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Saturday, January 5, 2013

1 5 2013

Now I’m swallowing some Motrin and drinking out of a plastic Pepper Pals cup. Alliterations are happening accidentally and for some reason #14 is hurting, even though it shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s because it’s remembering 7th grade lunches or 9th grade lunches or 10th grade lunches. But, probably not, because honestly high school doesn’t matter at all. Not a lot of people know that. 

High school mattered for the gpa, but that’s pretty much it. High school friends stayed in high school and missed experiences still are not being regretted. Mainly I just miss the teachers, because let’s be honest here: they’re the only ones who made a difference in our lives.

High school was good for the friends, but now they are doing drugs or having sex with multiple people they don’t know or not talking to me or out of state. Life long? Life less? I’m not really sure. I think it was good, though. Meeting all of them. But, they didn’t affect me. Not like people now are affecting me. Not like JC affects me. Or my mother. Or that girl on my Instagram.

Maybe I’ve just now opened my “Grow Your Own Heart Kit” or maybe I’ve just now opened my eyes, but either way I’m getting further now. I’m building bookcases and calling in sick and gaining some weight. I’m taking baths and cleaning my life in every way. That’s progress, right? That’s better than junior prom and friday night football games, right? 

It is, though. So, mainly I just want the world to know that I know what it’s doing now.
And I couldn’t be more excited.

- - - - -

Friday, January 4, 2013

life: 1 4 2013


Sensuous Sandwich

40 tickets for destroying the mothership!
redoing New Years, because I fell asleep

toasting to Trixie's limping leg

Also, it’s strange because I’m still making terrible decisions, but at this point it’s like this plague that’s taking over my life and ruining my ability to spell specific words such as “convenient” and “restaurant”, and also increasing my anxiety and desire to organize. I’ve completed some Pinterest tutorials, but I’m still spiraling towards a $2,520 debt and that’s not the ideal situation.

Like the Taco Bell sauce packets say though, “If you never do, you’ll never know”. I mainly know now and mainly I want school back, because my hands are getting shaky as of late and that makes it really hard to hold a paint brush.

Also, it’s probably because I wish I was Amelie Poulain because then the world would look really beautiful and that would be great. Instead, though, I’ll find the people who make the world look beautiful, like Autumn and Jake and my mom and Andrew and Carissa, because that’s just as good as serving Cognac to a man with a tape recorder.

I guess it’s what you make it. Like, for real. Who knew.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

1 1 2013

Mainly this one doesn’t have a title, so we’ll call it “time and a half” because this year isn’t going to be any different from the rest. We can make resolutions and throw parties, but we are one of two places in the end: hungover over and ordering a vanilla latte with an add shot, or asking for a name. And to be completely honest with you, both of those places are just mediocre.

Mainly this is about when my resolution started October 17 and has gotten me further than all of the rest. To me, that’s the part that means something real. After all, words are just words unless we make them more than that, and for once in my life I’d like to make something beautiful and powerful. Maybe that hasn’t happened, except I know it has, so you can think about that next time if you want. It doesn’t mean much to anyone but me, but that’s how everything in the world is supposed to be anyways, so it’s not the absolute worst.

Mainly this is about the 6’3”, 39 year old man who complimented my black button down, and the 67 year old one who thanked me for my smile. It’s about the couple that literally melts my heart and their white mochas, because a more beautiful face has never existed and he is obviously in love with her. The real kind, I mean. And let’s not forget about the boy who gets an Americano and the kids who drink Christmas while discussing life plans, it may be pretentious, but at least they are getting at something. 

Mainly this is about the woman who steals $2.42 worth of black coffee everyday and how I let her do it when I am working register, because if that’s what joy is then who am I to take it away. Starbuck’s has produced enough negativity into the environment, and it’s my duty to put it back. That’s why I wrote in beautiful cursive today, and that’s why I spell people’s names horribly wrong on purpose when Phil is making drinks. That’s why I upgrade people’s drinks to venti when they are sad and that’s also why I am quitting. Sadness exists everywhere, but I would rather it exist outside of my own body.

Mainly this one doesn’t have a title because I can’t decided if it’s a hello or a goodbye. Because I can’t decided if I like The Perks Of Being A Wallflower and the song “Juicy”. I mean all of this literally, so don’t read into it.

I know one thing though, I like school and Jake and winter and art and writing things and horror movies and living at home. Maybe none of those things involve a boy named Charlie or the line “my lover self-automates”, but they are what makes me happy and that’s the only thing that should be accounted for. 

We are all growing up and it is beautiful.