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Monday, April 4, 2016

April Playlist

Guys, this playlist is GOOD! Ah, I love discovering new music. And making playlists. My car is up for sale right now and I haven't been able to listen to Spotify in the car. It has been TORTURE! I literally never listen to the radio and let me just say for good reason. There are a few catchy songs out right now but for the most part I just hate it haha. Sometimes I just turn it off and drive in silence lol. Anyway, here's the Spotify playlist if you want to add it!

- - - - -

P.S. If you have any electric/chill/house songs you're obsessed with please let me know. Always recruiting haha.

A Happy List: 112 + life snippets

We walked around the capitol with my friend Leah and her husband! It was SO PRETTY. I can't believe in all my years living in Utah I have never been before haha. We took some cute pictures I'll share later!
I made the best chickpea gyros! I'll post the recipe once I perfect it. It was a little bit spicy for my taste haha. But also they wouldn't stay together, so I had to tie them and felt very #blogger.
I made this cookie pizza for the first time in YEARS! It's one of my favorite desserts. I wish I would have put more chocolate on it but #yaliveyalearn. I literally ate 3 pieces and I wish I was kidding.
Ok this was my favorite meal I have made in FOREVER. Brown rice, green beans and carrots (sautéed), and tofu (dried and coated in cornstarch) fried. We used Archer Farms teriyaki sauce and I couldn't stop talking about it the whole time we were eating. After we were done I was like, "Jake! That was healthy too!" Then I calculated the calories and it was like 650 hahah but oh well. Definitely worth it.
I took Trixie on a walk and literally spent 15 minutes walking to and away from these babies trying to figure out if they were real or fake. Turns out they were real, deer just hold still really well I guess?
I'm getting so sad that my days with her are numbered :( She is perfect.

The O.C. coming to Hulu. (Goodbye productivity!)
Seeing so many dogs at the Capitol on Sunday ah!
Using tanning lotion and having a good result!
Getting back into my book after a hiatus.
The Chill House playlist on Spotify.
Finally shooting at Little Sahara.
Phil Dunphy's parenting style.
My new striped pinafore!
Completing my run.
Nike Flyknits.


Jake: "Em, do you wish I had boobs sometimes?" *I always punch his pecks hahaha and he gets so confused.*

Jake: "I don't really care what our kids names are. I mean like, obviously I would care if it was like... (looks at peanut butter jar) Jif or something."

- - - - -

Friday, April 1, 2016

The Beef Theory

I have this theory that beef makes me literally sick. I don't know how or why, but anytime I eat those "fake beefs" by Boca or whoever, I feel so sick. Two nights ago I ate (fake) meatballs and spaghetti. I was feeling a little gross, so I went to bed early.

OK YOU GUYS. I ended up throwing up not 1, not 2, BUT 3 TIMES THAT NIGHT... Amongst other things... I haven't thrown up for a really long time, and I hate throw up. (Like I would rather clean up any bodily function OTHER than throw up. Especially dog throw up. Ugh. Don't even get me started.)

The first time I threw up I came back to bed and literally BAWLED to Jake. Like, shaky breath, alligator tears, everything. He was so confused lol.

So yeah. I'm feeling better today but still only eating apples and saltine crackers. Basically, I plan on remaining a vegetarian forever (sorry Mom), but I am *oVeR* those fake beefs ugh. DX

- - - - -