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Palm Springs Travel Guide

Sunday, November 10, 2019

So, once again I am writing this a year after the fact and just back dating it 😂 But! We went on a little girl's trip to Palm Springs and it was so fun! My grandma and I met in Seattle and flew over together, and my mom, sister, and niece drove from Utah (so we had a car to drive around in). I'll keep it pretty brief, word wise and just note the places we went! This trip was a dream for me, because it was planned by other people and I just floated along haha. 

After we got picked up from the airport, we went to lunch at the Blue Coyote Grill. It was so nice to eat outside in the warmth! And so funny teasing my niece about having a crush on the waiter haha. 

We unpacked and chilled at our hotel for a bit. We stayed at [INSERT] and I really liked it! It had two areas that branched off from the little entry way: one had the living room and kitchen, a bedroom, and a bathroom. And the other had a bedroom and a bathroom. 

We had dinner at Bill's Pizza which was also good! We were laughing so hard, because my mom was trying to order a chorizo pizza, but said the word "chorizo" so weird to the waiter hahaha. I love hanging out with my family, because we all have that same dumb humor where when someone says something dumb or has a weird claw hand in a photo, it's just the funniest thing and we all cry laughing hahaha. There were many moments like that on this trip and it was so fun! 

Day 2 started out with being chauffeured to Cheeky's (we went to the one on Palm Canyon Drive) for breakfast (by my mom lol, but it was fun to all ride in the same car, since we usually have to take a bunch of separate ones!) My mom took a bunch of pictures of us and we were laughing so hard at my sister's face in the last one haha. 

There was definitely a wait at Cheeky's! But, it was worth it!

After brunch, we went to the College of the Desert fair and got more treats, as is the way with my family haha. 

We also walked around a bit downtown and popped into some fun art galleries along Palm Canyon Drive. 

We swam a bit and then had dinner at Tommy Bahama in the El Paso shopping district! (The cutest area to walk around by the way. And SO much shopping.)

The next day we had breakfast at La Quinta Baking Company which I forgot to photograph at all, but liked! Then we walked around the Moorten Botanical Gardens which was so pretty!

We all had the same haircut, so we had to document haha. 

We walked around El Paso shopping district, which was the cutest area!

Dinner this night was at Eureka! and then we did a favorite things gift exchange which was so fun! And my first time doing something like that. 

Our last day we grabbed breakfast at Wilma and Frieda before heading off to the airport and heading home! 

All in all, it was such a fun trip! At the time I am writing this (December 2020) I'm hoping we'll be able to go back next year for another girl's trip! All things going well (enough) with the current pandemic that is haha. 

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