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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

coconut oil hair mask diy

Hello hello! Ever since I first mentioned coconut oil as a hair mask, I've gotten tons of questions/emails about it, so here's a quick how-to!

To start, I usually do this to my hair on its 5th day, before I wash it in the shower. I always throw on a bathrobe, just so I don't get my clothes icky. 
1/ Run your coconut oil underneath hot water in the sink to melt it down.
2/ I mix the coconut oil with about 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil.
3/ Brush your hair while your coconut oil is melting.
4/ Pull it onto the top of your head.
5/ Start by dipping your ends in the oils. Wring it out, and dip the ends in again. I repeat this all the way up my hair in sections, until the oils are gone and I feel like every area of my hair is soaked. I run a comb through the ends, just because that's where I care about being conditioned the most and to make sure they are soaked. You can wipe off the extra oil on your hands on the underneath part of your hair that didn't get it if you want.
6/ Pull into a baby bun. Make it secure! 
Then you can just go about your day! I leave mine in for at least an hour. When you're ready, hop in the shower and rinse out the oils. I then shampoo, face wash, rinse shampoo, condition, sugar scrub, shave, coconut oil on body, and rinse conditioner. 

Anyways, it's amazing. I can't say it's made my hair healthy for sure, because I've also been not using heat on my hair (except my bangs) for a while. So, I don't know which one of those things has been doing it, but honestly my hair is AMAZINGLY soft. I always make Jake feel how soft it is hahahaha. I thought my hair texture before was just how hair felt, but after trying some things it definitely can be improved! If you have any hair tips, please let me know! It took me too long to discover how amazing coconut oil is as a hair mask!

- - - - -

**The coconut oil pictured is Dr. Bronner's Fresh-pressed Virgin Coconut OIl, but I usually use BetterBody Foods & Nutrition Organic Coconut OIl and just buy it from Macey's. I use the same coconut oil on my hair as I do on the rest of my body.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

thanksgiving festivities

I'm actually surprised at all the pictures I got from our holiday break haha. Without further ado… a real post! That I have been missing since the craziness of school and work has set in. So, this is exciting!!!

On Thanksgiving morning Jake ran a half marathon and I walked a 5k. I like to say that I had a cold and didn't want to get more sick, but let's be honest. I probably couldn't have run it even if I wanted to haha. My running dreams are pretty much only that… dreams. / Later that day after Thanksgiving dinner, Jake, me, and his mom were having a conversation and he put his head on my shoulder like this. I thought he was just being dumb, but he actually fell asleep like that in probably 2 minutes tops. Poor bb was tired from running so far! / My bloggie friend Beverly was in town so we hit up some black friday shopping and Kneader's french toast! Also this post wouldn't be complete without mentioning how ADORABLE her baby is. She was a little tiny and was smiling SO MUCH. Anyways, check out her blog for adorable pictures of her baby, because you won't regret it.

Why should you have your husband pack for your trip to Rockville? Because he will pack a Nintendo 64 and you can play Mario Party 3. That's why.

We dined at the hotel restaurant for breakfast and they had "eggs benedict" on their menu. I've always thought eggs benedict are the classiest of all the egg dishes, but I have never tried them. Also it always makes me think of that scene in Runaway Bride where she tries all the different types of eggs. Anyways, so I pretty much had to try it since the opportunity was there. It wasn't too bad, but I'd probably like it more in sandwich form or if the yolks weren't runny. / After breakfast we made friends with a Native American, so that was neat.

Date night was Interstellar and Twentyfive Main cupcakes. Will someone please email me and explain Interstellar? I mean, I think I'm partially there, but there are still so many questions I have.

But on a more positive note will you look at that art work? Like, I'm so obsessed with its colorful abstract-ness.

(No, we did not eat all these cupcakes. We took them back to Jake's family haha.)

They had wassail so aka a taste of heaven's rivers.

Before I left for the break I was going to ask my positive psychology teacher who takes amazing photos how to take star photos, but I got scared because #shyness. Anyways, I am bummed because the first night the sky was so so clear, but the second night there were so many clouds I couldn't get any shots of the stars other than these two locations. Next time I shall have to try again I suppose! (Did I mention that Jake's grandparents whom we were visiting live in a tiny tiny town? It's like right by Zion's which means the view of the stars is 100% AMAZING.)

We came home and made our weekly Walking Dead treat, which this week was nutella and banana crepes and sparkling cide. / Jake decided to carry Trixie downstiars like this. The best part was he kept stopping to walk to my mom and Trixie didn't seem anxious at all to get out of her sling. She just sat there patiently while they chatted hahah. Such a weird one, that dog.

- - - - -

Monday, December 1, 2014

a happy list: 41

Monday night's crescent moon / When my sister-in-law texted me that Jake looks like Gray Damon and I laughed out loud in a waiting room and couldn't stop / Watching Elf and drinking hot chocolate at work / Jake's pamper night / Date night seeing Interstellar and getting cupcakes from Twentyfive Main Cafe / My mom buying a sewing machine / Spending time with my bb during the break from school / Meeting up with my cute bloggie friend, Beverly (and her cute baby that smiles soooo much) / Getting some new clothes on Black Friday / The Ruth's Chris sweet potato casserole Jake's aunt brought to Thanksgiving dinner

- - - - -

Something funny Jake said this week…
Jake: "Welcome to bae village where all are welcome but non-baes."

- - - - -

That picture is us on Thanksgiving! I have so many pictures that I need to throw together, but where's the time, ya know? This year Jake and I are going to try to put together our study guides BEFORE finals week, so that week we can just study them. It's probably what everyone else does haha. But, we haven't done that way yet, and I'm guessing it saves a ton of time and is more productive.

I'll be back here one day with a photo-overload (and don't even ask how many unread posts there are on my Bloglovin' feed haha), but for now, happy December 1st! It's officially my favorite month of the year! Have a good week!

- - - - -