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A Happy List: 96

Monday, December 14, 2015

(How cute is this client and her pup? I got a new email for photography stuffs, so if you want to reach me it's info@emmy.photography)

When Trixie stretches her leg when I scratch it. / Finding the cutest Christmas house. / When I realized I was out of face wipes at 9:00 pm and Jake went to the store and got me more. / Vines that make fun of teenage movies. / When I started Gone Girl and realized I was reading yet another book where the main character is a writer hahaha. (All of the main characters in Stephen King books are writers.) / When I leave the basement door open for Trixie and she comes down in her own time haha. She is like an actual human being. / Peppermint North Poles / Dog bowties. / All of the clothes I got from Piper and Scoot. They are seriously perfect. / Being able to feel the music in your bones at concerts.

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