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Actual Advice Of How To Increase Your Blog Traffic By 25%

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

These posts are everywhere and are usually pretty unhelpful. BUT I DISCOVERED SOMETHING GREAT!!

So basically a while ago I learned about how Pinterest is like a search engine, not necessarily social media. So basically if you tie it back to your website (aka pin from your website) that's the best way to get traffic. This is backed up by A LOT of bloggers. I can't remember when she said it, but I'm pretty sure Amber Fillerup said that's how she got "discovered" or whatever.

ANYWAY. But how annoying is it to have to pin everything? Like, so annoying. 


So basically you go to the site you want to pin from. You click the button you have added in your bookmarks, and it pops up with all the images on the page and lets you choose which ones you want to pin. 

Then you choose what board, add a description, and can change the link if you want. It's super nice because if all your pictures are going on travel, you can just apply that to all the pictures and you're done! 

The other really cool thing is you can hook up your Google Analytics and see when the best times are for your pins. Then when you select what you want to pin, you just say "add to queue" and it adds it to those "best time" slots. 

This is what it looks like! So you can see what is queuing up!

Anyway, I'm not being paid to post this or anything. I just genuinely like it. AND if your'e not convinced to do the free trial yet, LOOK AT HOW MUCH MY TRAFFIC INCREASED!

19% more traffic the past 3 weeks! So if that trend keeps going I'll see 25% more traffic in a month. Pretty worth it in my opinion. 

Anyway, do the free trial and lemme know how you like it! 

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