized by neighborhood. I put everything in each neighborhood so you don't have to google addresses, so you may notice some repeats.

Lower Manhattan
  • Chobani - Beautiful inside. Really good yogurt parfaits.
  • By Chloe - Quinoa taco salad!! My favorite salad in all of New York City! The fries are good too. Also everything here is vegan or vegetarian. The packaging and atmosphere is so cute too!
  • Mamoun's - Cash only. Really good hummus and pita bread. (Cheap too!) Quick bite, limited seating inside. 
  • Crif Dogs - Total college vibes haha. Really good hot dogs! They have a vegetarian "fake" hot dog too that's amazing. 
  • Sweetgreen - Anything. Just... anything. 
  • Shake Shack - Portobello burger. Fries. Chicken sandwich... basically anything and everything. 
  • Ilili Box - The Phoenician fries! 
  • Prince Street Pizza - My husband's FAVORITE pizza in all of New York City. Limited seating. 
  • Sweet Chick - My favorite dinner in all of New York City! Vegetarian chicken and waffles!
  • Spaghetti Incident - Carbonera! Waiter service. Also can get it to go in a cone. 
  • Rice to riches - Really good rice pudding!
  • Georgetown Cupcake - Salted caramel cupcake, vanilla birthday cake, red velvet, chocolate vanilla... basically anything.
  • Momfuku Milk Bar - Crack pie. SO GOOD. 
  • Dough - Really good donuts! The Nutella filled is my favorite. 
  • Magnolia Bakery - Bread pudding
  • Cookie Dō NYC - Cookie dough! You can get it in a cone. They have vegan flavors, too. Super cute inside. My favorite is the chocolate chip or unicorn. 
  • Doughnut Plant - Brooklyn blackout, lavender. 
  • The Donut Pub - Chocolate dipper donut. Also right across the street is a street art piece by Invader.
  • Amorino - Gelato in the shape of a flower! You can add a macaron to it too. 
  • The City Bakery - Pretzel croissant! One of my very favorite foods in New York City. You can also get them at some Birdbath Bakeries. 
  • City Kitchen - A place with a bunch of different mini restaurants and a bunch tables in the middle. You can get Dough donuts here, also Ili Box Phoenician fries (the best). Great views of Times Square. 
  • Food Gallery Thirty Two - A Korean cafeteria type place (similar to City Kitchen) with a bunch of little food places you can choose from. My favorite is Kobeque which has Korean BBQ. 
  • Sweetgreen - Once again... anything. 
  • Shake Shack - Portobello burger. Fries. Chicken sandwich... basically anything and everything. 
  • Momfuku Milk Bar - Crack pie. SO GOOD. 
  • Nutella Bar - Waffles with strawberries and Nutella! Basically this place is alllllll things Nutella and just fun to visit.
  • Magnolia Bakery - Bread pudding.
  • Sugar Factory - This is the place with those "smoking" drinks you see all over Instagram. They are expensive, but VERY worth it! You can easily share it between 4-5 people. My mom and I barely drank 1/3 of ours. Also you'll sit in the window to drink it and a billion people will stop and take a picture of it (and you). Especially after they pour the dry ice in and it starts foaming. 
  • Dough - Really good donuts! The Nutella filled is my favorite. 
  • Amorino - Gelato in the shape of a flower! You can add a macaron to it too. (Be forewarned, aesthetics aren't always the employee's top priority.
West Side
  • Pushcart Coffee - Nutella hot chocolate. My fave! Then sit in the window and people watch. 
  • Jacob's Pickles - Their French toast is my favorite breakfast in all of New York City. Also the homemade root beers are so good. Waiter service. Get there right when they open to avoid lines. 
  • Num Pang Sandwich Shop - My husband never gives food 10/10, but he gave their pork sandwich a 10/10! *gasps*
  • Sweetgreen - Anything. 
  • Shake Shack - Portobello burger. Fries. Chicken sandwich... basically anything and everything. 
  • Momfuku Milk Bar - Crack pie. SO GOOD. 
  • Treat House - Cookie dough Rice Krispie ice cream sandwich.
  • Levain Bakery - Chocolate peanut butter cookie and the chocolate chip cookie are the best! It's considerably less crowded on week days. Also limited seating inside. 
  • People's Pops - Literal shaved ice. Cash only. Nice, cold bite while walking The High Line. 
  • Doughnut Plant - Brooklyn blackout, lavender. 
  • Magnolia Bakery - Bread pudding.
  • L'Art De Gelato - All the flavors are good!
  • Ample Hills Creamery - Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream! Still dreaming about it. 
East Side
  • Pick A Bagel - Best black and white cookies! Also really good bagels, egg and cheese sandwiches, and hot chocolate. 
  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Coffee Shop - Blended chocolate! Basically a frozen chocolate drink that is so so good in the summer when it's a million degrees. 
  • Irving Farm Coffee Roasters - Vanilla and lavender donut. 
  • Grace's Marketplace Coffee Shop - They sell Dough donuts here if you can't make it to a standalone store! Limited seating but if you can snag the seat in the window, it's so fun to watch the Upper East Siders go by. 
  • Naruto Ramen - Really good ramen! Limited seating. 
  • Sashimi Express - The tiniest and yummiest sushi rolls. The $9 for 3 rolls deal will feed one person. Also good bubble tea! Limited seating, but they do have a bench outside. 
  • Chop't - I love this place because of their lettuce size. All salads are good. 
  • Sweetgreen - How many times do I have to say, ANYTHING.
  • My Pie Pizzeria - So many vegetarian options! Also the crust is made without sugar if that's what you're into. Limited seating. 
  • Shake Shack - Portobello burger. Fries. Chicken sandwich... basically anything and everything. 
  • Calexico - SUCH good Mexican food. Tofu tacos with mango, good guacamole, and soft tortillas that are to die for. Waiter service. 
  • Blockheads - Tofu soft shell tacos, chips and salsa. 
  • MacarOn Cafe - Super yummy macarons! Also super cute on the inside. Also good grab and go sandwiches for having a picnic at Central Park. 
  • Candle Cafe - Really yummy vegetarian food. Veggie BLT. Waiter service. 
  • Cupcake ATM - You gotta get a cupcake out of an ATM! Obligatory Instagram picture, too. ;)
  • Treat House - Cookie dough Rice Krispie ice cream sandwich.
  • Max Brenner - Chocolate pizza!! This is my favorite dessert in all of New York City. I get it with chocolate, marshmallows, peanut butter, and krispies. You can order this without having to sit down! Also they have good hot chocolate. 
  • Union Fare - Confetti croissant! Also the cookies and cream croissant... basically any of their specialty croissants. 
  • FP Patisserie - Really good macarons! In the summer they do a macaron ice cream sandwich that is also very good. 
  • Two Little Red Hens - "New York Style" cheesecake.
  • Baked By Melissa - Cutest mini cupcakes and macarons! My favorites have been the snickerdoodle and cookie dough macaron. My favorite cupcake is the Tie Dye. 
  • Morton Williams Grocery Store - They sell Cookie Dough Cafe here!
  • Sweetgreen - A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G. 
  • Shake Shack - Portobello burger. Fries. Chicken sandwich... basically anything and everything. 
  • Juliana's Pizza - Best pizza, in my opinion. My husband loves Prince Street Pizza. 
  • Ample Hills Creamery - Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Ice Cream! Still dreaming about it. 
  • Vanessa's Dumpling House - So cheap and so good! Pork and chive dumplings ($1.25), veggie dumplings ($2.75) and sesame pancakes ($1). 
  • Momfuku Milk Bar - Crack pie. SO GOOD. 
  • Doughnut Plant - Brooklyn blackout, lavender. 
  • Dough - Really good donuts! The Nutella filled is my favorite. 

What to do:
  • Carl Schurz Park - Nice to get a little treat from Two Red Hens and hang out at the park. Lots of dogs. Lots of nice views of the river. 
  • The High Line - Super fun to walk this from start to end! Lots of art and treats along the way. Lots of nice views of Chelsea and the river as well. 
  • Belvedere Castle - Cool to see and explore while wandering around Central Park.
  • Bryant Park - Ice skating in the winter, pretty in the summer. They do a lot of events here too. Oh, and there is a carousel. 
  • The Metropolitan Museum of Art - So many good things! Also you can pay what you want to get in, so it's nice if you don't have a lot to spend. Make sure you go to the rooftop! Also you can eat on the steps and bring out your inner Gossip Girl. 
  • Washington Square Park - See the arch and the fountain. Sometimes people play instruments and it's amazing. Lots of college kids because it's right next to NYU. 
  • Bethesda Terrace - Nice stop while walking through Central Park. 
  • Brooklyn Heights Promenade - Cool installation art. Walk from start to finish (if it's not too hot/cold!) Good snacks along the way. Beautiful views of the bridge and Manhattan. 
  • Sheep Meadow - Beautiful views of the high rises along side Central Park. V common place for pictures. 
  • Conservatory Water - My favorite place to go when we lived in NYC. It's an off leash dog area in the morning (which is fun to see). Can sit and watch people play with sailboats. 
  • Chelsea Market - Those amazing light pictures you see all over Instagram. Good shopping and eating. 
  • Gansevoort Market - Another cute market like Chelsea Market. 
  • Union Square Market - Pretty flowers, maple candy, Christmas markets... Just fun markets in general that are nice to stroll through. 
  • The Met Bruer - Another museum where you pay what you can to get in. They have a lot cooler pieces here than they do at The Met (in my opinion). 
  • Flying Tiger - This is a store like Ikea, but better. It's Scandinavian and so cute! They have a lot of cheap houseware? Like smaller things, so cups, coloring books, office supplies, etc. I just got the cutest plaid blanket from there yesterday for $10! Must visit if you like Scandinavian style. 

Where to stay:
  • Row NYC - Super close to a lot of Broadway shows! Rooms are super cute and the staff is really nice. They upgraded us last time we were there and also let us drop our backpacks off before check in so we could explore the city without a lot of baggage. 
  • Marriot Marquis - Also close to the broadway plays. Really neat pod elevators that are just... futuristic and amazing. 
  • Lexington Hotel - SO SO beautiful inside.
  • Pierre Hotel - Everyone should stay in a hotel overlooking Central Park on the Upper East Side at least once.
  • Luma Hotel - Super close to Bryant Park (one of my favorites) and super pretty inside. Close to broadway plays as well. 
  • St. Regis - If you're going to treat yourself, this is the way to do it. 
What do you think? Did I miss anything?

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Staycation: Day 4

Wow. It's been a hot second? Did you think I forgot about these posts? Cause I did lol. The school semester I am in is 7 weeks instead of 14. So every class period equals a week! We are two weeks in and I am already writing midterms. It's crazy! I am v happy with the program so far. I am the type of person who would rather do something really, really hard for a short period of time, than something moderately hard for a long period of time. Rip those band aids off!! Am I right?

Anyway, so on Thursday we went into New York City. We had a play that night, so we decided to stay overnight. When we got there it was already like SO. HOT. We walked the high line and it was nice. I also needed to get out of the heat ASAP because if you know anything about me, plz know I DO NOT DO WELL IN THE HEAT. 

They had some new artwork! This one of them? Maybe they have little performances here? Idk.

Disclaimer! This next part is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk!!

Ok so don't ask me how I know this: There is a movie called The Human Centipede where this scientist creates a human centipede by chopping people apart and putting them, er, into each other. I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE, OK! I am a big fan of horror and saw it and was discussing it with a friend. When my friend describe it to me, I was SEVERELY grossed out. Like, vomit everywhere. (Not really.)

Seeing this sculpture on the High Line I was like, AN ANIMAL CENTIPEDE?!?! I doubt that's what the artist was going for, but that's what my morbid/dark brain thinks of. Yikes!

Ah, now to clear our heads of any disturbing thoughts. Here we have some flowers. Focus on how pretty they are and forget what I said before!

They also replaced this huge wall! To be honest, I liked the old piece better. (See it here.) 

Can you guys see that Trump poster? One thing I like about this presidency is that it has shown us how resilient people are and how willing they are to fight for what they believe is right. 

So this is where they used to have the sleepwalking dude! (See post here for pics of him.) I thought they replaced it with a nose, but on the other end there are holes too, so maybe I'm wrong? This group of women made me so mad. Like can we not gather as a group to discuss our next move RIGHT NEXT TO THE PRIMARY ART PIECE?! Awareness, tourists, awareness.

After the High Line we got lunch at Chelsea Market, dropped our bags off at the hotel, took a nap, and went to dinner. We ate at Sweet Chick which is my FAVORITE RESTAURANT in New York City. They have vegetarian chicken and waffles and they are A+. I've talked before about what our last day on the East Coast is going to look like and let me tell you, breakfast at Jacob's Pickles and dinner at Sweet Chick. Over and out.

Then we went to our play! When I saw Amelie was coming to broadway I was like, "MOM WE MUST GO." I got some discount tickets through NYU (perks) and let me tell you, it was amazing! It was so cute and quirky, just like the movie! It's my favorite movie, btw. Not sure if I have mentioned that before. But anyway, I am glad we saw it because apparently it was only temporary? I'm not sure because I still see signs for it on the subway. Anyway, if it's still on (or comes back) 10/10 would recommend!

After the show we went to Sugar Factory. Yes, this drink was $35. BUT I feel like it's something you have to do at least once in your life! (Also you could easily share with multiple people. It's huge.) When they poured the drink over the dry ice people were stopping in the window to take pictures of it lol. J was so jealous! He wants to try one of these and one of the milkshakes from Black Tap.

This was our cute hotel room! We stayed at Row NYC. It was pretty cute. The concierge upgraded us to a room with two queens, and he was so nice about it! Definitely made our day! The hotel is also like, in the same building as Sugar Factory. So, if you are going to New York and plan on seeing broadway plays every night, I would def recommend! 

If you're not planning on seeing shows, I would def recommend somewhere downtown! It's my favorite area of Manhattan. I'm probably biased since NYU, but I think Greenwich Village and East Village are the best neighborhoods, for sure!

All in all, Thursday was great and very hot! I am glad we survived. I most definitely took a shower that night and was super gross and sweaty. Tis the life out here on the East Coast! At least this summer we have a pool in our apartment complex to cool down in!

Last part of this staycation coming' at ya fresh tomorrow!

- - - - -

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Stay-Cation Day 2: New York City

On Monday we headed into the city. In all my days taking the train, it has NEVER been late. Of course, this time, it was an actual 30 MINUTES late! Grrrr. At least it wasn't too chilly.

My mom had never been to Grand Central before! We took this selfie and decided both of our faces look so weirdly shaped lol.

Ok, so then we went to Jacob's Pickles. I was pretty sure I remembered where it was, but put it into Google Maps anyway. It took us to this restaurant below. My mom was like, "Em... this really doesn't look right?" And I was all, "You've been here once! How would you know!" Well, turns out it WAS a different place lol. The old Jacob's Pickles had a fire, so they were serving their menu at Maison Pickles. 

I got the French toast (did you expect anything else from me?) and it was good, but also slightly tasted like disinfectant? Idk. Also they didn't have their rootbeers, so I was sad. J and I have already decided that on our last day on the east coast we are going to go to New York and eating at Jacob's Pickles lol.

I still think New York is the prettiest place! I hear Toronto is like a mini NYC? Can anyone confirm? If so I need to add it to my list ASAP.

My mom tried to get a Trader Joe's bag that said "Connecticut" on it. They told her they didn't have any and laughed at how Boston and New York have bags, but Connecticut doesn't. That led her to wanting a bag from Trader Joe's in New York. So, we stopped by and the LINE WAS SO LONG!! They had 30 cashiers, so it went really fast (like less than 5 minutes, I timed it). 

She loves when I take pictures of her. Obviously.

My mom and grandma are obsessed with Levain haha. So naturally we had to go get a cookie! The line wasn't too bad, which was amazing. Guys, I think I may like the chocolate peanut butter better than the walnut chocolate chip? I know, I know, ultimate betrayal. But TRY IT next time.

Our next stop was Flying Tiger on the Upper East Side (still in my top 3 favorite stores) so we walked through Central Park to get there.

This was one of my favorite places to come when we lived in the city.

Looking at this picture reminds me to tell you guys, I'M CUTTING MY BANGS BACK. I just feel like I am my truest self when I have bangs. I'm just waiting until summer because straight across bangs + humidity + heat = not cute.

How cute is this business man playing with his dog?!

I switched these photos but whatever. So on the right is where our studio was when we lived in New York. I look back on that time and am like, ?!?!?! It seems so strange that we actually did that. Like we literally saved up thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of a year and moved to New York?? Idk. I wouldn't move there long term, but would be open to going back for a few months if J got an internship or something. I am really proud of us for living there, even if it was a short amount of time. It took a lot to get there and I would have always wondered what it would be like if I didn't do it.

Ok, on the left! We mistakenly went to Washington Square Park on graduation lol. But hey, still got my pic.

OK SO THIS IS THE ACTUAL BEST SALAD. Go to By Chloe and get the quinoa taco salad. I SWEAR TO YOU YOU WILL THANK ME LATER. I am craving one now... might have to snag one tomorrow for lunch! (Ok and yes it's vegan, but just stop judging and try it. I didn't eating the brown "meat like" part because it was too spicy. So if you are nervous about vegan food just don't eat that part, because the rest is a normal salad.)

We went to the bakery next door afterward and got black and white cookies. They are good. I would still rate Pick A Bagel as #1 in the city, but they aren't downtown.

Then we headed home! My mom was like, such a non-conformer to train culture. I told her no one talks, and she was like, "I'm going to talk if I want to!" So, I just didn't respond lolololol. Say what you will but I do not want 10+ business men hearing my conversation!

I love living close to New York and being able to pop in the for the day, without having to stay the night, etc. Definitely something I will miss after our next move!

- - - - -

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New York Trip: Day 8

Alas: The only photo I took on Saturday. 

Saturday was the hottest day. Saturday we almost died.

We went to Brooklyn, walked along the bridge, ate at Juliana's, got ice cream from some place by there, went back to the hotel and hid from the heat, and then ventured back downtown for dinner at Katz (my mom and grandma) and Sweet Chick (J and I). 

We said goodbye to them on the subway home! 

It was so fun having them out to visit! I definitey feel like they'll have to come visit in Connecticut when it is nicer weather outside and we can go into the city for a day or two!

- - - - -


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New York Trip: Day 7

Hi! So this day we went to Dean and Deluca for breakfast. I kept expecting to see Felicity Porter lulz. Also I haven't found very many places that have good hot chocolate in New York City, but Dean and Deluca does! 

The 9/11 museum was so good. It was so informative and just beautifully done. I would definitely recommend it for anyone visiting NYC. It's such an important part of our history, and I feel like the museum told a lot of stories that you might not hear anywhere else.

After the museum we went to eat at Smorgasburg. I think the one in Brooklyn has all the food I wanted to try but oh well haha.

It was seriously SO HOT outside. So, we booked an Uber and went to the Rockefeller Center.

We bought our tickets at a little kiosk in the building. When we got off the elevator, I was the last one out. As we were walking to security, a security guard came up to me and asked to see my ticket. I gave it to him. He looked at it for a second and then got on his walkie and said, "Security, we have a fake ticket. Please come escort this customer." I was like, "What?" And he just ignored me and said it again. My mom and grandma came back for me. He asked me what my name was and I told him and said, "But she bought the tickets!" and pointed to my grandma. He was like, "Gotcha! I'm just playing!" And then made me give him a high five hahahahaha. My mom and grandma were like, DYING that I just immediately pinned it on my grandma hahaha. #noloyalty

Afterwards we walked to Magnolia Bakery to get banana bread pudding. (Which I also need to find a copycat recipe for.)

For dinner we went to City Kitchen again. This time we all got fries because my mom and grandma were jealous of mine last time I got them.

We ended the night with souvenir shopping and gelato from Amorino. I was so mad beause this gelato was like $8 and looks NOTHING like the picture haha. I mean, look for yourself!

This was probably the second hottest day out of the whole trip! My mom and grandma are true troopers for coming out in the middle of the summer haha. I have made a vow to myself to never step foot in New York City between June and October. I do not handle heat well!

- - - - -