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Monday, September 10, 2018


Today was good! I worked until 4 and then came home and spent hours making cookies for a church thing tomorrow. I was so mad; I got all the way to the end of the recipe and was missing a second cup of chocolate chips so we had to run to the store! There is a kid at the store I shop at who always comments on my organic items as he scans them lol. Last time I was there I got organic cleaning supplies and he was like, "Organic cleaners, huh??" And then today I got cage free eggs and he sang "or-gan-ic eggssssss" as he scanned them lmao. Idk what's up but it brings a smile to my face.

Speaking of faces, J got glasses! It only took 5 years! And a company paid for HSA card! So far so good! I am excited for this new time of life lol. 

You have probably noticed I have stopped doing the weekly happy lists, just because I am busy and idk it's not like, a priority for me anymore. But that doesn't mean I am not still noticing things! One from today was when I bought new toilet paper and saw J had stacked it in a tier on top of the toilet lol. 

We watched Dexter again which is fun! I stopped watching after you know who died, but am interested in it again so we'll see how long it lasts! Speaking of tv, I haven't been watching that much lately because everything sucks? But I still have to finish Bachelor in Paradise and also a new season of Atypical is on, so that will be good. I feel like I have not heard anything about American Horror Story coming back?? But I liked those so hopefully it does! Castle Rock is good too, actually. Idk. So many shows are good but then get so boring so it's hard to like, keep a good one. 


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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Weekend Scenes

It's so funny to compare the photos I take now vs when I was super blogger-y. Mostly now they are for my food Instagram lmao. 

Anyway, Friday night my mom came up to Salt Lake and we ate at Even Steven's sandwiches. I got the jackfruit torta and she got the roast beef dip. Mine was okay, but her's was a lot better lol. Idk why, but I have been noticing after I eat meat I feel super heavy and bloated and just bleck. So I might go back to being more vegetarian than I have been lately. I don't make meat at my house, but if I go out to eat I'll usually get meat dishes. But then I just feel bleck afterward so it's not the best lol. 

We got ice cream at Nielsen's Frozen Custard which is good but also melts so fast? I keep getting the concretes tho so maybe I need to try something else. We went to Nordstrom Rack and they had so much cute stuff I wanted to buy! J's car broke last week and they estimated it will cost $1200 to fix lol so I am really not letting myself buy things right now. But I did get a black sweater that I need for Europe to complete an outfit, so I was excited about that. I actually found a hole in it and need to take it back, now that I think about it... 

Saturday was super fun! My friend, Riley, had a little craft day where we made cute banners! Someone brought a seven layer dip, and I have just always assumed I don't like seven layer dip, but I decided to try it and it was SO GOOD. I am craving it right now! 

After crafting Saturday, we went up Provo Canyon to get some family pictures taken! Is it a family if it's just me and J??? I often feel it is not lol, but I need to get more in the habit of calling us that, because we are! Anyway, we shot with Brolin Taylor and he was such a comfortable person to shoot with! Would definitely recommend. We were laughing so much haha. 

Afterward, we went to 180 Tacos and were all jazzed. I went up all ready to order the Korean tofu tacos and THEY DON'T HAVE THEM A NYMORE. So I got the falafel (not good) and the Korean pork (okay). We got the malasadas too that were not as good as we remembered them being? They were a little crispy and didn't have a lot of sauce. Anyway, needless to say I was really disappointed! At this point both 180 Tacos and CupBop have gotten rid of my favorite tofu dishes! Now I am left going to PF Changs! 

I am writing this on Sunday night. Today I went to all of church (where is my medal???) and also stayed after for an hour to plan activities for the relief society. My calling is a activity planner for the relief society lmao. This week we are doing canning, so tomorrow I am going to make 3 dozen chocolate chip pumpkin cookies using the teacher lady's canned pumpkin for the activity on Tuesday. If my church calling is just me planning fun activities and baking, I'll take it!!

Afterward I went to my mom's house where we mass made this soup recipe that is so delish! We are going to freeze it with some dinner rolls for a quick, yummy dinner! 

I have been super busy with both my part time jobs. Like, 40-50 hours per week busy. It is good, but also if I don't have a free weekend day to catch up on cleaning, errands, etc. I get really stressed! OR if I work like a 10 hour day and then come home and have to spend an hour making good food, or we don't have any good food, I get really grouchy lol. I always tell J I am like a "foodie Sim" and if I only eat low quality food my happiness decreases lol. So, I am excited to have some quick soup dinners! I am going to go to Trader Joe's and get some curry sauce and frozen naan too! If you have quick, vegetarian dinners let me know. I am always on the hunt. 

This model pic of Tucker is from our walk after mass making soup! There are sunflowers everywhere and I love it! 

This coming week is really busy! But then I am off to Europe next week, so it is good fuel to get me through! 

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Thursday, September 6, 2018


Ugh!! Ok, so I have been doing this reading experiment where I read for the same amount of time I spent on social media. So, I have been reading 3+ hours per day because I thought that's how much I spent on social media, but it turns out the data was wrong. What happened is I have the app tracking app set to not count my time on some apps that I deem as "non-time wasters" like Google Maps, etc... but in order for the app to not count my time on those apps, I have to upload battery screen shots, which I didn't... so the 3+ hours I spent reading every day was my total phone time. Not my "useless app" phone time.

Very annoying!

So I think I am just going to average the past few months including grad school life, unemployed life, and my now life and just do 2 hours a day. I am also going to start next month, because I am going on a trip this month and also feel like I ruined it already by reading the wrong amount lol. It's a bummer because I am SO MOTIVATED to do it right now haha, so I hope I am this motivated when I do it again next month!

ANYWAY. Other than that today was normal. I was able to read a lot at work. I also picked up some new prints I made this morning and they are so cute in person! I was all nervous to do Etsy because I was like, "What if I don't make as much doing this as I did at influencing??" Like that would just be so disappointing. But, so far it has done way better than I thought it would! And it is super easy and way more fun than influencing, so I really like it! I will have to post pictures of my prints when I make the mock ups so I can remember them forever haha. I wonder if I will think they are cute in like 5 years?? Probably not! I do love keep and looking back at all my high school art though.

Also, J is out of town right now but gets home tomorrow. I do get kind of bugged when he is gone for like, responsibility reason (errands, etc.) and because I get scared. But this time around I have been liking it for some reason? Like it's been kind of fun to be living and function well alone. Idk. I lived in the student dorms at college for like *maybe* a semester? But other than that I got married ASAP so I never got to experience living alone, or living with roommates who you have like so much fun with. Anyway, so it has been kind of fun the past few days to just feel like this young professional who lives alone and like functions in the world. Idk how to explain it other than sometimes it hits me that I am an adult with a degree and a job and I can do whatever I want. It's just crazy!! Idk. All possibilities are open and it's just such a weird switch.

Wow, apparently I need to start writing daily again because look how much came out!! INSANITY! These posts are mostly for myself. I save a lot of them as drafts if I feel like they have too much personal stuff in them, but since this is my lil' journal it's nice to feel like I can say what I want here! Hopefully I keep this up! I have been writing down my dreams in the mornings the past few days too and that has been fun haha.

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