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April 8th, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Uncomfortable moments of the day:
-While sitting in the middle of a dead silent psychology classroom, an air bubble popped in my stomach. It emitted a very high pitched, long noise. Basically sounding like a fart.

- No one told me there was chocolate on my upper lip.

- After sitting in my car for roughly ten minutes doing various things (picking my teeth with the corner of a piece of paper, rehearsing to-be-had conversations, you know, the usual) I notice there is a girl in the car next to me.

- I had to whisper loudly in order to ask the sub to go to the bathroom.

- Walking out of the bathroom, I saw my history teacher. We were the only two in the hallway. He said "Hi Emily!" and I said, "Hello!". The problem? This was all exchanged while we were still a good thirty feet apart. That space was closed very quickly, with both of us looking awkwardly away.


  1. Whoever took these pictures is awesome.
    And I hate it when that last one happens. So uncomfortable.
    Or when you know you will say hi to eachother but like the gap is still kinda far apart so then it's like where do I look until they get closer.

  2. I have totally been there in that 30-feet away situation! So awkward.

  3. um yeah, been there too. lame big time.that green sweater rocks though. win!

  4. are those great big snowy mountains in the background? Amazing! These uncomfortable moments are such genius! I love them so much! I need to get back to work... but it's hard!!!


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