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Oahu: Day 4 & 5

Thursday, December 17, 2015

I apparently didn't take any photos until lunch time this day haha. #worstblogger. Anyway, remember those delicious drinks I talked about earlier? Well, you can also get them IN A PINEAPPLE. I may have paid $20 for this, but it was worth every penny. 

On our way to the pool we saw Minnie haha! I loved this guy getting a picture just the two of them. (Side note, I really wish you could enter emojis in Blogger.)

Ok so I literally laughed out loud at this photo. We all did the chin shelf and MINNIE DID IT WITH US. My friend was like, "Of course she did... she's a real person!" But I don't know. I guess it was just funny that she played along haha.

After dinner we explored around the lagoon and watched the sun set. We originally tried to walk on that rock barefoot but we almost died, so we had to go back and get shoes hahaha.

We ate at Monkey Pod again this night. The first time we ate there I was literally falling asleep at the table, so naturally I took zero photos. The second time I got the spinach, fennel, and ricotta pizza and it was SO GOOD. We also tried the garlic and truffle oil fries, as well as the house fries. They were both delish, but I prefered the house. 

We were going to go to the spa until we saw how expensive it was lol. So instead we an at home spa night and I finally finished watching Bridesmaids. (I feel asleep during it every night before lol.)

The next morning, I was so sad this was the last time I could go to Island Vintage Coffee haha. I went there THREE TIMES THIS DAY. 

Ugh this book was terrible. It's literally the first Stephen King book I've read that I didn't like.

The second time I went to the coffee shop I got this most delicious strawberry, feta, and spinach salad with balsamic dress. It was seriously soooo good. I tried to recreate it at home and I just failed, miserably. 

The third time I went back I got all these macarons! They had oreo flavored and they were literally the most delicious macarons I have ever had. I miss them terribly.

We went to Roy's again for dinner our last night in Hawaii. When the waiter found out I didn't eat meat he had the chefs make this delicous veggie stir fry! It was so good and considerably bigger than my last meal there hahahaha.

Ok, also, if you check in at their restaurant on Yelp and leave them a review you get a free molten cake. A WIN FOR ALL.

And that's the last of the Hawaii pictures! It was so fun ! I've never been on a trip with friends before and I loved it!

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