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Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I always feel like it's "been a minute" since I've sat down and just typed. Usually when I do I keep those posts as drafts. I publish most of what I write, but some I keep as drafts so when I turn my blog into a book they will be there, but the internet doesn't need to see!

The general feeling I have today is nervousness about life haha. I keep my career stuff vague on here. Actually I usually don't post about it at all. I work with a lot of confidentiality. Event though all my social media is under a different name than I go by in my work, there is always the possibility that some one could find my platforms! So, don't ever think I am not working or liking it, it is just that this isn't the place for that!

I start my new job today and my schedule will be changing. I used to get home at 2:30 but now I will be getting home at 6:30, maybe later. It's just crazy this is the last internship I will have before I graduate and go out into the world! I am hoping so badly that wherever we move to next we will be able to rent a house with a fenced backyard. I feel so bad leaving my pup in the house alone for 7 hours! I mean he is fine and just sleeps, but yeah. A backyard would be nice. I feel like every home I find isn't renovated? I just wish someone in Seattle or Portland had a super cute, renovated home with a fenced backyard and was renting haha. I guess we could find a month to month apartment contract until that happens, but do those even exist anymore?! They always want to lock you down for a year!

In general, I'm getting very exited to be done with school and to move back to the west coast. I'm excited for us to be closer to our works, so we can leave the house at 7:30 and be home by 5:30! (The life!) It's like real life is so close! We can go to Target and buy things! We can go on more trips! We can eat at Olive Garden!! 

It seems like we have been college students forever, so I am so excited to almost be done with it! Real life is so close! Getting through these next two semesters will be tough, but also I think the schedule I have should make it go by fast? I don't know about getting home so late, but having Mondays off means every weekend is a 3 day weekend. And then if Tuesday is hard at work, I know the next day I am going into the city. And then Thursday I can say, "Tomorrow is Friday!" So yeah. I think it's a pretty good setup haha. 

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