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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

New York Trip: Day 1

I am disappointed in myself for just now getting to these posts, but it has been a crazy couple weeks! Literally my mom and grandma came to visit, left on Sunday, and we moved like 8 days later. 

They were originally going to come visit in the fall when it was cooler, but we knew pretty quick after moving to NYC that it wasn't going to be a permanent thing. So, I told my mom and grandma to come sooner rather than later. It really wasn't that hot most the time, except the last day or two. OH MY GOSH. Like those subway stations in the summer are unbearable! 

Anyway, on to the photos:

They got in relatively late on Sunday. I had this great idea of going to the airport to greet them. I tried to take public transportation to get there, but after 2 hours I gave up and booked an Uber lol. I got off the train in Queens and was totally lost and couldn't find the train, so what do ya do. I do not miss how long it takes to get places in New York City haha. I ended up getting there right when they were getting their luggage. It wasn't a surprise to my mom, but it was to my grandma so yay! 

We went back to the hotel and dropped off their stuff. We had dinner at Shake Shack which was so packed we couldn't even find places to sit. We ended up standing all packed on this little table with a bunch of strangers. I still will never understand why people save a table before they have their food. Like THAT IS HOW THE TRAFFIC JAM HAPPENS PEOPLE.

Anyway, after that we went to Time's Square. Honestly, Times Square is like my LEAST favorite neighborhood in Manhattan, but like all visitors stay there so what can you do lol. We walked around and took the obligatory Time's Square photos.

This is my mom's face after seeing numerous naked people. It was honestly the best timing because I had been telling her that there were naked people and people dressed up and I think she wasn't really believing me. Nothing like 3 naked women painted like the American Flag to welcome you to Time's Square haha. 

We got some treats at Baked By Melissa! I am obsessed with that palce. They are so little but they are only $1 so it's a win win. I got the salted caramel macaron (delicious) and a cotton candy cupcake that I am still dreaming about to this day. (Seriously, if someone has a recipe for that send it my way!)

That's pretty much all we did on the first night! I honestly didn't take that many pictures on this trip. My mom and grandma are so funny haha. We just laugh so much when we are together because one of us is always doing something dumb! Quite the time, quite the time. 

Day 2 comin' at ya tomorrow!

- - - - -

P.S. I am counting this as a trip because I didn't have to work and finally did all the fun New York stuff I had been dying to do.

Monday, September 5, 2016

A Happy List: 133

I got the cutest Christmas clothes from My Sister's Closet! I'm so excited for Christmas!
Seeing the leaves start to change! I am so excited for fall in New England!
Finally trying an apple donut from one of the many farms around here.
The armadillos lamps I have been wanting are on sale in store for $13!
I'm officially going to be back in Utah from Oct 30-Nov 6!
Discovering we are close to so many beautiful beaches.
Having lots of pictures to edit this week. Yay!
Booking lots of shoots for fashion week.
Salt and vinegar fries. Mmmmm.
Braiding J's hair lol.

- - - - -

Friday, September 2, 2016

Past Boob

UGH CAN WE TALK ABOUT GROWING OUT BANGS? I am so glad I am working from home because they are cray all the time. I'm hoping in like a month they will be long enough to do swoop bangs, but alas.

Also I have been mainly wearing my hair in braids, so when I wore it down the other day I was like, shocked. It is DEFINITELY past boob. I remember the days where I was just dreaming about the day my hair would be past boob and now that day is here! 

I still try to not use a lot of heat or dye it. But, I did get this hot tools set that I am loving. The little baby straightner is perfect for traveling and also just cute and little lol. I like the tapered curling wand because I feel like it makes it so my curls don't merge into one. Do you know what I mean?

Anyway, if anyone has hairstyle ideas for while straight across bangs are growing out plz let me know!

- - - - -

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