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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Life Lately

Ok so basically like I said before, I want to turn this blog back into a lil journal of the every day. So, without further ado, here is a photo dump from the past month!

I got this sweater (from here) and have been v obsessed. I finally feel like I have clothing that describes who I am ;)

Am I the only one who can inhale an entire bag of rice cakes in one sitting? The caramel corn are my fave.

Ok so I make the actual best oatmeal. Here it is: steel cut oats cooked with coconut milk, topped with candied ginger (I get mine at trader joes and chop it up to be little), slivered almonds, dried cranberries/blueberries, and cardamom! I didn't make it up, I got it in New York once and have been recreating it at home ever since. SO GOOD. 

I randomly ordered new bedding at 11:00pm one night lol. I thought the duvet cover was going to be more green, but it's definitely gray. I do like not having "all white" stuff though. I get so annoyed by Pinterest when I go on there for ideas, because everything is "all white" and I get so bored. I want all the colors and boho vibes!

Ok this is my next recipe I am obsessed with. It also has slivered almonds, so maybe that's a thing? Anyway, here is the link. I also eat this on a weekly basis. I love the color of the broccoli after it's cooked. It's the prettiest shade of green and my favorite color <3

Tucker is still with us. He is v fun and a handful. He is our true dog child. I have been working with him on a leash and he is doing better so hopefully it sticks! We are doing a big cross country road trip and stopping in places like Charleston, Nashville, etc. so I really need him to be chill while in bigger cities lol. 

There was like a two week period in March where I legit made myself like 2 plates of chocolate covered strawberries and ate them all lol. Now that I am writing this I am craving them again ah!

So I discovered this store when I was visiting my grandma in Spokane and it's my new favorite. I had to try really hard to not spend like hundreds of dollars lol. I ended up getting two chokers, two pieces of art, and a tattoo coloring book that I am v excited to dive into. 

So I don't do many public posts about my work because I like to keep it very separate from public life, BUT they moved everyone around and I ended up getting to office hop between some offices UPSTAIRS! I was previously in a basement... so this is a v good change. I don't know if it's just the windows or also the fact that I am almost done with my internship and graduated, but my mental health improved A LOT after changing offices lol. 

We had a snow day! You can see all the snow in the background lol. My school wasn't canceled at the beginning of the day, but I decided not to go in... and then they canceled it! So, it was actually a good thing I didn't go. One of my friends who also commutes said she got stuck on the trains for 4 hours! Ah!

Us watching T.V... what else is new. We have currently been watching The Path, The X-Files, rewatching The Office, and sometimes Seinfeld. On my own I am watching Grey's Anatomy and Sense 8. 

Lol because J is so moody in the mornings. This is funny if you know him because you know he is like, the chillest person ever. But in the mornings when I open the curtains to let light in he gets so annoyed lol. I found him sleeping like this the other morning. 

I was really craving Texas Roadhouse rolls so we decided to go. It had also been a while since I ate their meatz and I wanted to get ribs. It turned out that the wait was like 45 minutes so J just asked if we could buy rolls and they gave us 4 for free!!! They were just as good as I remembered them. 

This is so sad. This was the day we got home from Philadelphia. I told you guys about Tucker's daycare experience yesterday, so here are the pics to prove that he came home and just SLEPT on me. Idk if it was a doggy trauma or not, because also yesterday when we picked him up from doggy daycare he came home and kind of snuggled with me? But not as much as he did this day, so I still think he was traumatized a bit. #WorstDogMom

I made eggs Benedict! Do you ever not like foods once you make them and see what goes in them? That's how sweet and sour sauce and cake balls are for me. Andddddd now we can add hollandaise sauce to that. NOPE. (It tasted alright though!)

We had another snow day! I already had the day off, but J got to stay home (I think? I actually can't remember now because we've had SO MANY SNOW DAYS.)

We have started selling things in preparation for our move to the west! We sold the mattress our mattress was on top of the other day. You heard me right, we did not have a bed. Just two mattress stacked on top of each other to look like a bed lol. So, now we are just sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I love experiences like this and think it is v fun. 

I have a lot more pictures to post, I just need to do it! I haven't been as into blogging as you may have noticed. I still take lots of pictures, but for some reason I can never find motivation to sit down and write it all out. By the time I do, I have forgotten what happened that day agh!

I have started doing happy lists on my Instagram though so I can transfer them here each week. I figure doing them on Instagram stories will be an easier and more consistent way, so we'll see!

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018


(This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #SnackWithCreminelli #DiscoverFood #CollectiveBias. Thanks for support the brands that help me pay for grad school 😊)

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One of my favorite things about living in the northeast is that everything is so close. It has been so fun to visit all the states we probably wouldn't have done a separate trip for. One of the last places on our list was Philadelphia. Since it is only like 2 1/2 hours, we decided to just drive down for the day. 

So this post wouldn't be complete without a story about the dog sitter we dropped Tucker off at. I will have to write the details when I turn this post private, but basically the sitter's house looked COMPLETELY different from the pictures they had online. The pictures online were of all these dogs playing outside in yards with kids, and it just looked amazing. Then in real life, all the pictures I got were of Tucker inside a dark house. When I initially dropped him off, it was a really creepy experience. I left and was in the car like, "What the f did I just do, what the f did I just do". I was convinced that we should just cancel our plans and go get him. So I called J and we decided that even though it was creepy to me, dogs probably didn't notice that kind of stuff and he would be fine. When we went to get him at the end of the day, I made J come with me to make sure it wasn't just me thinking it was a really creepy place. Long story short when we left J was like, "Yeah, that was one of the weirdest things." 

I felt so bad. Tucker NEVER cuddles and that night he came home, immediately jumped on the couch next to me, and slept on my lap for hours! I still feel bad about it. I know he wasn't abused or anything because the sitter had like 60 five star reviews, but still. I don't think it was his favorite place. For our trip this weekend, I just booked him with who he has stayed with before, because I know he likes it there. Ideally in the future I want to find someone who maybe has one other dog and a backyard and just take him there every time we leave, so he is familiar and comfortable with it. 

ANYWAY! So Philadelphia was alright. It was one of those place I don't feel like we would make a separate trip for, but it was nice to go in for the day. 

They had so many cool murals!

Obviously the main thing on our to do list was to eat cheesesteaks lol. J picked Geno's and I'll admit, it was good! I wouldn't make a trip solely for the purpose of eating cheesesteaks, but they were very good. 

The first sign of spring!! Right after this trip we came back to Connecticut and got 4 inches of snow FML. 

We went in search of a vegan cheesesteak for me, but the location I had looked up was closed. So we went to Dottie's (a vegan donut shop) instead. I got the lavender sugar donut and it was so good! 10/10 would recommend them. 

I gave J "Instagram husband" points each time he took a photo of me. Points can be redeemed for things such as not having to take Tucker out, head scratches, and not having to do dishes. On this trip he earned 30 Instagram husband points. So far he has only redeemed 5. 

(This is me being stupid, not serious in case you couldn't tell. Although the points are real. This pic only got 3 (max for each pic is 5) because of slight blur lol. Anyway, highly recommend Instagram husband points. V good and fun experience for all. 😂) 

This mural is for my sis-in-law, Sara.

Like I would love to see people in the process of painting these.

So I am trying to convince J to start an Instagram making fun of me. For every picture I have of myself somewhere cool, I have the exact same picture of J that I took to get my settings right. Anyway, plz convince him to do it because it would be so funny I think lol. 

The was Philadelphia's city hall. So pretty right! 

If you walk into it, there is a place where you can stand in the middle and see for miles in each direction. It's kind of hard to tell in these photos but it was really cool.

When the paparazzi gets u like

There was this really cool little sculpture park next to city hall. I swear I have seen this statue somewhere else?! Someone back me up!

Also this is the famous "love" statue. I love that people were organized so politely to take photos in front of it lol. 

How cool are these giant game piece statues?!

We had Federal Donuts which were v good. They ask you if you want them hot, which was a new concept to us. They were really good hot, though! I got strawberry lavender and J got cookies and cream. Would recommend both!

More cool murals. I bet you could do a really fun walking tours of all the murals they have.

We went to the magic gardens, which is basically a huge garden made of trash. It took the artist something like 14 years to put it all together! Crazy, huh? 

Here are some photos of me being awkward on stairs. So the problem with the magic gardens is they let like, way too many people in at the same time and then everyone just wants to take photos lol. And I am not the type of person who is totes chill to have pics taken in front of strangers. #socialanxiety lol. So, these are what I get!

I really wanted to try a vegan cheesesteak, so we stopped at Blackbird Pizzeria. It was a really good sandwich, but not the same as a cheesesteak (I had a bite of J's from Geno's). I think what would have made it better for me is if the cheese was Cheese Whiz instead of a vegan mixture. But overall I would still definitely recommend it if you are vegan and wanting a good sandwich. It was really good, just not the same taste as a cheesesteak. 

For the drive home we had a to-go tray from Creminelli Fine Meats™ that I got at Target. 

Check out their Instagram here to see more fun pics of people snacking in cool places. And check out their website here to see more tray options! This picture was taken at a service plaza, which is one of the greatest inventions in the world. It's like a little pull off from the freeway that has bathrooms, gas, and food places. But it's not like it's own exit, if that makes sense. So you can just pull off real quick, grab some gas, and then pull right back on. BEST THING EVER. 

All in all, it was a good trip! I truly feel we have explored every last bit of the northeast. I don't feel like we will leave feeling like we missed anything. So I'm excited! Next up, the PNW!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Life Update

(My sweater is a unicorn dabbing, yes, and is only $10 from here.) 

I figured it's about time this space gets a life update. Sometimes I remember like real people read this blog and then I get all shy and nervous about people "talking" about things I write lol. But I guess people will talk regardless so I should just write what I want to write. So, without further ado: updates!!!

School: OH MY GOSH I CAN'T BELIEVE I AM ALMOST DONE!!!!! I have been in school for the past 6 years (minus a 1 1/2-sh year stretch where I was just working but J was in school for a lot of that and I still v much consider it a "student" phase of life). 

I remember being 16 and people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I would tell them "a therapist" and then we would talk about the schooling route to get there. I always felt confident I would do what I had planned to do, but man it feels good to have followed through and almost be done! Grad school was the hardest thing, 90% because of my second internship. I seriously wanted to quit SO. MANY. TIMES. but the thought that I only had two semester left, then one semester left, then two months left, etc. kept me going. 

ANYWAY. It's just crazy to be here, graduating with my master's degree from NYU (which is a school I would have never picked out as a teenager and never would have thought I could get into lol) and finally moving on with life. It will be SO NICE to be double income and actually able to afford the life we want lol. I truly feel we have lived student life to it's fullest and had all the stereotypical experiences students are supposed to have. So, no regrets.

Moving: So we have officially decided to move to Seattle and are looking for jobs. We are going to Portland/Seattle this weekend to seal the deal and make sure we like the areas. So, hopefully we do! People are like, "Oh. Just be warned, it's really rainy there!" Like, thank you, I didn't know it's rainy?? And also why you gotta rain (pun intended) on my Seattle parade? Lol people did the same thing when we told them we were moving to New York. They would be like, "Oh wow. New York! That's really expensive!" Like, I don't understand the need to be negative when I am obviously sharing something I am excited about? When someone tells you they are pregnant are you like, "Oh wow, lots of poop and crying coming your way, just so you know!" Prob not, so idk why people always always always do it with moving, but whatever. 

Anyway, I guess here is your daily lesson from a therapist to not be negative about people's good news or they won't want to tell you things in the future lol. 

Life: We still have our dog child, Tucker. He is very smart and knows lots of tricks, but is also very stubborn. I swear to you he was leash trained when we got him and we have now ruined him on a leash. So, I want to train him on that more and have tried, but it's hard when he doesn't get to go outside that much, because he is just extra excited and stubborn lol. 

Generally our life is watching T.V., going to movies with our MoviePass (best invention), eating at Taco Bell, Subway, or McDonalds, going to the dog park, and getting treats at the gas station. Like literally I kid you not when I say those are the only things we do for fun and have been doing the same things since like last year lol. I like it though because we both don't have much time. So, it's nice to just relax when we can. 

I don't know if there is much else to talk about in relation to general life events... 
- I have developed an INTENSE fear of the fire alarm going off. Long story short a few weeks ago I burned food and the warning went off and I literally was gasping for air and running around the apartment. It was bad. 
- I have started going to therapy and really like the lady I see. She is so calm and chill and has renewed my interest in being in private practice, which is kid of why I wanted to see her in the first place lol. 
- When we move I really want to do acroyoga with J. I just feel like it would be so cool from a fitness perspective, but also like such a bonding experience. 
- Idk if I've posted about it here yet but J cut his hair. I think I like it better short but long is really fun too. 
- I have flip flopped around "influencer"-ing. A while ago I became discouraged that companies wouldn't even look at my photography unless I had a lot of followers, so then I just followed and unfollowed people until I got to 10k. But right after I got there I realized that the whole thing is kind of stupid. Like, I can and was making a decent amount of money that did help to support us with the looming student loan debt, but honestly I would rather not have that be my side hustle. What I really want is to work as a therapist (or in research) and make side hustle money selling art prints. I want Instagram to be somewhere where I can share my travel photography but not feel like I have to share actual details of my life. I don't like when people feel like they can keep up with me completely through my Instagram. 
- I am back on a soda kick. I didn't drink it for so long, but then I did a Diet Coke campaign and am back on it! Instead of telling myself to drink less, I just drank it whenever I craved it and now a month or so later, I am losing interest in it again. It's so interesting how your body will self-regulate if you just learn it's cues and give it what it wants!

Ok, well that's all I can really think of for now! I will post Philadelphia pictures tomorrow :) We went on Saturday and I really want to tell you about the drive home through New York, because it was the most intense, team building, funny, and horrible experience me and J will probably ever have lol.

Sorry this post was long but also not sorry because I do what I want lol.

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