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A Day Off

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Today was good! I had a dentist appointment and had 3 cavities FML but also they had this toothpaste that I can use so my teeth don't suck as much, so hopefully that helps! 

Afterward I went to Bean's and Brews (they have the best hot chocolate) and also tried their cinnamon roll which wasn't too bad! I had a phone interview for a job in Seattle while I was there and it ended up going well and I have a second interview next week. Wish me luck! 

Also of note today was me finding my earring that I lost a few weeks ago! It was a small diamond stud that my grandma gave me years ago that were hers, so they were sentimental and I was soooo happy to find them again! 

J and I got Zao for dinner and it was v good! I talk all the time about Localfluence, but if you haven't already signed up for it you need to!

Here's my happy list for today: Finding my earring / A client cancelling for tomorrow so I get to go home early / Watching RBG (she is so awesome!)

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