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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tuesday was good! My sister got my mom (and me) tickets to Wicked for Christmas. I usually see clients on Tuesdays, but I switched my schedule around which always makes me so happy about my career choices that I can switch my schedule whenever I want haha. 

Wicked was good! The security was SO TIGHT. Wait, actually let me back up. So on my way home from work it started snowing and I got sick (idk if it was from anxiety about driving in the snow or something I ate). So I stopped at home to change into more comfortable clothes and J was so nice to drive me to the play because I am too scared to drive in the snow haha. I ended up being late and missing dinner which was sad because they went to Pretty Bird which is SO GOOD. Then, when I got to the play, they wouldn't let me bring my camera in! So I had to have J come back and give him my camera. So annoying lol. 

But, the play itself was good! 

Afterward, we went to Last Course for dessert. I love that little road that it's on. It's so cute! 

Anyway, we tried a bunch of desserts. I actually didn't try the s'mores cake, just because it didn't look that good. But I did like the banana tacos and my absolute fave was the chocolate nachos with strawberry salsa! I mostly just like that their desserts are fun and unique. I have also gotten the rosemary and honey ice cream and it was really good! 

We are going to Wicked again next weekend with J's family and I want to go again and try more desserts haha. 

My sister was nice and drove me home BUT on the way home (at like 11:00pm, mind you) we passed this guy who was just standing on the sidewalk? Like it was so creepy and it reminded me of that time me and my friend saw a ghost! Anyway, this was the night before the snow storm and I guess it took my mom and sister until after midnight to get home! I tell you, I am NOT going to be sad to trade this snow out for Seattle rain. Everyone is like, "You want to move to Seattle? You know it is so rainy there right?!" But honestly at this point, I just DO NOT want to live somewhere with extreme weather haha. Driving in the snow is such a scary thing for me and my freaking commute is like 40 minutes so it's just so bad. So, I will take the annoyance of rain happily!

- - - - -

P.S. Here's a happy list for today: Trying desserts from Last Course / My sister was talking about how she remembers me being scared of the monkeys in Wizard of Oz. The play started and the first thing that happened were the monkey coming out and I leaned over to my sister, grabbed her hand, and mouthed "I'm scared" and we laughed so hard haha / J giving me a ride to the play and my sister giving me a ride home


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