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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
I'm pretty sure people just go here for the gram... jk but not really lol. This ice cream place is called Milkcraft and is SO CUTE! Here's the thing, Utah's food places have great atmosphere. Like, they're so cute. In Connecticut, that doesn't happen a whole ton. Needless, to say, it was fun to go somewhere that had mega vibes.

From time to time I get really angsty and all "What am I doing with my life?!" I sometimes feel like everyone around me is having babies or buying houses or traveling. I don't feel like there are too many people on my social media who are still in the "poor college student phase" and sometimes I get really bothered by that. I know that it will end soon (1 year, woot!). I know that it will be worth it when we're both working, and that we'll be able to travel all we want. It's just that doesn't always make things better right now, do you know what I mean? 

Anyway. So I was complaining about all of this. I was also complaining about how we don't have any de-stressors (friends, a dog, cute food places) and how that just makes everything harder. A few hours after that, I was just like, "WE ARE GOING TO MILKCRAFT!!!!!" It was like 9:00pm on a Sunday, but when those moments hit you gotta do what you gotta do. And sure enough, after we got ice cream at a cute, new food place I felt so much better hahahaha. 

The cones were actually the texture of waffles and SO GOOD. I am going to go back when my mom comes to visit and get the fruity pebbles ice cream. I liked the caramel corn, but it was a little unique for my taste. Look how cute the inside is, though!!!

Anyway, the moral of the story is that cute food places can cure even the angsty-est of angst lololololol. Add this to your things to do in Connecticut list, too!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017
So, I'm eating meat now, right? So far, I think it's been ok, but I still feel like I can get my fill from fake meats. Also, I feel like vegetarian food has more flavor? I don't know, it's weird. I have been wanting to keep trying meats, though. Just because there aren't a lot of places in this area that are veg friend. 

So last week we went to Prime 16 in Orange, Connecticut. (Lol that there is a town named Orange.) Their beef is certified humane which makes my animal loving hear v happy. Also, atmosphere AF at this place, you guys. I should have taken a photo of the bar, but it looked like a vampires lounge hahaha. It was amazing.

Also I got this camera for a sponsored post, but I am actually obsessed with it. It's film, but digital which is the *BeSt Of BoTh WoRlDs*. So basically you can take pictures and see what they look life BEFORE you print them. You can add filters and crop and add stickers too. I'm not sponsored to post it here haha, I just genuinely love the product. I pretty much love anything film related, lets be honest.

This is the first burger I have had from a restaurant! (Does Shake Shack count as a restaurant?) It had bacon on the inside and then bacon on the top. I lol at how much meat eaters love bacon. Also it was HUGE!! My hand is twisted so weird in this picture, but you get the idea. 

Living somewhere new that no one you know has lived before is kind of hard as far as knowing where to eat goes. We are like, exploring all on our own from stage 1. So, if you are ever in Connecticut for whatever reason (Gilmore Girls tour or going to Yale), definitely add this place to your list! 

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A Happy List: 158

Monday, April 24, 2017

I love that the sun sets on my train ride home. <3 <3 <3

Guys, this was so funny. We were at Target and I looked over and saw this. It was later at night, so I thought they were unboxing new product and it just so happened that the plastic dog inside looked like this. I was like, "J! Look how cute that accident is!" But then upon closer examination of my photo realized it was intentionally set to look like that hahaha. 

These were my infamous fish tacos from the other night! I learned the other day that American's don't eat fish often, but it's like one of the better meats (health wise). So I want to start making it more!


Updating my photography website. Check it out and let me know if I should change anything!
People singing Lean On Me on the subway... such a stereotypical New York moment lol.
I made the BEST fish tacos on Wednesday. Here's the recipe if you're interested.
Seeing a garbage truck with men, instead of an electronic arm.
The feeling of perfectly smooth legs rubbing together.
My friend's cute subscription box company
Seeing a school bus full of kids.
J's new obsession with R&B
A's discover weekly
Film cameras


Funny things people said this week:

I found an empty, plastic storage box in our closet and decided to use it to store some Easter stuff we got. However, it was only a few plastic eggs, but I figured I would add more as the years went on. J came by a few hours later and said, so confused, "So did you just want to use this bucket to put eggs in?? Did you want to put some other stuff??"

I guess this isn't a funny things someone said, but I did feel like an idiot. So this week I was like, "I'll drive myself to the train station!" So, I arrive 10 minutes early, just in case. But, I couldn't find the daily parking lot, so I had to call J and he gave me directions. Once I got there I had to park way at the bottom, and walk up to the booth to pay the guy. However, he was cash only, so I had to run back to my car, dig up $4 of cash, and come back. He was super nice and took it. Then I walked up the platform with a few minutes to spare and called J. There weren't many people on the platform, but it didn't register to me at the time. So, I was just walking along, chatting to J, and then I looked across the tracks and saw all these people on the OTHER SIDE OF THE PLATFORM. (The side that goes to New York.) The train was scheduled to arrive in two minutes, so I booked it down the stairs, up the parking lot, across the street, and got to the other platform a minute before the train left hahaha. I felt so dumb.

J: "Em, I KNOW my burger had garlic... but I don't remember eating it!!!!"

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New York I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down

Saturday, April 22, 2017
Wow. Am I the worst blogger or what?? I literally have all these photos, but never post them. I need to just take like an hour on Sundays and plan out all my posts for the week. I always do this when I am in a busy stage of life, and then I try to look back on it and have 0 things to look back on. SO ONWARD!!

These pictures were taken the other week on my commute to New York. I honestly love the Metro North so, so much. It's so calming with the white noise and windows. New York was rainy too, and so beautiful. I will miss it when we move!

Isn't this street art neat? It's something to promote reading for kids, I think. Is there a walking tour of all the street art in New York City? Cause I could get on that real quick. 

That feeling when your class is canceled, but you still have class after that, so you have to kill 3 1/2 hours in New York City, but also it's raining so you can't sit outside. 

Pro-tip: At Grand Central there are so many yummy food places in the basement level! (Lower level, whatever it's called.) They have a magnolia bakery!! I got this bread pudding to eat on the way home, but there was a business man next to me and I was nervous lol. There are a lot of like, unspoken rules on the Metro North, and I have broken some of them at times and people are not happy. (Remember the guy who threw my jacket sleeve into my lap?? Or the guy who got up and waited by the door until I moved to a seat not directly next to him?? Yikes.) Anyway, so when I got home we ate it in bed while watching T.V. I always have high hopes for Fear The Walking Dead, but it's just not my favorite.... pretty much ever.

Ok also, I have to tell you guys what happened two weeks ago in New York because intuition 10/10.

So, this was our first week with our second car. J thought I was going to drive myself to the station, but I thought he was driving me. So I slept in later than I would have needed to, and after realizing our mistake, I was like, "Just let me stay home! I'll be late anyway!!" J was like, "Um. No." And listed very valid reasons why I should go. So I was like, "K fine." and off we went. I ended up getting there in time after all, and all was well. UNTIL!! My last class ends at 6:35 right?? Well, I miss the 6:53 train by MINUTES! And I end up having to take the 7:12, which gets in like 30-ish minutes later than the 6:53 (which is weird, but whatever). So, at the end of class we had time to meet with our groups, and I was like, "Oh, I'm going to leave 5 minutes early and be clever and make the 6:53 train."

So, I leave my five minutes early. However, my metro card is out of money, so I go to the little kiosk at the subway station and try to reload it. Doesn't reload. Try to reload it again. Doesn't reload. I realize I'm using my old zip code and feel like an idiot. Try to reload it with correct zip code. Doesn't reload. Try it again. Doesn't reload.

Luckily J always makes me carry at least $5, so I reload it with cash and get on my merry way, knowing that I have missed the 7:53, but knowing I can make my usual 7:12. So, I get on the train and it just sits there. For like, minutes. Then this guy comes on the speaker saying, "Due to an investigation, we are experiencing delays." I was like, "Ok?" So after sitting at the first station for a few minutes, we finally move on to the second station... but then we sit there for five minutes too before moving on to the next station. At this point I'm like, totally missing the 7:12, but there is still hope I can make the 7:34. This stop and go pattern goes on until we reach 33rd street, at which point the whole train goes out of service and we have to get off. I wait at the station thinking another 6 train will be coming shortly. Well, actually two 6 trains came... but also went. Without stopping. Or picking up anyone at all fro the 33rd street station.

At this point I have missed the 7:34 train. And the next to leave is at 8:07, which gets into my station at 9:44 PM. The one after that gets in at 10:20, and if you guys don't already know, I like start my bedtime routine at 10. So, I was like, "10:20 WILL NOT HAPPEN." I run out of the 33rd street station and walk 9 blocks to 42nd street and catch the train, AT LAST.

So let's recap. 

What normally happens: Leave class at 6:35, catch the 7:12 train, get home at 8:56.
What actually happened two weeks ago: Left class at 6:30, caught the 8:07 train, got home at 9:44.


Don't get me wrong, I love how close and accessible New York is, but sometimes that public transportation gets to you hahaha. 

And that's all for today, folks!!

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A Happy List: 157

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The name Felicia.
The slang in Awkward.
Getting back into running.
Coming home to a clean apartment.
Washington Square park in the spring.
The rosemary and currant scone from Oren's.
Finding cheesecake at Aldi (my least favorite place ever).
I spilled eucalyptus essential oil in my car and it smells so good now. 
Listening to the radio for the first time in literal years and "Lose Yourself" by Eminem came on. 
Complained about having to wake up early to fill my car up with gas and J went out that night and filled it up.

- - - - -

J: "I technically ate paintballs all the time."

J ran up the stairs while making a whooshing sound. Then he said, "Em, sometimes I have to verbally express how fast I'm going."

I told J about this app where you set a timer so you can focus better. If you don't exit out of the app before the time runs out, it will grow a tree for you. Once you have so many trees you can exchange them for a real tree to be planted. It's really cool. It's called Forest. Anyway, he downloaded it while he was studying and then came down and said, "Em! Look!! My tree growed!"

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