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Thursday, April 3, 2014

life lately

Studying at all times. Although, this semester is almost over, so that's very good news. We have like 8 days left of actual class, and then finals! I'm excited! I am doing spring and summer, but I'm taking really fun classes that I'm excited for! Plus we can park in graduate school parking, which cuts the walk to class in half pretty much! 

I taught Jake how to fishtail! The one on the left is his first, and the one on the right is after a couple tries. I hate braiding my own hair because it's so long the angle is like, super weird and it hurts my arms because I'm a baby. Haha. He braids so well though! I hope we have little girls :)

Fancier fishtails! And some street art we ran into on our way home from school on Tuesday. I love it! There used to be a piece at the bottom of the stairs on campus that said "you've changed." I like to think that someone is doing these with the hope that their lover will see them. It's so cute! I can't wait until we go to a city and I can just wander the streets looking for street art!

We stopped by Sammy's Cafe on date night and found the message we wrote in fingernail polish when had just first started hanging out! It's under the counter, so hopefully they never get new ones! 

We didn't go to the color festival this year, because we'd rather be lazy on lounge around on our days off ;) but I did get to help clean it all up! It was AMAZING seeing the aftermath! Some 60,000 people went this year! It wasn't too bad with trash and stuff, but I loved seeing all the colors everywhere!

Spring in Utah is so dumb! Monday I wore a long sleeve button up and was absolutely sweating by the time I got to class. Then, on Wednesday it snowed and was freezing enough to have to whip out my winter coat... for only the morning. >:(. So then I looked like an idiot walking around campus all day, because when I started walking it was freezing, but then by 1 or 2 it was just normal. Someone needs to invent like a super compact coat that you can put in your pocket haha.

We tried Supreme Burger! It's been on our list for forever and we decided to treat ourselves after all this school! I was laughing so hard, because we went right after we got home from our mythology class, and after we got done ordering I turned around to see none other than our mythology professor!! He is the funniest guy! This place was pretty much like JCW' (aka amazing). I could eat their fries all day!

We're pretty much out of all food, but I absolutely HATE going grocery shopping! So, I've decided to see how long we can go just eating the food at our apartment! It's actually kind of fun. But, to get my sugar fix I've just been eating chocolate chips haha. Am I the only one who does this? CHOCOLATE OBSESSED. Also, I decided our wedding pictures needed to stop being in every room in the apartment, so I combined them all into this piece that is on our bedroom wall. Don't let it fool you... it took me a good while to get each side of the heart even and to make it symmetrical while simultaneously using all of the pictures with none left over! I'm happy with the end result though. :).

I've started an online class (cause you know, 15 credits isn't enough right now) and it's awesome because I love online classes, but not so awesome because now I don't want to go to school anymore! Haha especially the longggggg days, Tuesday and Thursday! I actually didn't go for like two weeks, and then I went on Tuesday, and now it's Thursday and I'm not going again. Well, maybe I'll go later. But, I don't know. It's like, sometimes class (for me, at least) seems like it's not that important. I mean, I used to skip class all the time, and sometimes that would lead to a bad grade, but when they don't grade your attendance, and when you can read the text book and still get a good grade on the test, I think it's fine :). My mom hates it! She's always telling me to go to school, since I'm paying so much for it, but I don't know. I can stay home today and get half of my online class done, ya know? Haha.

We've got a fun weekend planned with a Salt Lake adventure, concert at The Wall, sleepover at my mom's house, and then conference with the fam! I'm ready for it to be here!

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P.S. New design! It took me foreverrrrrrr to get it done. Like, I bought a template, but then realized so many things weren't the way I wanted them to be, so I did all of it myself! I have MUCH RESPECT for those of you who can just whip up templates. You're crazy! I'm still having difficulties with old posts being formatted weird, as well as mobile view, but whatever!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

guest post: rachel sullivan

I'm super excited for this, because I love Rachel's artwork! I actually already have this print hanging up in my kitchen, and I'd love to get a custom pet portrait of Trixie! They are seriously so cute. Thanks Rachel for sharing your process! Without further ado...

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Hello everyone! I'm super excited to be doing a post on Emmy's blog. 
Over at my site I post a lot of illustration in addition to lifestyle and fashion things, and today I'm going to show you all a step-by-step process of how I work! I usually do funky fashiony art, but I decided to get back to my roots and do a bit of naturey storybook art for this post. The illustration I'm creating here is intended as a mock book cover for "The Secret Garden."

1. First I do a sketch. This is often in my sketchbook, but sometimes on a sheet of printer paper like I did here. In the top right you can see my thumbnail where I solidified the composition.

2. I then take a crappy cell phone picture of my sketch and bring it into photoshop, where I resize it to whatever size I want for the final. It doesn't matter if this looks blurry, and I don't really even care what paper it's on (hence the purple), because I'm going to trace the sketch to get nice clean lines.

3. I use a makeshift light table consisting of a tall lamp with no shade and a piece of plexiglass to trace my lines onto some watercolor paper. I use the professional grade Strathmore that you can find at craft stores because it's affordable and produces nice results. If I had my way, though, it'd be all Arches all the time! I do these lines with a pencil.

4. Now's when I start painting! I start with the skin (entirely out of habit), and lay in the basic background colors if there are any. The paints I use are a mixture of Van Gogh and Winsor Newton watercolors, and Winsor Newton gouaches. I also use this awesome opaque ink that I dilute.

5. I lay in more colors.

6. You can see things starting to come together at this point!

7. And here's the final painting.

8. I then scan it in using my home scanner. This is what an unedited scan looks like right after it's been imported!

9. And finally, here's the finished product! I adjust the levels, saturation, and contrast to make it look as true to life as possible, then I resize it for the internet and slap my watermark on it. This particular one will have text added to it digitally later, but that's pretty unusual for my work.

I hope you guys enjoyed this peek into my process! If you want to see more of my work, I update my tumblr frequently, and sell prints and custom portraits in my shop.

Monday, March 31, 2014


Jake took this picture the other day while at my brother-in-law's car dealership. I figure it's fitting for this post, ahaha. So, just imagine that I have that face while talking about issues 1 and 2.

Issue #1: positive blogging. 
Recently, I came across the website getoffmyinternets.net and discovered they have a whole thread dedicated to the blog Rockstar Diaries (which you probably all already read, and if you don't you should definitely start). 

Ok, now I will readily admit with pride that I absolutely love Taza's/Naomi's blog. They are cute and live in New York and go to fun places, like what else do you need? But, to my horror I realized this thread is saying horrible things about them! It seems like they mainly focus on the point that she "tries to make her life look perfect". And I'm over here like, "What's wrong with that?" I mean, obviously nobody's life is perfect, but why would you voluntarily put negative things into the universe/cyberspace? I mean, I think it's a different story if you pretend like your life is perfect in real life, but as far as blogging goes, I think it's fine. 

I don't know about the rest of the blog world, but I have this blog as a sort of diary. I don't keep a journal or a diary in real life (mainly because I want pictures to be included and I find that printing the moff and pasting them in a journal is very hard work, so blogging is a nice in-between), but I want my kids (and my future grandma self) to be able to look back and see pictures and read words about what our life was like (except they are NOT allowed to read my high school blogs!!!). So, forgive me if I'm not going to rant about how much I hate BYU or summertime or the sound of dogs licking. I mean, not talking about negative things doesn't mean they don't exist, it just means you don't want to focus on them, right? 

HOWEVER. I am not saying it's "not ok" to post about negative things. If that's your catharsis, go for it! I just think it's stupid that people are actually spending their time writing hate posts about someone who is being positive (I say while writing a hate post about someone who is being negative haha).

Issue #2: blogger comments.
Apparently when someone comments and you click "reply" and comment back, it doesn't notify them? So that's dumb. I'm sorry if you asked me a question or something and I didn't reply. I guess I'll start email-replying from now on!

Issue #3: coconut oil.
Why is it so amazing? I'm obsessed. I literally don't know how to live without it now that I've lived with it. I use it every morning on my legs, and those gross little bump things that I used to have? Gone! Also, I don't need to moisturize, so win win. Also, I swished with it for a little bit and I didn't do a before and after comparison, so this could just be hindsight bias, but I felt like my teeth got whiter! Anyways, use it. It's an antibacterial and antiviral and basically just amazing. Plus it's like $4 at Macey's.

Issue #4: movies.
Why are they so amazing? I mean, dying here. Dying. My recent favorites have been Mr. Nobody, We Are Who We Are, and Pompeii. You know how sometimes there are like, 0 movies out that you want to see? Well, I basically mind-cry for days when that happens. But now I'm mind-crying for days because there are so many good ones. I'm excited to see Endless Love, Dark Skies, Son of God, and Noah's Ark. Most of those are old, but we hit up the dolla theatre yo. If you have seen any excellent, excellent movies, please let me know. I finished One Tree Hill so I'm itchin' for some new material.

Issue #5: the following videos.

Watch the following video starting at 2:28.

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