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Outfits + Fam Reading Night

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I have been trying to dress fun again (grad school killed my style) so here is this! I linked everything at the bottom, except for these shoes which are from Posey and Pence. I love the sass I feel when I wear hoop earrings haha. 

Ok so pretty much the only fashion blogger I follow these days is @bresheppard and her recommendations are amazing! She posted about these scrunchies that are amazing. You get 20 for $10! 

I also started a new book! You can read the reviews and synopsis here. It was written by Stephen King under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. The intro is really interesting because Stephen King talks about how his books are different from Richard Bachman's and how he felt when people felt out it was him lol. I actually have finished this book since writing this post and I would recommend it! I love Stephen King books anyway, but this one I felt like was a quick and fun read.  

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P.S. Here's a happy list for today: Watching The Bachelor / Staying home and watching True Blood / Getting lots of new makeup and hygiene stuff from Target


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