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Sunday, January 17, 2021

The Time I Got Hospitalized At 27 Weeks Lol


First things first, I am writing this for myself. It’s 2:00am, going on day 3 in the hospital and I woke up from Jake’s squeaky hospital bed creaking lol. I know I’ll want this whole story written down for the future (and probably the baby will too!), so I figure no time like the present. Plus, writing has always been therapeutic for me when big things happen.

The funny thing about introverts is that we are so private in real life, but open up when we have control of the conversation (aka online). I can drop an intimate post online, and then come back to the comments/texts when I feel able. But, ask me about this in person and I’ll prob blow most of it off hahahahah. So basically, I am going to read and appreciate all your texts/comments... but most likely not text or talk to anyone back 😂 So don’t take it personal, it’s just my personality. If you are a friend IRL/family member, feel free to Marco Polo or send texts and ask questions/chat about whatever and know I’ll probably ignore you for a bit, but I’ll get back to you in a week when I’m ready to chat about it again (and bored on bed rest probably 😂)

Let's dive in!

Day 1, Thursday, January 14, 2021:

So, something to know about my baby is that she is so hard to photograph haha. At the 20 week ultrasound, they do an "anatomy check" and check all your baby's parts to make sure they are developing ok. At my first, they couldn't get pictures of her spine or kidneys. They scheduled me for a second, and got pictures of her spine, but not the kidneys lol. So, I had to go in a third time on Thursday for them to get pictures of her kidneys and since I was already going to be there, my doctor ordered a check on my cervical length. At week 20 or so, they found out I have a "short cervix", which I'll attach a picture of below. A short cervix is a problem, because it puts you at risk for pre-term labor. There are a few interventions they can do for this. They can put you on progesterone suppositories (pills you shove up your vagina at night lol) to strength the cervix so it maybe grows or just doesn't shrink anymore OR a stitch so your cervix stay closed and baby stays baking. They only do the stitch up until week 23/24 I believe. My cervix was never short enough to do a stitch, so they just gave me the progesterone and put me on pelvic rest. Since I had to go back for all the ultrasounds to get pics of camera shy baby anyway, they were also doing cervical checks (sticking a probe up my vagina to measure my cervix lol) and it was staying pretty stable! So, that was good. My last appointment was in December, and my doctor ended up taking me off of pelvic rest since things were looking stable, but still suggested I take things pretty easy: aka not lifting a lot, but I could still go on short walks with Tucker, etc. 

So, I went in for another ultrasound on Thursday (27 weeks) thinking they were just going to photograph baby's kidneys and do a cervical check and send me home. I'd been taking things pretty easy and doing the suppositories every night, but cervix stuff is hard because it is just a crapshoot. Some people go full term, some people deliver early. Your cervix can go from being thick to thin so fast and you can even dilate without even feeling anything. 

The ultrasound tech started measuring my cervix and was like, "What was your last measurement? When did you go in last?" etc. I told her my last measurement was 31mm a few weeks ago. She then told me that my cervix was not only open, but had also shortened to 9mm lol! She showed me on the TV what you see below. So the baby's head is on the left, and the green line is what it *should* look like aka no open cervix. But, that yellow dip is the inside of my cervix open! Wild! And yeah, not really a good thing when I still have another 3 months until I'm due haha. 

The tech said she would grab the doctor, which is never a good sign lol. He came and told me that my cervix was open and looked dilated, so they were going to call my doctor and decide if I should go to her first or straight to the hospital. I was late to my appointment, so I had to go back out to the waiting room to finish filling out my intake paperwork and was a hot mess sobbing in my mask and trying to fill out the forms hahaha. They ended up printing me off a little thing and sending me over to my doctor, who was just a short walk away in a different wing of the building. It was just such a shock that my cervix had tanked! Cue me walking through the halls to my doctor's office, on the phone with Jake, try to tell him he needs to come to the hospital ASAP, while sobbing and wearing a mask lol. He was like, "Honey, I can't understand you" lololol. 

Anyway, I waited in my doctor's office while Jake Ubered over. My doctor let him come into the appointment which was another sign things probably weren't that good lol. She told us that my cervix was open at the top, but closed still for about 9mm at the bottom. But, that I was dilated to a 2, had "hybrid funneling", and only had about 9mm left of my cervix. She also manually checked my cervix to double check the dilation and was immediately like, "Yeah go to the hospital." Hahaha. (Side note: She just came in to see us last night and told me that she didn't want to freak me out at the time, but when she manually checked my cervix, she could feel the baby's head!!! Can you imagine!!) I overheard her call the hospital and tell them she was sending over a "sweet little patient for a few days" and was like, oh, ok this is getting more serious haha. 

I had parked my car on the street that morning, so they let me walk over with Jake to get the car and drive the block to the hospital. I called my mom to give her an update and was like, "Sorry, I'm out of breath I am walking up a hill." She was like, "What!! You can't be walking up a hill right now! You have a short cervix!!" And then once we got to the car and drove the block to the hospital, I saw this cute museum and was like, "Oh Jake, look how cool that museum looks." And she again was like, "Em! Don't comment on museums! Me and Jake are in panic mode!" Hahah. 

We got to the hospital and they told us the plan was to get some steroid shots for the baby's lungs to develop faster and some magnesium IV to help with cerebral palsy if she was born early (and I think magnesium can help with stopping contractions, although I wasn't having any). They said they could only do this twice (so once this visit and once another visit if it comes to that). The steroid shots have to be given 24 hours apart, so we knew we would be here for at least two days to get that done. 

I got to eat some breakfast before they put me on a magnesium IV (all this was happening at like 8:00am), because once I was on that I could only have half a cup of fluid every hour. It was pretty chill for a while. They monitored the baby and my uterus for contractions (and have twice a day since then). She was kicking around and you could hear it get picked up on the monitor lol. Our first nurse was so nice and funny, by the way (they all have been!). She was like, "Wow! You've got an active baby!" I also got my first blood draw (of 3 the next 48 hours) and got my IV put in. 

After I ate, they gave me a steroid shot in my bum lol and it actually hurt a lot worse than I was expecting! The magnesium wasn't super fun either, but the nurse brought me a fan and a bunch of ice packs for the hot flashes that helped a lot. And those went away after the first little bit and then I just felt really woozy.

At this point, we also realized my bed wasn't inflating. (These hospital beds are so dope and like adjust with you body weight haha I love it.) So, after me thinking that's just how hospital beds are for a few hours, my nurse said something and we realized it was in fact broken. We were lucky because a bigger room had just opened up, so she moved us over there. She brought in a little wheel chair, because at this point the magnesium made it hard to walk. She was wheeling me over to the new room, giving us a little tour of the hospital and showing us the views. She was talking about some wing of the hospital and I was like, "Oh, what wing am I in?" (thinking I was in labor and delivery or something). And she was like, "High risk pregnancy." Hahahhahhahah. So, I guess I am officially a high risk pregnancy person. But, the new room has been so nice! Such a pretty view, more space, and a bed that actually works! I feel like I am staying at a nice hotel haha.

The rest of the night we ate dinner and watched The Office. Jake's cousin was so nice and watched Tucker. My emotions caught up with me a bit, too. She sent us a pic of him and of course I immediately started crying, because I was so happy he was in good hands hahaha. I never cry, so crying this much did feel good!

Jake has been allowed to stay with me (he is my only visitor allowed) and he can leave once a day (depending on the nurse). So he ran out our first night and grabbed some fruit and crackers, which ended up being so nice to have when I was sick the next day!

I slept pretty terribly this night. They were having me buzz the nurses if I had to get up, since the magnesium made it hard to walk. And MAN. It got really hard to walk in the night lol. I also felt like I couldn't keep my eyes open that wide which was funny. They ended up doing another blood draw to measure if I was getting too much magnesium and ended up lowering my dose day 2!

Day 2: Friday, January 15th, 2021.

Day 2 was rougher haha. They did end up lowering my dose of magnesium. I had a low appetite that morning. My nurse brought in my pre-natal and I told her I hadn't been taking them because they made me sick. Then, while I was sitting there, I started to feel a little bit nauseous, so I asked for a vomit bag just in case (although I hadn't vomited since like October). She was like, "Take off your mask too, masks and nausea don't go well together." So, I did and like immediately vomited into the little bag hahaha. I also got a bloody nose for the first time in my life (literally while vomiting lol), so that was an interesting combination. The nurse was like, "Good thing I didn't give you the prenatal!" Lol.

They monitored the baby and my uterus again: she still looked good and I still didn't show any contractions. I got my second steroid shot and it actually didn't even hurt that bad. So weird! The nurse was like, "Patient say I give good shots." And I was like, "Yeah, I'll say!" They also took me off the magnesium after the second steroid shot which was AMAZING. It took a bit to leave my system, but since then I've been able to get out of bed by myself and go to the bathroom without buzzing a nurse every 30 minutes lol. And I don't have to have all the cords connecting to the drips!

The rest of this day I just watched TV and hung out. Jake went home to get some supplies, so I could change out of the hospital gown now that my IV was gone. He took Tucker on a little walk and brought back some snacks.

They monitored the baby and my uterus again and everything looked good. She had the hiccups and we could hear it on the monitor lol. This was also the first night I didn't need any night check-ins, so I was able to sleep a little bit better.

Day 3: Saturday, January 16th, 2021.

Day 3 was much of the same: Still had some trouble sleeping that night (I miss my bed and pregnancy pillow lol), baby still looking good on the monitor, still no contractions, steroid shots were over, didn't have to have a magnesium IV anymore. All good things! One of my doctor's partner's came in to discuss if we would be able to go home. She said she was pretty nervous about sending me home just yet and since my doctor would be in at 6:00pm, wanted to keep us here until then when my doctor could check me out and see what she thought.

I was finally able to shower, though! They just have to tape this huge glove to my hand to keep my IV dry lmao. Sadly the water wasn't very warm, but it was nice to not be *as* smelly lol and get a change of clothes. I also had to do a urine sample this day, but aside from being a little backed up from the medication, felt fine! Jake took Tucker on a walk where he met a new friend. We ate dinner and Jake feel asleep like this lol.

Our doctor came in to see us that evening and basically said that since week 24-28 is such a crucial point in a baby's development, she wants me to stay here until I hit at least 28 weeks (which will be Thursday) and then we'll re-evaluate. They haven't measured my cervix again, so hopefully it stays at a 2! She also said it's just kind of a crapshoot. Like it's hard to say whether all this means I'll go into labor early or go full term. I'm kind of mentally preparing for a NICU/premie, so it's not as much of a shock if it happens. My doctor sent in an order for us to chat with someone from the NICU this week, so that will be good to learn more about what that would look like and what their policies are right now with COVID. My doctor said she thinks both parents are allowed in at the same time, but no other visitors are. So, that's at least good to know that Jake and I could go visit BB together! They are also going to do another ultrasound sometime this week to measure the baby and see where she's at size wise, so that will also be fun to see!

And I think that's pretty much it so far! Hopefully these next few days are nice and quiet with no contractions or anything crazy haha. I've been playing lots of Animal Crossing and watching TV. Also enjoying the room service. Although I'm sure I'll hit my limit with those meals in a day or two lol. Overall, I think this situation could be a lot worse, so I'm just happy to be here and feel safe and secure with all the monitoring that's going on! I'm sure I'd be a lot more anxious if I was at home having to make judgement calls on if I'm having contractions or just normal pregnancy pains haha. So, I'm not mad to be here a little longer! Especially since 28 weeks is such a huge milestone. It's nice to know bb girl is getting a lot of monitoring to get her there! Not to mention, if something happened, we are literally right here and could call and nurse and be whisked away to whatever medical thing they need to do.

Wow, that was a lot! But, it has been an experience for sure haha. Sorry in again for ignoring everyone lmao and yes I will keep you updated on how dope my Animal Crossing island gets while I'm here 😂 But in all seriousness, thanks for your well wishes and good vibes! Let's hope this bb stays bakin'!


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Sunday, January 3, 2021

Ask A Mormonish Girl: Are There Paid Clergy In The Mormon Church?

Hello and happy Sunday!

We're back for another "Ask A Mormon-ish Girl" post! For anyone new, this is a series where I talk about my feelings on religion, being member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka "Mormon"), and reconciling all of this with democrat/liberal values. My goal of these posts is to help you know you're not alone with your questions and concerns AND to actually talk about them and create some conversation past "just have faith and it will work out". Overall, I believe in imperfect relationships, both with people and institutions. This series documents my very imperfect relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

If you don't see your question answered this week, please keep submitting it! I will get to all of them eventually! Every Sunday I post a question box on my Instagram (@emmycoletti) and I will save it in the highlight "Ask A Mormon-ish Girl". If your question is too long (or you don't have Instagram), feel free to email me instead at emmycoletti@gmail.com

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I was talking about callings on my Instagram stories this week, and the subject of paid clergy came up. I mentioned how one of the things I like about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that it is entirely volunteer based and we have no paid clergy. 

Shortly after, I got a wave of people informing me that the top leaders actually are paid, and a hefty amount at that. I wrote out a whole response, but figured I'd just dive deeper into it today! So, let's begin our dive: 

Are there paid clergy in the mormon church?

The short answer is: yes. However, it is only the top authorities and it is called a "living allowance" rather than a salary per se. The top authorities is comprised of about 100 or so people and includes: 

  • The prophet (1 person)
  • The first presidency (3 people)
  • The quorum of the twelve apostles (12 people)
  • The first and second quorums of the seventy (140 people)
  • The presiding bishopric (3 people)

The living allowance is currently about $120k via leaked documents. I know to some people this may be considered a lot. However, this is pretty on par with the average CEO salary of non-profit organizations. So, knowing they get a living allowance of $120,000 amount honestly doesn't bother me too much for these reasons. 

Plus, there's also the question of accessibility: It seems to me that if there wasn't a living allowance, only wealthy people would have the financial privilege of being able to leave their careers to serve as full time leaders in the church. So, I do appreciate that the living allowance makes those positions available to a wide variety of individuals. 

Ok, next: I have heard so many people claim they get a "1 million sign on bonus" in addition to their living allowance. However, I have yet to see any sources/receipts of this beyond word of mouth or anonymous forums online. I feel like that is hefty enough a sum of money that something would have been leaked by now lol. So, until is see actual proof that they are paid 1 million dollars as a sign on bonus, I'm going to be cautious about that claim. 

Overall, there, I think there are a lot of things to fry the church over (LGBTQIA+, racist history, sexism, patriarchy, etc.) But this issue of the tippy top leaders getting a relatively modest living allowance isn't one of them for me haha. Especially considering it's a church of 16 million people being relatively effectively run by people volunteering their time. Idk, I just think that's cool and a pretty big feat. 

These discussions can frustration me, because I often feel pulled by both sides. I am not Mormon enough for the Mormons, but not ex-Mormon enough for the ex-Mormons. I'm a weird middle ground of a person, and I think people sometimes feel drawn to try to get me to their side. Orthodox Mormons are quick to excuse and belittle concerns I have about the church in order to pull me into orthodoxy. But, on the opposite side of that same coin, ex-Mormons are quick to criticize and devalue any positive thing about the church. 

I'm not here to tell anyone else what to think. Nor is it my job to validate each person's individual journey with religion. I'm just here to share some gray area thoughts on a typically black-and-white conversation. I'm here to be "mormonish". To me that means being able to acknowledge the good AND the bad of this religion. 

And for me, when it comes to our volunteer run organization and few paid clergy, this is one of the good things. 

Until next week!

Your Mormon-ish Internet Friend,
Emmy Coletti

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Ask A Mormonish Girl: Part 5.

Happy Sunday! We're back for another "Ask A Mormon-ish Girl" post! For anyone new, this is a series where I talk about my feelings on religion, being member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka "Mormon"), and reconciling all of this with democrat/liberal values. My goal of these posts is to help you know you're not alone with your questions and concerns AND to actually talk about them and create some conversation past "just have faith and it will work out". Overall, I believe in imperfect relationships, both with people and institutions. This series documents my very imperfect relationship with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  

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If you don't see your question answered this week, please keep submitting it! I will get to all of them eventually! Every Sunday I post a question box on my Instagram (@emmycoletti) and I will save it in the highlight "Ask A Mormon-ish Girl". If your question is too long (or you don't have Instagram), feel free to email me instead at emmycoletti@gmail.com

How is it possible to not see the church as black and white? Belief wise? As in, it's either 100% true or it's 100% false? 

I'm starting this post off with this question, because I want to link this scene from Friends that is honestly so relative. I especially love the conversation that starts at 2:20, with "you believe in something and I don't" and Phoebe calling out Ross's "obsessive need to make everyone agree with you". P.S. After 4:10, I don't agree with her outlook and criticizing someone for "caving". 

Overall, I think it's important to not see anything black and white. Nothing in life is going to be all good or all bad. Every relationship, job, experience, etc. is going to be somewhere in the middle, with both good and bad parts. I've talked about how our relationships with institutions are going to be similar to our relationships with people: imperfect. 

Specifically to the church, just reading up on mainstream church history with polygamy, black people not allowed the priesthood, etc., it's clear to me this church is being run by very imperfect people. And if it has been "wrong" about things in the past, I don't see why that would be any different today haha. I'm just curious to see all the policy changes that have been made by the time I am 80. 

If we're arguing religion null based on science, science doesn't necessarily have a better track record in the "right" category than religion. (Ex: It used to think the earth was flat, bleeding people out got rid of disease, the atom was the smallest thing, etc.) 

So, to roughly quote Mark Manson from the book The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck: "Certainty is the enemy of growth... The more you try to be certain of something, the more insecure and uncertain you will feel. But, the converse is true as well. The more you embrace not knowing, the more comfortable you will feel in knowing what you don't know. Uncertainty removes our judgement of others. It also relieves us of our judgments of ourselves."

If your husband is not nuanced, how do you navigate the difference? Are you the only Mormonish person in your family? If not, how did/do they react to your views?

First and foremost, while I have chosen to be open with the whole internet about my beliefs and thoughts, I want to respect the privacy of my family and partner when it comes to what they believe. 

I think this question goes along really well with the Friends clip. In a lot of relationships (whether romantic partnerships or family/friends), I think we are the Ross: We feel closeness is dependent on how similar we are to each other and any amount of difference is taken as a bad thing. So, we obsess about making others agree with us and with tearing down any beliefs they have that are different from ours. However, this isn't actually healthy relationship growth. Let me nerd out on a theory of couple development really quick. (That I think can be applied to any relationship.)

So there are five stages of development couple's go through (as developed by Susan Campbell):

1. Romance:

  • Common interests are focused on and differences are minimized/ignored
  • Few demands are placed on each other
  • They identify as a couple/unit, and lose a little bit of their identity of self. (Kind of like how babies identify with their mom and don't realize she is a separate person.)
 2. Power struggle: 

  • Differences that were overlooked during the romance phase are now looked at
  • The identity as a couple/unit fades and they start to see themselves as individuals again
  • In order to survive this phase, the couple has to:
    • Acknowledge the differences
    • Forfeit the fantasy of complete harmony/sameness
    • Accept the partner without the need to change them

I'm going to interject here for a second and say that power struggle is what tears a lot of relationships (romantic or family) apart. When we're talking about faith/differences in faith, it comes down to those same principles: Can you acknowledge your family/partner/friend has different belief systems than you? Can you accept the differences and let go of this very toxic idea that we all have to think the same in order to have good relationships? Can we accept our family member's/partner's beliefs without trying to change them? And P.S. this goes both ways. An ex-mormon person trying to tear down someone's faith it just as annoying as a Mormon person trying to convert someone, in my opinion. 

Last 3 phases are less relevant to this question but I'll add them in: 

3. Stability: 
  • Partners start redirecting time away from their partner and focusing on their self development. 
  • Learn to balance intimacy and independence. 
  • The goal: Know how to be intimate/part of a couple without sacrificing your independence/self identity. 
4. Commitment: 
  • Partners embrace that both are human and have short comings. 
  • Acknowledge the good of the relationship outweighs the bad and commit to it. 
5. Co-creation:
  • Partners value and respect the separateness of the other. (I view this as supporting the partner's independence: i.e. hobbies that are away from you, spending time with other people, etc.)
  • The foundation of the relationship is not "need", but a genuine appreciation and love for the partner.
  • They support and respect each other and work toward mutual growth. 
So, I don't know if that helps answer the question, but the TL;DR of how I navigate differences with any relationship in my life is accepting that there are differences, differences are healthy, and not trying to change other people's minds. Likewise, I'm lucky to be surround by so many great people who, while they may not hold my same beliefs, are able to accept that I believe what I believe.

Don't be a Ross haha. Don't waste your time trying to convert people to your way of thinking, unless they directly ask. Likewise, be like Phoebe and shrug people off when they come at you, trying to convert you to their way of thinking.

Do you wear garments? Do you go to the temple?

I debated answering this question and even wrote out a whole answer where I went into detail about what I do/don't do right now haha. However, I am deleting it because I don't feel like what I personally do or don't do is relevant to you and what you decided to do or don't do. 

My relationship with all things church waxes and wanes. Sometimes I am more into things that others, and if I know anything about the internet, it's that the second I say: "Here's what I do!" I will be grouped into a box and people will comment on anything I do that's outside of that box haha.

I will say, I have not been to the temple since they made the changes and once the pandemic is over, I do plan to go. I am very curious about the changes and want to see them for myself. 

Why can men be sealed to many women, but women can only be sealed to one man?

So first things, first, lets go over the official church rules: When women are living, they can only be sealed to one man. However, once they are dead, they can be sealed to all the men to whom they were legally married. Men can be sealed to all their wives while they are living and dead. (Church handbook link here.) 

Why women can only be sealed to more than one man once they are dead? Here are my thoughts (note: thoughts, not the official policy/explanation from the church). Women used to only be able to receive "blessings" through their husbands, so it makes sense that in order to get women more access to the blessings, men were allowed to be sealed to more than one woman. However, with the recent wording changes in the temple, I am curious if this policy will eventually change and women will also be able to be sealed to more than one man while she is alive. (For temple wording changes, read this Salt Lake Tribune article at your own risk, I don't think it says anything the church wouldn't want to be known, but I know how worried people get about talking about what goes on in temples.) I think women only being able to sealed to one man is a leftover patriarchal idea from when feminism was still something to be feared haha. 

Also, as I'm sure someone will bring up, the wording doesn't talk about men being sealed "to women". You'll note it's "men can have women sealed to them" or "women can be sealed to men". So men are the subject/object of power in both situations. I know this bothers people, but honestly to me I'm like, what else do we expect from a religion that still has so much patriarchy? Lol. 

I'm having a hard time feeling ok in my calling because I have differentiated in many ways from many areas/topics within the church. I know at some point my testimony will be "different". How do we handle callings of leadership in the church (especially with youth) when we are so hurt by and against many ways in which this church is led?

I've had similar feelings to this and the conclusion I've come to is this: If we are believing that callings are inspired from God, and that God knows us individually, then I'd say maybe you're in that calling because God wants those kids to get a little bit of a different perspective haha.

I've also just accepted that if I get released from a calling because people don't like my perspective, then so be it. 

What are your thoughts on the cultural expectation for kids growing up into the church to get baptized when they turn 8?

I haven't thought too much about it, honestly! I mean, I guess how much of a decision can an 8 year old make anyway? I don't find it too different from baptism in any other church, as far as consent. Baptizing a baby and a child is kind of in the same boat for me. I guess I'd hope that parents explain what it means and then let kids decide what they want to do. Instead of assuming their child wants to get baptized and talking about it as if it's going to happen, without even asking the kid what they want. But, I think most 8 year olds chose to do what their parents want, in either direction. I think kids catch on to a lot more than we realize. 

That being said, if a child chooses not to get baptized, I obviously hope that decision is met with respect, as with anything else! 


Ok, that's all for this week! I did get some questions about LGBTQIA+, but think I want to make that it's own edition! So I'll save those for a another week. 

That's it for this week! Kinda a hodge podge of random questions, but it was fun to switch it up! Make sure you check out my past posts for answers to the following questions:

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Until next week!


Your Mormon-ish Internet Friend,

Emmy Coletti