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Monday, February 10, 2014

iphone scenes

1/ Walking to school in the snow! I absolutely love it! This picture makes me miss my blue hair, though. I have been driving to school lately, because I am staying at my mother's house and it has been horrible! There are literally no parking spots. I had to drive around for 40 minutes this morning. I finally found some kid who was walking to his car and creepily followed him for about 3 minutes, haha.

2/ My sister had me dress up as Tinkerbelle for my niece's 3rd birthday party... only the costume she  had me wear was size large... in kid's... Needless to say I felt very awkward bending over to hand out pixie dust!!

1 & 2/ As much as I disliked walking home from school in the dark at the beginning of the semester, the sunsets were so beautiful! I've been missing it!

1/ I can't remember if I already posted pictures and/or talked about this, but I went to Lincoln Beach early in the morning, hoping to see steam rising off of the lake, and to my extreme enjoyment, the WHOLE place was foggy. SOOOO foggy. It was absolutely beautiful!

2/ The Jamba juice Jake got me when I was a beached whale (aka when the red witch came to visit). They can make a Butterfinger flavor, and it's so good. It tastes exactly like a Butterfinger.

1 & 2/ Am I the only one who searches for shapes in food? I got lucky and had a cute heart in my sparkling cider AND a face in my oil and vinegar! So fun! P.S. I promise I'm wearing shorts in that second photo!

1 & 2/ Hanging out with Trixie! I forgot how fun it is to have a dog. Now that I'm back (for a bit) she follows me everywhere! Today, I let her inside and was in the living room for a while. Then, I got up to get my slippers from the bathroom, and she got up and followed me. I went back, and then realized I had forgotten the phone charger in there too, so I got up like, one minute later to go get it and she got up and followed me again! Last night, I put her on the floor because she was bugging Jake, and she walked around for a minute and then jumped back up! Haha. It's nice though. She hated me when I left for college. When I came home on the weekends, she would just ignore me. It was heartbreaking! It's been fun being pals again while I'm babysitting her. Hopefully she won't hate me again when I leave. 

1/ Dying my hair black. It really was a strange decision. It was like I debated it for a while, and then decided to stay blue. Then, one day I woke up, texted my sister, and was dying it hours later! We took this picture, because she used plastic bags as gloves... haha.

2/ Jazz game! I'm not too into sports, but I think I like basketball games. They're pretty fast paced. Jake asked me if I wanted ice cream and came back with this... it was practically as big as my head! Ah!

1/ I loved the way braids looked with my colored hair! 

2/ Yeah, not so fun with black hair. I have been loving fishtails though. It's like, I haven't know how to do them for so long, now that I do I'm obsessed!

1 & 2/ Trying to study at my sister's house with her crazy dog! He is so cute. At first he was being totally crazy and trying to lick my face off, and then all of the sudden he got tired and slept on my lap for the rest of my study session! It was too cute.

1/ Applied and interviewed for my dream job! I'm super nervous, because I have to wait a week to hear back! I'm thinking I'm not going to get it though, that way I won't be sad if I don't get it. It's so stupid, but I always think like that.

 2/ Finally trying a hamburger from In N' Out. It was pretty good! I can see why everyone is obsessed.

I think I am going to start posting iPhone pictures more. This blog is my diary/journal, and I take so many pictures on my iPhone, by not posting them I'm leaving out huge parts of life! Well, mainly more like little parts that make up a huge part? I don't know. One of these days I'll get a lens less than 35mm. But, until then, I apologize if you're one of those people who hates crappy quality photos on people's blogs. I promise it won't happen more than once every few weeks!

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Friday, February 7, 2014

a happy list: 13

from last week (?) when i took pictures at the cutest abandoned house. i'll share some of the actual ones when i can finally get around to it! haha
knee socks
colored houses
homemade fries
long-awaited interviews
walking home in the snow
getting an 81 on my social psych test
when jake thought a uterus was called a fetus
finding out about the chocolate extravaganza in march
imaging what cool things will be in heaven (like pre-peeled potatoes)
when i was facetiming my mom and she did all the same "before-bed-mannerisms" she use to

- - - - -

P.S. Finally figured out how to do a link-up! I am adding this Tuesday... so sorry for being late haha.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

happy list: 12

- - - - -

starting a new book
rediscovering j dawgs
almond coco loco chobani
my abnormal psychology class
all the clothes i got from my sister
the way coconut oil makes my skin feel
waking up to snow falling outside my window
when jake and i had breakfast in bed on thursday
eating delicious chocolate bread, fresh out of the oven
when jake gave me a fork with my yogurt, because he remembered i don't like spoons

- - - - -