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Cool Volume II

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Remember yesterday?

The shuttle came and got me. There were two other men in there with me who smelled like old, soggy lettuce. Then the driver dropped me off at my neighbors house down the street.

Me and my friend went on a walk. Someone started shooting at us.

We went on a drive. I got pulled over while going down a hill.
I was in my brother-in-laws car. Which still had dealer plates.
I got a ticket.
I have to pay for my ticket with the money I've been saving for my India deadline in June. ($1,500!!)
I called my mom to tell her what happened. She told me to call my brother in law.
I called him. He was pissed.
He told me that he was angry for three reasons. 1.) He was super picky with who drove his vehicles. 2.) He knew I would leave it dirty and not fill it up with gas. 3.) If I got into a crash while driving, his dad's car dealership would get in huge trouble.
He then told me to take it down to Provo when I get home and take it to this car wash place. Pay the 20 or 30 dollars to get it cleaned, and vacuumed. Then, to take it home, park it in the garage, give the keys to my mother, and never drive it again.

Then I went to sleep.

I dreamt of lovely things. Beautiful, even. I assured myself that today would be a better day.

I wake up at 3:30 a.m. to wait for my shuttle. I see them cruise by. They go to my neighbors house again. I chase them down. I get in the car and tell the driver all about my day yesterday (including the shuttle dropping me off at my neighbors house). She tells me I should have corrected the address. Then she makes me sit in the front seat because we were picking up a couple.

We get stuck behind six police cars escorting an over sized load. Which makes an already uncomfortable situation just that much more uncomfortable.

We go to pick up the couple. The driver's manager keeps calling her and saying the customers are pissed. We finally get to the neighborhood, and there aren't any address numbers on the town homes. The driver is pissed because she doesn't know where to go. So, she drives around the block. Her manager calls her and tells her that the customer said the car drove right by her. The driver gets mad and starts going off about how there aren't any numbers on any of the houses and how there isn't a light on.

We finally see the woman. She's waving her hands and literally, yelling. We pull over and pick her up. She rolls her eyes at the driver. The driver informs me how she really feels about this woman. Her manager tells her it's ok.

The customer's mother gets into the car. The customer tries to get into the car but she can't open the door. So, instead of waiting for the driver to do it for her, she rips open my door. She starts mumbling to herself about a unlock button. Then the driver tells her to pull it towards herself. She gives up and stands there, so the driver goes over and opens the door for her.

We get ready to leave, and the driver starts to take a right. The customer starts yelling about how that's  not the way to go, and so does the customer's mother. The driver freaks out and stops the car. She says, "Hey now!! Let's not be feisty! I was just wondering how to get out of here! Let's all just calm down and be friendly!". Then the customer's mother starts rambling off about road construction. The customer is pouting. The driver tries to start conversation with them about where they're going. They're not having it.

The rest of the way we all sit in silence.


Cross your fingers my plane doesn't crash, or rip open. Southwest is known to do those types of things.

As my grandmother so greatly put it. "Down with Southwest!!"

P.S. I would have taken photos of all of this, but my camera is in my suitcase. Which was flown to Spokane yesterday.


  1. I love this post. You write so so well... it's poetry! Really!


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