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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Happy List: 169

1/ Unclogging the shower drain on our own! We ended up using a plunger and it worked like a charm. The next morning I was standing in the shower and I just had this overwhelming feeling of competence. Like, I am an adult. I can be in charge of a house and a career and a dog and babies and plan trips and pay for my stuff and do whatever I want, because I'm an ADULT.

2/ This post is amazinggg. Especially if you want to use Pinterest more but don't have time.

3/ I finished Riverdale! The first episode I wasn't that into and stopped watching. But then the teenagers I work with were so into it I felt I needed to watch it. (If you work with teenagers/kids you gotta get in their world! So I told J I was "working" every time I watched an episode lol.) I actually ended up liking! EMO COLE SPROUSE AM I RIGHT!? Like where did the baby Zack and Cody go? I love seeing child actors grown up. Also, I was similar to his character in high school, so it was nice to see my tribe represented.

4/ Fall is almost here in New England! It's like, the best season here BY FAR. I think the flock of people that come out is evidence of that haha. It's our last Fall here, too. So, I'm trying to make the best of it and be the most festive. I just baked a pie and my whole house smells so yummy!

5/ This is the best vegetarian main dish EVER! I will be making it for every anti-Thanksgiving from here on.

6/ Finally seeing It! I have been following its production since they first announced there would be a remake! And then when they announced Bill Skarsgârd would be Pennywise I was like OH SNAP!! Anyway, so it was so fun to see it after hyping myself up for what seemed like years! If you haven't seen The Gunslinger yet either, go see both!

7/ My aunt and uncle had a baby which means I have a cousin on my mom's side of the family now! I'm v excited to see more pics of her! She's lookin' pretty cute so far.

8/ So there is a lake in Connecticut where you can take your dog! We went on Saturday and there were a ton of dogs playing in the water. It was the cutest ever! Wait, I think I took some photos? I am trying to do more photos of every day life. Every time I am in school/busy my blog turns into like, the same three posts, and I'm always like, "BUT WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THAT TIME?!" So I am trying to capture the little moments more, even if they are just me on a train, Tucker, and going to the dog park haha.

9/ My eyelashes from this post are working like a charm! I am getting better at putting them on and they are bending more to my natural eye shape. Needless to say: NEVER GOING BACK TO MASCARA!!

10/ J went grocery shopping. Can I just tell you how much I love not having to go grocery shopping?? Bless that boy's heart!


Here are some funny things people said this week:

We were at the dog park and a guy asked J how old Tucker was. J said, "He's a year and 7 months" and me and the guy just rolled hahahahaha. It was so reminiscent of when you ask someone how old their baby is and they're like "21 months!" (Side note: My sister said her daughters name in months until she was like 3 hahaha.)

We were going to a movie but had to walk through Target first. We were already a few minutes late, but Target had the CUTEST Fall and Halloween things out. So, I stopped by to do a quick browse. Seconds later, I hear a *snap! snap! snap!* and look over to see J, 20 feet away, snapping at me to follow while he walked away haha. (Bonus!! I posted this story on my Facebook and a woman from my mom's neighborhood commented and said: "I would not have moved an inch?")

I was at the dog park (the only place I ever go, apparently) talking to a woman at a table. There were a group of people a little further away from us. As the woman and I are talking, this older woman approaches me and says, "Whose dog is that?!?" pointing to Tucker. My heart dropped and I was like,  "Oh! He's mine!" She then broke into a smile and went off about how much her dogs were connecting with him and invited us to come to the park when she comes to the park haha.

Long story short: J thought kids started to walk when they are 3!!! In hindsight, he thinks if he would have thought about it more he would have known it happened earlier, because we have multiple nieces and nephews... sure J.... sure....

We were following our Google Maps and it said it would take us 10 minutes to get there, but we got there a few minutes later. As we pulled in J said, "Psh! 10 minutes my a! My ripe, rump a!" I am still LOL-ing at this typing it haha.

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Thursday, September 7, 2017

the fish is the last to know the water is wet Cultural beliefs that we were raised with become implicit beliefs (ie assumptions that are given truths). In this way, we rarely challenge or are even aware of the beliefs that influence our assessments of health and pathology.

DIY Magnetic Eyelashes!

Can I just say that I am so happy right now?! I HAVE LIFE HACKED THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: EYELASHES.

I LOVE the look of eyelash extensions but don't have them because
A.) I don't have the money to get them done every month. (Let's be honest, even if I did I wouldn't because you can buy like, an airplane ticket with how much you can spend on lashes lol.)
B.) I don't want to take the time to get them filled.
C.) I like having the choice between real or fake lashes.
D.) I'm one of those gross people who loves to pick things, whether it's scabs or eyelashes. So I end up picking them all off and have 0 eyelashes. 

So, when I saw that little Facebook ad for magnetic lashes I bought them faster than I have ever bought anything in my entire life. (Well, except for those Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallows that come out during the holiday season. Mmmmmmm.) However, when they came, I was really disappointed. I mean, they covered like the outside part of my eye and looked wayyyy too natural. If I'm gonna have fake eyelashes people gotta KNOW, ya feel me ladies??

So, I took it upon myself to create the ULTIMATE FALSE MAGNETIC EYELASHES. This is probably the most important thing I will ever do for you (yes, you). So, let's begin!


Materials needed:
- magnetic eyelashes 
- false eyelashes (One pair for every two pairs of magnetic lashes. So if you have four magnetic lashes, just get one pair of false eyelashes. You can't tell but I have 6 magnetic eyelashes in this picture.)
- eyelash glue

Step 1.) Trim the eyelashes to fit your eye. I actually ended up trimming mine more after I finished them. You'd rather trim too little than too much, so be careful!

Step 2.) Squeeze eyelash glue to the top of the magnetic eyelash. Make sure you have tested out which magnets go together and are getting one that works as a top lash. You'll want to let the glue dry for a bit until it is tacky, then add the false eyelash on top. 

I couldn't get a picture while they were going together because it was MESSY! But here is how mine look afterward. So I have the false eyelashes on the top, glue in the middle, and the magnetic lashes on the bottom. These are what I would put on the top of my eye, and I have the little untouched magnetic lashes that go on the bottom. You only need the top magnetic lash to have the false strip lash. The bottom one can stay as it came. 

Step 3.)  Once they are dry (make sure they're dry!) try them on and trim accordingly.

That's it! You're done! Here's a before and after of mine. Top photo = mascara. Middle = "shy" lashes. Bottom = "midnight" lashes.

So, I will warn you. Depending on your eye shape, not all of the lash may fit right against your eyelid. You can mess around with the lashes and bend them, but they don't always stay once you get them on. This is an obvious downfall of this DIY, but from a normal standing point you can't really tell. (As my husband promises me.) Here are some photos to show you what they look like if you were a normal talking distance away.

These first photos are the "shy" lashes. Also I didn't know I would be making this a four square collage at the time, so excuse my lack of posing. 

These are the "midnight" lashes.

So there you have it! This whole thing was like... maybe $30 for everything? Definitely cheaper than eyelash extensions! I love being able to skip mascara and just slide them off before bed! And even though the edge doesn't fit right against my eyelid, I feel it's worth it. I tested it on J and had him get varying levels of close to me and tell me when he could tell lol. 

But I mean, overall WHO IS LOOKING AT ANYONE THAT CLOSE! I mean, in our narcissistic world it is nice to imagine that my classmates are going to spend their time critiquing the outer corner of my eyelashes, but in reality?? Not. Gonna. Happen.

Anyway! If you guys try these, let me know what you think!

- - - - -