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A New Kind Of Super Bowl

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Last Sunday was the Super Bowl which I am very not into lol. J actually got to go (!!!) so my mom came over and we had a Super Bowl of our own! Also Tucker slept in my room with me the night before and was so cute! He usually doesn't like to be with us haha.

I also made some cheese breads like they have at Aubergine and Company and they were SO GOOD. This is the recipe I used. I used mild cheddar and it was really good! Another day we used Mexican blend and I definitely liked the mild cheddar better. Also, I have decided Annie's is the best tomato soup! I ate pretty much all the cheese breads and just used the soup as a dipping sauce hahaha.

For our super bowl we had a super bowl of snacks (aka, the only way to super bowl). We watched Prometheus (that birth scene though UGH!) and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (a classic). Tucker and my mother did more bonding that she was very happy with and we ate one of the frozen cookies from Trader Joe's (it was ok but I make better cookies lol). 

J had so much fun at the Super Bowl! Lol his selfies. 

And... that was the extent of our Super Bowl Sunday! 

- - - - -

P.S. Here's a happy list for today: Watching a double feature and eating snacks with my mom / Making delicious cheese breads / Tucker getting out of the car in the garage and going up the steps into the house! (This was the first time he has done this since we moved in in June lol. Usually we have to get him out in the driveway because he is scared of the garage.)


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