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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Vancouver: Day 1!


You know how you watch a movie/show and it's really pretty and you google "where is ____ filmed?" Well 95% of the time the movies/shows that I think are so pretty are filmed in British Columbia (Riverdale, Wayward Pines, etc.), so naturally I have always felt like I need to live there. After visiting Vancouver, I am now CONVINCED. Can anyone who has been to both British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest tell me how they compare?

Anyway, so we were there because of J's work. They have like a yearly meeting where employees can invite a guest and they go somewhere fun. This year, Vancouver!

The first day we got to our hotel, dropped our stuff off, and went to find food! We ended up getting slightly hangry (*cough cough J cough cough*) so we just went somewhere nearby, which ended up being The Nosherie! I got the pulled pork and J got the reuben and they were both pretty good! I would't make a special trip there, but if you are looking for sandwiches and in the area I'd recommend. 

Also I have a food Instagram (@emmyeatsthings) and I love it so much. It is so fun to take pictures of food and get to relive the whole experience. I love this picture J got of me taking a picture lol. I need to do better at getting like, actual people pictures on trips. 

We wandered around for a bit and VANCOUVER IS SO PRETTY. I still hold that New York is the prettiest city in the world, but Vancouver was also very pretty. It felt really safe and CLEAN to me. Also the weather was soooo nice.

They have this cool little river walk you can do. Highly recommend! You can bike it as well. 

How cute are these little house boats?!

We took a horse ride through Stanley park lol. (Side note: I would also mention that Vancouver is now one of my top favorite cities because of this park. It was AMAZING and so much better than some of the other parks cities have.) The horse carriage was good for the experience? But the view of the park is definitely better on bikes! (And cheaper!)

IT WAS SO GREEN EVERYWHERE. I love the green. Ahhhh. 

Based on the recommendation of my friend Riley we had dinner at Guu with Garlic. It was so funny because I went to her blog while we were waiting for the waitress to see what she had said was good. Well, it turns out we were sitting the EXACT SAME SPOT she had been seated at lol. I thought that was so funny! What are the odds! 

Anyway, we ended up getting the taco rice, garlic shrimp, sockeye salmon carpaccio, and the banana tempura with ice cream. It was all really good but my favorite was the shrimp. 

On our walk home from dinner we stumbled upon a whole street of Japanese restaurants and stores! It was AMAZING. (My husband did a church mission and lived in Japan for 2 years and is obsessed with it.) We went in the konbini and got some Japanese candy we discovered in Tokyo a couple years ago. It was such a crazy cool little area to stumble upon! (We had no idea it existed before lul.) Anyway, this Japanese area is the sole reason J said he would choose to live in Vancouver over any other city! So hey, maybe I will be able to convince him after all lol. 

Day 2 coming tomorrow! (Or more likely whenever I remember to do it lol.)

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Happy List: 184

I actually didn't keep track of any of the "little" things this week, so I'll just use this as an update of general things making me happy!


We moved into our house this weekend! So far we are really liking it. I am excited to update all of our furniture and get everything organized. I am also loving being so close to Salt Lake! And weirdly excited to get like patio furniture and roast marshmallows in the backyard haha. 

I went to my first book club yesterday and it was so fun! We read Orphan Train which I would DEFINITELY recommend! It's such a horrifying piece of history. Like people actually put orphans on trains and then let random people take them home and use them for labor?? WHAT! 

I got a really good idea for some art! I am excited to make it and extra happy that I haven't started work full-time yet (just part-time right now) so I have the time to do so!

We have moved most everything I own out of my mom's house and into ours, and it feels so nice knowing all of my stuff is in one place.

- - - - -

Sunday, July 1, 2018

A Very Non-Bloggery Account Of The Hall Of Breakfast

So if you live in Utah you have probably seen a million people posting about the Hall of Breakfast. It's a traveling, interactive art gallery! It reminds me of the Museum of Ice Cream they had (have?) in New York. Anyway, basically it's very cute and fun. 

Ok so when you walk in they give you a little ice cream sample! How cute!

The first room had a bunch of stuff, like little games and stuff. But my favorite were these toasts of famous paintings lol. 

The next room had a bacon slide and little bacon chocolate chip cookies, which were interesting but probably not my favorite. 

I loved this breakfast propaganda wall lol. 

Ok yeah, so going into this I had no idea they had food samples. So it was a very nice surprise!! These waffles also weren't my favorite mostly because I'm not a huge maple fan but they were very cute! Now that I'm writing this I sort of wish I would have warmed it up in the oven. Someone, try that and let me know if it's good.

The next room was the donut room! They had samples I think? But I think they were out when we got in there. There was an employee in this room who I am positive spends all her days taking photos for people hahahaha.

I really can't remember what this next room was? But I do remember they had cheese samples, one was like a lavender cheese and was very interesting and good!

Ah, the ball pit. It was fun getting in this as adults because we obviously haven't been in one in like 20 years lol. And also it wasn't swarming with people which was also nice. I forgot to mention this, but there was this one room that had confetti and fans you can throw up. We literally walked right through it because it was FILLED TO THE BRIM with bloggers all trying to get a perfect Instagram photo lmao. One group of girls was like, plotting how to get more confetti and were like, "Let's try using this hat to hold the confetti??" hahahahahahah. 

Anyway! That's it! There is a cute little gift shop at the end with cute little gifts. Overall I thought it was a fun little museum! It took us maybe 20 minutes to go through the whole thing? It could definitely take longer if you have kids or take a lot of pictures. But overall would definitely recommend!