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Friday, January 17, 2014

a happy list: 10

finally got the fishtail braid down! i'm not lying to you when i say it took me seven tries and like, two hours. i love the way it looks with my colored ends though. i didn't get to see the back until i saw the middle, left picture and i love the way it looks! i've decided i need to learn new ways to do my hair and makeup. i feel like i just vary between the same three boring things. it's like, ponytail, bun, or down. and then eyeliner, eyeshadow, or just mascara. haha. so dumb. i'm 20 years old! good thing i have an older sister to teach me the ways of girldom. speaking of which, she's supposed to be getting this closet organizer thing, and weirdly i've been dying to organize her closet! maybe it's the fact that my books still aren't here, so i spend my days baking things (which is a nice change from macaroni and tomato sandwiches), doing my online class, and watching one tree hill. like just thinking about her closet being so disorganized and making it look so pretty makes me so excited. haha. the simple things in life, right? but anyways, i'm glad i know how to do these braids now. yay for 4th options! if you know of any hairstyles that are cute and relatively easy, feel free to let me know! now, for a happy list!
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diet dr. pepper
baking cute things
planning our "stay-cation"
the x-files episodes getting better!
get 100% on my abnormal psychology quiz
discovering new songs by both barcelona and phantogram
finding out audrey tautou is in a new movie that looks amazing!
discovering that our dishwasher doesn't suck, we just need to buy nicer soap
macey's "fake thunderstorm" with thunder and lighting when the vegetable misters come on
my streak of not ever winning games turning into a streak of winning every game every time

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

0 1 - 1 5 - 2 0 1 4

Some pictures from our canyon drive on Saturday.

The roads were better this time, so we could adventure more. The road to Squaw Peak and our camping spot were still shut off though, but we found a different road to explore. There were tons of cute cabins hidden in the trees by the road. I want to stay in one so badly! I thought we were going deeper and deeper into the forest, but then we popped out at Aspen Grove, haha. So, I guess they weren't "hidden-in-the-wood-cabins", but they were still so cute.

Watching all the people skiing down the slopes made us want to start snowboarding (skiing, for Jake) so badly! We decided next year we are going to get passes to Sundance. I'm excited! It's seriously so close to where we live, it would almost be stupid not to. Plus, I feel like snow sports are something I'll miss when/if we move out of Utah. Snowboarding is pretty much the only sporty thing I'm "into" and I feel like I could enjoy a lot. I'm excited for next winter! If any of you snowboard/ski... you're welcome to join me! I'll be out of school, which means UTTER BOREDOM. So, it will be nice to have something to do.

Here are my nails for this week! I really like them, except they have been chipping! The purple is from Dollar General. It's weird, because I would have thought it would take a million coats to look opaque, but it goes on quite nicely! But, it does chip. It's only Wednesday and four of my nails have chipped! Oh well. 

What nail polish brands have you found that hold up really well? Like, that go weeks without chipping? I'm in need of some good brand names.

And lastly, the giant donut Jake and I made at 10:30 pm. It wasn't the absolute best, but it sure was cute! 

Jake is so funny. I'll always ask him if he likes the recipe and wants me to keep it, or try some other recipes instead. (I don't want to have a plethora of mediocre recipes! Only delicious ones!) I didn't like this donut very much, and he agreed that we should try some more recipes. However, every day I come home there is a little bit of the donut gone. The night we made it there was about 3/4 left. The next day a couple bites were gone. And... a couple more the next day, a few more the next day, etc. I saw it last night and there are like three bites left! Haha! I guess even though it's not very good, it's addicting? Haha. 

Two of my books for school haven't come yet, which means I'm forever behind on my reading! It's easily going to be like a straight 6 hours of reading when they get here. Eh, what can you do, right? Anyways, I'm off to school! Have a good Wednesday!

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

0 1 - 1 0 - 2 0 1 4

I took these photos a week after I touched up my blue (or should I say green?). I used Punky Color this time, and left it in while I watched The East (which is an amazing movie, by the way). For whatever reason, it still looks a little green in these pictures. Who knows, maybe it still looks green in real life. I was going to dye the whole thing black... but then I decided that wouldn't help my hair be any healthier! So, I am going to keep the blue until I either get in trouble for it or get a job. 
Probably the only down side is not being able to take steaming hot showers anymore, but it's a sacrifice I'm glad to make! Plus, I guess I technically can, I just can't rinse my hair in steaming hot water.

So, hopefully at least one of those pictures captures it's true (?) color. 

In other news, my classes start at 11 or 12 every day, and at first I wasn't sure how I would feel about it, because I usually like to be done with school earlier in the day and then do whatever. BUT. I have been loving it! I still wake up before 8 (I woke up at 6 this morning... what?) and then it's like I have the whole morning to just slowly get ready and relax. It's amazing! I feel like it changes the mood to my entire day! Feeling calm and not rushed has really made the days seem more peaceful and less chaotic.

One of our family new year's resolutions was to go on one date a week, no matter how small. 
I think it's important to spend time together away from the television and apartment. When you're married it's easy to get wrapped up in school and work and church and whatever else, and then claim spending time together as something electronically centered. But, I think it's important to do things together that encourage interaction and that are new and exciting! I also think it's important to continue to grow as a couple, as well as on our own. 

This week we went to Chick-Fil-A and had a car picnic. Jake had never been, so we decided to see if it was worth all the hype it receives. It was so weird though... because we went on opening night and it was so packed! They had people outside directing traffic! I would understand this is if there weren't any Chick-Fil-As in Utah, but there is one in the BYU Cougareat, which is like five blocks east! There's one in American Fork, too. I guess it's understandable if the customers were all older-non-college-humans, but Provo is predominantly college kids... So, it was a little strange.

I've only been there one other time, and I remember not liking the Chick-Fil-A sauce, but I tried it again this time and I'm obsessed! I've been craving it sooooo bad ever since we went! 

We were going to drive up to our favorite look out spot and "picnic", but it snowed pretty bad! We figured getting up those steep hills would probably not be the smartest move, so we just parked and ate. I asked Jake if the chicken was worth all the hype it gets, and he said he felt like it was just normal... haha so probably not.

Such a perfectly shaped snowman!

Also, the last pictures of my nails wasn't very good. So, here's a better one. These have been my favorite nails so far.

And lastly, Jake's cute smile since he has a canker sore. It's my favorite! It's usually more crooked than this, but it's still so cute! 

Have a good weekend! I'll be hitting up some serious reading! I've made a resolution to do all the reading for all of my classes... which is what you're obviously supposed to do anyways, haha. But, it sure is a lot! Especially with six classes! But hey, it's good knowledge. For example, 43% of people believe that people bring their mental illnesses upon themselves. To me that seems ridiculous! But, to each their own, I guess.

Oh, and on that note, I've been SERIOUSLY considering doing a post about all of this gay marriage stuff that has been going down in Utah, but I'm so afraid that it will offend people. Then on the other hand, it's like, why shouldn't I talk about things I want to talk about just because other people can't handle different opinions? Idk. I'll probably end up doing it, because that's how I roll.

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