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Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday was so busy! My niece got baptized. I asked her how she was feeling afterwards and she was like, "... strange..." hahahaha. 

After the baptism, I headed up to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival. Man, that thing is no joke! They tell you to pick up your tickets 2 hours early... and for good reason! You have to pick the tickets up in downtown Park City, although there is a 10 min temporary place you can park, which was nice. Then, I tried to go to the park and ride to take the free shuttle to the theatre, but my maps took me to a weird lot off of the freeway haha. So, finally, I got to the parking lot and then we took a shuttle to the theatre. They also tell you to be in line 15 minutes before the movie or they give your spot away haha. Very intense stuff! 

I went with my friend Leah and we saw We Are Little Zombies, which was so cute! It was in Japanese and after the movie we got to hear a Q&A with the director/writer. I love indie movies and it was very cool to hear more of the director's perspective and why he did things. 

I did get really anxious about driving home, but Leah was so nice and lent me her phone charger so I could charge my phone (it died). It was supposed to snow and I was borrowing a car from my brother-in-law that didn't have 4 wheel drive. Anyway, long story short I called J and talked to him until I got out of the canyon, which was only 20 minutes since I went to Salt Lake before going to Utah County. I got some stuff to sleep at my mom's and then went down there. We went to Tsunami for dinner and it was so good, as always. 

Recently, we have been laughing right as the waiter comes up and then it is SO HARD TO STOP LAUGHING. Last time, we were at Chili's and I couldn't stop laughing enough to order my food hahaha. It was so embarrassing. It happened again at Tsunami, so when he came up I had to work SO HARD to not laugh and ended up being ok haha. It's always harder to stop laughing when you're not supposed to laugh! 

We went to Kneader's after to get dessert and did you know they have 50% off their pastries after 8:00pm on Saturdays? Good deal! 

Something else worthy of note is that Tucker slept in my room with me and it was very cute! 

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P.S. Here's a happy list for today:  Laughing at things with my mom and then the waiter always comes up and I have to try so hard not to keep laughing and it's so hard hahaha / Going to the Sundance film festival with my friend / Asking my niece how she felt after being baptized and she said "strange" lol 


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