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Sunday, January 4, 2015

project 365 / 1-3

I saw this idea on Kaylah's blog and thought it would be fun this year, since I'm pretty much done with school and can dedicate more time to photography. 

Day 1: I finally got to meet and shoot with my hair role model. The sunset when we were leaving was so so so pretty. I have probably taken way too many sunset photos, but I just can't help myself! 

Day 2 / I did a small shoot for a deal Dana Leigh Apparel ran on Saturday. Needless to say I have been wearing this shirt non-stop ever since. Judge me. 

Day 3 / I finally made heart waffles with my heart waffle maker! I threw some Abbie and Ellie Kneader's syrup on there and it was basically a small heaven. Also, the waffle maker has a little beep that goes off when the waffle is done. BURNED WAFFLES NO MORE!!! I care so much about it. Sooo much. 

Funny story: Someone left a typed note in our mailbox about Skully. Here are some very real excerpts from it.   "Please accept my observation in the spirit in which is it intended: not to be critical but to encourage you to provide proper protection for your pet by establishing regularly a warm environment in the winter and a cool one during the hot summer months." "Thank you so much."

There was a little more to it than that, but I will spare you. They signed it with their first initial and last name, but we still have no idea who it is. So, I'm posting this in hopes that whoever wrote the letter will  see it and know the truth! She has been hanging around the neighborhood for quite a while as neighbors have informed us, so she handles winter somehow (although it's freezing and I have no idea how). Also, if the Note Writer only knew how many hours I have sat out there with her trying to get her to eat from my hand haha. When I first started taming her she wouldn't come out if she could see us. When we pulled up in the driveway she would hide and wouldn't come out. Now she will come out and eat in front of us, but still won't let us pet her. She will come inside if I put her food dish inside, but that's about it.

Anyways, so I bought her a little bed and some cat nip (which led to the funniest conversation with my mom) in hopes that the Note Writer would be able to see that we are not choosing for her to stay outside, rather she is crazy wild and will not come inside the house.

So, that was that. Good intentions I think, but they obviously don't know how obsessed I am with cute animals haha, because if Skully was a friend I would be allllll over that ish. So, if you know who wrote it, let them know I am working on it and hopefully she will be domesticated soon…ish. :)

- - - - -

Saturday, January 3, 2015


I don't know about everyone else, but I for one am so sick of seeing "year in review" posts haha. So, I'll spare you and share photos from our New Year's Eve instead. If you really want to read about my year, the archive link is on the sidebar ;)

Anyways, whoever invented the idea of giving gift cards to college students is a GENUIS! We went to Chili's and enjoyed a very tasty meal complete with The Molten, which is in my opinion the best dessert of all the desserts at all the restaurants. (Except maybe the chocolate pudding at Cafe Trio. I still dream about that stuff.)

We stopped by Jake's friend's party for a little while, and then headed home to get our teen adventure on by watching Moral Instruments. Can we talk about Lily Collin's eyebrows for a second? Sometimes they are so perfect I cry, but then sometimes they are like, 100% too big. So, that's weird to me. 

Also, if you have not yet tried the Apple-Grape Martinelli's then you are seriously missing out some very real happiness.

And lastly, what movie night would be complete without the cutest small angel of the world? (Not the phone, Trixie. Hahahah.)

I've never really been a "resolutions!!!!" person, because I find that if I just tell myself I am going to play the piano more as opposed to "play the piano every day!" then I usually end up doing better at the goal haha. So, I'm thinking I might make very vague goals this year, and see where that gets me. Pretty much the only goal I reached from last year was to get above a 3.0 every semester, so yay for that! Jake on the other hand is just like, "Hmmm, I haven't run a lot before, but this year I am going to run a half marathon." Then he like, gets out of bed the next day and runs 6 miles. Men, am I right? Like, can you share some of that manly strength and endurance with my baby body please? 

Anyways, 2014 was good! Not for any specific reason, but just because it was another wonderful year I got to spend with my lovely, lovely bb. Also, we went to New York and my dreams of living there were VERY solidified haha. So, hopefully 2015 will bring some equally awesome things!

- - - - -

Thursday, January 1, 2015

from the iPhone

I don't know why, but if there are ever more than like, 100 pictures on my iPhone I feel so disorganized until I transfer them all to my computer and put them in their respective folders.

I love putting my fisheye lens up to my iPhone. 

Study breaks with Trixie.

I made a study spot on the floor and Trixie was like, so confused as to why I was laying on the floor and she was laying on the couch. Also, it's important to note I fell asleep studying right after this picture was taken and lost like 4 hours of precious study time.

Living in leggings, eating easy food on the Christmas plate we made at Color Me Mine. Pretty much the basics of finals week, right?

I got Trixie doggie bacon and she gets like, so excited every time I give her a piece.

The view of BYU after I finished the last final that actually mattered. So yay! 

But then we had to stay in Provo all day. Like, for 12 hours... So, obviously we got Provo Bakery donuts for date #6 to make the day better. 

Date #7: We never got around to trying the Cronuts in New York, but the one's at Bianca's French Bakery in Orem are prettttttty delish.

Date #8: I love how most of our dates were food. Chocolate chip bagels and orange juice… A must!

My birthday cake! I'm glad I finally had an excuse to make a rainbow cake. 

Date #9: The most delicious raspberry cream cheese croissant from Kneader's and looking at Christmas lights. We happened upon a dancing lights house! It was so perfect. Jake had never seen one before!

I will never have too many pictures of my dog.

It snowed one morning on my way home from work and the temple looked so so pretty with all the frosted trees. Also, this is what laying in bed all day will do to your topknot. I swear, Jake will braid my hair in like the tighest, most perfect braids and every morning when I wake up my hair is so crazy. A part of me wonders what I do when I'm sleeping to wreck it so hard.

Lastly, my constellation mug! The constellations light up when you pour hot liquid in it. I can't even express my love for it. Morning cocoa has never been so enjoyable.