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Monday, August 11, 2014

a happy list: 25

slurp upsizing my drink (again) / seeing an entire side of my family who i haven't seen for a while / finally eating at smashburger / crepes with chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream, and caramel drizzle. mmm / putting in my two weeks at work (haha) / reaping the rewards of my mom's trader joe's shopping spree / my sister-in-law's cute baby / the picture of a baby sloth a little kid had drawn at the art show we went to / finally making a decision about graduation and when to graduate / making a huge bed on the t.v. room floor with all of the pillows and removable cushions from the house

some funny things people have said:

(girl i just met through a friend like, ten minutes ago, while sitting and eating at guru's)
Girl: "I hope this doesn't come off as lesbian, but you have really big boobs for your small body frame."
(everyone bursts into laughter for minutes)

(while offering to pamper in various ways, playing with hair and back rubbing had already been turned down)
Me: "Oh oh! What about an arm tickle?"
Jake: "Well, the thing with me is it actually really does tickle."

ah. a good week indeed. lots of school, though. but what else is new, am i right?

- - - - -

p.s. is there anyone who has any interest in doing like a blogger tea party? here's the information. shoot me an email if you want to come and i'll get it all set up!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

nvm i'll be here + pictures from cancun forever ago


Basically here was the issue.
-My birthday is December 19.
-Graduation is December 19.
-I have 36 credits left.
-I am taking 18 credits in the fall. That leaves 18 credits left.

I was originally going to do a lot of school this summer and graduate on my birthday, but then I got a job and had zero time. I will have done 14 credits this summer though, so I'm counting that as a success in my book.

I have decided to graduate in April instead of December for multiple reasons.
#1.) It's only four more months of school.
#2.) I'm still graduating a year early.
#3.) I am getting super emotional and burned out, because of doing so much school.
#4.) I can still get a job and count that for 9 credits of internship, and then take 3 classes that are just fun. Like sculpting or ceramics. So, it really won't be that bad.
#5.) The thing I care about more than anything else is going to a good graduate program. Preferably Columbia or UW, and I need to make my applications for those really good. If I cram all this school, I won't have any time to make my applications good.
#6.) More than anything else, I really need to get good grades if I have any chance of getting in.

This has been a long, painful, emotional decision haha. Many a tear have been shed. Many a hairs have been brushed (because my husband is so awesome). Many a chocolates have been eaten. BUT. I really think this will be better in the long run, so I'm sticking with it.

So, never mind on the whole "hiatus" issue, because I'm back!! Like, in every way. I'm back to showering every day and being hygenic, I'm back to making cute things, I'm back to adventuring. Basically I'm just back to living a normal life that isn't filled with school in every possible minute.

I quit my job, and am just finishing up these two classes. Then we are going to go on a vacation where no school will be thought of and that will be the most lovely.

This probably means nothing to anyone else (but at least you got to see some uber-embarrassing pictures of me when I had no eyelashes last summer), but I have been struggling with this decision for almost a year (ha). So, it feels nice to finally have made a definite choice and to finally have a plan that won't cause me to cry daily because of stress (I didn't cry daily before, but did eat my feelings quite often).

So, yay for life right now! If you have any recommendations of things to do that bring happiness (ex: things to bake, places to go, shows/movies to watch, bands to listen to, things to make) I accept them wholeheartedly, because I now have time! And I'm sooooooo excited haha.

Three more tests and we're done until September 3rd! Wish me luck!

- - - - - 

Friday, August 8, 2014

busy busy busy

So, life is busy as always. I'm finishing up two more classes and they are crazy. Sorry for being MIA but then not really sorry because ya know. Anyways, here are some bridals I took a while ago. If you're interested in viewing the gallery click here.