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Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Ugh I start my new schedule today (writing this on Tuesday) and I am nervous for some reason! My old schedule had me interning from 7:30-2:30 and it was so nice because I could come home and have dinner and chill for a bit. My new schedule gives me mornings off and then I'll get home around 6:30.

I don't know. All I want for my life is to have a backyard for my dog while I am at work during the day, and then for me and my husband to both get home at 5:30 haha. ONE DAY!

It's crazy though. I was thinking about it the other day. I remember being in high school and people would ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I would tell them "a therapist". At the time I remember it seeming so far away. Like 6 years of school? Bye!

Then I started my undergrad and it was a little bit closer, but still far away. People would ask me what I was studying and I would tell them, "Psychology, with the end goal of being a therapist." And then I would thinking about the process of graduating from undergrad, going to grad school, and working for two years and getting licensed. It seemed so far away at that time, too.

Then I started getting into grad schools and things became a bit more real. We saved $15,000 and moved to New York City. I remember that feeling like a dream. Like, what?? How did we even save that much and move across the country with 6 suitcases? How did we survive in New York for 3 months? And even more importantly: How did we spontaneously move out of the city two days after finding someone to take our contract? And by ourselves!??! Like, that whole time period is just crazy and I can't believe we did all of it. 

And then I started grad school and felt all official and cool for like... two seconds. My first year I still didn't feel like I was in a place where I was close to being a therapist. People would say things and expect me to know what they were talking about, and I was just like ???? But then I'd talk to people outside of the therapy world and realized that I did know a little something. Just a little.

And now here I am, at my last placement before I graduate. My name badge still says "intern" but I am referred to as a clinician. I'm like, "What?? Am I old enough for this?" Like someone will say "Who is your therapist?" And that person will say my name. LIKE WHAT.

Life is just weird, I guess. It's just weird to me that after looking toward this career for so long, I am finally at the point I want to be at. (Well, once I graduate and get licensed then we'll really be talking. But just like, I DID IT! 


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