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Friday, January 11, 2013

1 11 2013

It always rains after you wash your car, and when you’re late, you hit all the red lights. Right? Actually, it doesn't. These are assumptions we make, and there are many, many more that exist in our lives aside from these examples. See, when bad/annoying things such as the previously stated examples happen to us, they evoke a negative emotion and we tend to remember them.

I think we can all agree that things that make us feel have an effect on us and make us remember them/form assumptions. However, mainly these are bad things. Such as, when you lose items, are running late, have bad interactions with people, etc. I don’t think life should be lived like that. You know, constantly focusing on the small unfortunate things that happen to us throughout our day. And, theoretically, any behavior/way of thought can be changed. Therefore, allow me to introduce to you my new project. It’s called, simply: 5. 

Everyday (or every time I post) I will say 5 things that I like about that day. Not big things, such as getting an A on a test, or finding a $50 bill on the ground, but just little things we should be noticing, but aren’t. 

For example, today’s 5 is:
1.) Watching the snowflakes drifting through the air with the wind on the fourth floor.
2.) The boots the girl watering the plants was wearing.
3.) The way termites shake when they touch each other.
4.) The color of the world in the wintertime.
5.) Morning radio talk shows.

Join in if you’d like. They say appreciating the small things in life makes you happier person.

- - - -

Thursday, January 10, 2013

1 10 13

I have a lot to say, but I just started feeling sick for some reason, so we’ll entitle this “Little Things That Make Me Happy” and start with Day One.

Everyday Things That Made Me Happy Today:
1.) The way the world looked as I drove to school today.
2.) The conversation with the Sole Customer.
3.) Professor Magelby’s bow tie.
4.) The clerk at the gas station.
5.) Watching the snow storm from the cafe windows.

What are yours?

- - - -

Monday, January 7, 2013

1 7 2013

don't know the artist: inside the building on university and center, by the black sheep cafe

coleman galleries

january 2013 art stroll

muse music display by trevor christensen. check him out at trevorchristensen.com 

also at muse music. unknown artist. beautiful work though.

unknown artist

steven waggoner. check him out at stevenwaggoner.com

This one’s called “Things No One Tells You” and it’s dedicated to the piles of folded clothes sitting on the floor in the basement. They’re there because I’m moving for the fourth time in six months and starting to wonder what’s wrong with my brain. Mostly, I’m just scared for life, I guess. In high school it was fine and during the summer it was fine but now I can’t remember for the life of me why I chose a college that doesn’t offer my major, or why I signed a contract for a $420 apartment when my last day at Starbuck’s is on Sunday. These things aren’t making sense to me and it’s getting a little hard to breathe in here.

Mainly, because I don’t want to be a loser and I’m scared driving an hour for school is going to make me crazy and I will never be able to hang out with Jake and I’ll get fat from eating all the food at my mom’s house and I’ll fail my classes and I won’t be able to start my BSW until winter 2013 and that throws my whole plan off. Also, I’m scared life isn’t going to work out and I’m going to make more mistakes and maybe not even graduate and then I’ll be one of those girls who laughs at their past dreams like they were pretentious. 

I don’t feel pretentious and I don’t think a master’s degree is too much to ask.

Maybe it is though, and maybe my art is weird and I do need to go to more college activities, because maybe I am living my entire life wrong and I need to stop watching horror movies and spending my time dreaming about the future. Maybe I should start listening to Bruno Mars and going to EDP dance parties and wearing jeans. I mean, that’s all I’m hearing from most people lately anyways. “Emmy you should...” but, I don’t want to do any of that. Ok, world? Can I just spend my time listening to Dashboard and organizing my room? I’ll miss all the sporting events and the majority of important school extracurricular activities, but Prayer of the Refugee is so much more appealing.

Probably I need to cry right now, but all the training hasn’t worn off, so I’ll just zone out while doing every day tasks and hope it ends soon. And life will turn out ok, because that’s what everyone always says and they wouldn’t say that if it weren’t true.

- - - -