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Book Review: Sunburn by Laura Lippman

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

I finished Sunburn by Laura Lippman last week. (Warning, this post may contain spoilers!)

It's about a man and a woman (Adam and Polly) who meet at a tavern in a small Delaware town. Adam is a private investigator who was sent to investigate Polly, who had left her second husband and daughter just a few days earlier. Adam's employer is convinced that Polly has a bunch of money hidden away somewhere from the insurance settlement from her first husband, who abused her and she killed in his sleep. Adam's employer warns him about Polly's charm and to not fall for her, unlike all the other men who have come across her. Throughout the book, you learn more about each character and the secrets they are keeping. There are also deaths that leave you questioning who the characters truly are.

Overall, I would rate this book a 4/5. I thought the premise was really good, but I honestly feel like the entire book could have been written about Adam potentially falling in love with Polly. The idea of a dangerous woman being able to woo this really smart private investigator is really good, and I wish the whole book would have been about that. However, early on in the book Adam ends up falling for Polly, which I found a little too easy considering he is supposed to be very smart.

The rest of the book is focused on Polly. The mysteries are whether or not she does have money in hiding and whether or not she murdered one of her coworkers at the tavern. For whatever reasons, neither of these mysteries seemed very interesting to me.

(Spoilers!) In the end, we discover that Polly does, in fact, have a bunch of money. Although Adam's boss doesn't get any of it because he conveniently goes to prison and dies. And then Adam gets shot during an altercation with Polly and her second ex-husband. Which also seemed like a convenient death to me. Polly ends up regaining custody of both of her children and having a happy life with all of her money. I wish she would have been the one to shoot Adam, or that she would have gotten caught. It just seemed like everything conveintley worked out for her, and I would have liked her to either go to extremely disturbing lengths to get what she wants, or for her to not have gotten what she wanted. (Spoilers over.)

Anyway, overall it was a good and quick read, I just wish it would have been little beefier and juicier!

If you read it, let me know what you think!

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