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Sunday, December 9, 2012

The worst things in life come free to us. -Ed Sheeran

Good bye little dorm. You were good to me. Well, not really. All the command hooks I put up tore off the wall paint. Hello fines. And the window looked out at the walk to the front of the building and the side of the adjoining building. Hello awkward window moments. But, overall it was good. I now have the experience of living in a dorm. Even though I didn't share a room. But, you know what, that's ok. It's still a freaking dorm and I still had to freaking park in the freaking stadium and walk freaking 10 minutes back to my room in the late hours of the night.


Good bye little dorm. You were pretty decent I suppose.

I move into my new apartment on the 12, maybe. Pear haps it will be the greatest? I think it shall be. I mean, a window that not only looks out onto University but that also OPENS?!?!?! Gtfo opening window of heaven. You are too good for my life. 

There are some downsides, but as long as there is parking I am A to the O K. I guess that was said. Shhhhhhhh. Just go with it.


Also, I have been having like, phenomenally good sneezes lately. It's def note worthy. Make a note.

- - - - -

Saturday, December 8, 2012

We hold hands in the middle of the ocean and look just like a pancake.

REGARDING THE TITLE: Some man presented this at poetry night. I think it was from a published poem, but alas I can not find it online. So, just know that somewhere out there, this amazing author is hiding his/her talent from us.

This is from forever ago. But, ya know.

-Went to Malawi's with the fam before my grandma and her husband headed back to Spokane. I'm not a fan of cracker-pizza, but their bread sticks are pretty good.

-Hit up a Jazz game with the BF and his fam. Twas a close game. Literally the Jazz won in like the last twenty seconds. And in the twenty seconds before that the Kings (?) got ahead. And in the twenty seconds before that they were tied. Ah. Close game. Close game. I'm actually surprised I even knew what was going on. In other news, the stairs at Whatever That Place Is Called scare me to death. Like, you fall down one and see ya later. You're dead.


Anyways. Here this?

- - - - -

Friday, December 7, 2012

Even though he tries to save me, the monsters are still there in the morning. -Christina

It's almost been two weeks and I know no one cares, but here's an apology. 

I'm sorry.

- - - - -

It's 4:11 and the sun will rise in three hours, but I won't see it because I'm cleaning my room before cleaning checks at 10:00 am. I can feel vomit in my chest because all I ate on Thursday was a pack of Grandma's Chocolate Brownie Cookies and a bag of Sprees. I took three tests and failed one and I completely forgot I ate a Crunchwrap Supreme because all I can think about is how I'm going to get through finals week with Starbuck's breathing down my neck. I know it will end and I will regret not getting good grades, but at this point I just need Winter semester to start and the holiday season at work to end. I need 15 hours of work a week and 100% class attendance. 

- - - - -

It's not a big deal though. And I'm really not worried. At all. Maybe it's because I'm dating the greatest human and maybe it's because life is without problems at this moment. I can't exactly say for sure. The only thing I can say for certain is that I can't stop talking and interviewing people. And cliches aren't cliches when you are in them. And sometimes unexpected things happen. And sometimes you realize what it feels like to feel. I mean, to actually feel. Not to think you feel, or to want to feel so you fake it. I mean to actually feel the blood in your veins. To feel the way your stomach seems weightless at times. The way you zone out in the middle of singing Hallelujah. Shaking your arms in the air. Screaming as you run up the stairs. Sleeping until 10:47. Genuinely laughing at emoticons. Appreciating white walls. Watching YouTube videos of how to remove window screens. Trying to say something and realizing it's too important to ruin with a late night conversation. 

You realize what it's like to feel all of that. You feel connected with the world, like you can talk to anyone and understand what they're feeling. You hate everything, because it doesn't matter to you anymore. Not in a depressing way, just in a I've-found-more-important-things way. And you learn to not get walked all over and you learn the importance of having a job. And you plan your life for a different college and a different city and you promise yourself you will never change your mind, because God has done good this time. He's listened and he's answered and you don't want to mess that up, but it's not even possible, so you don't need to worry.

And there are boys who hate you. Boys who don't talk to you. Boys who think you think you are too cool. But, in reality, you are just obsessed with Jake because he is hands down the greatest human to happen to your life. And you don't know how you feel about that. And you know people are going to read this, but Navy Taxi is playing so it gives you courage and makes you dumb. 

Then, all of that ends. And I'm still sitting here in a room with white walls. My picture of me and Grandpa is in the bag I got from that one lady's garage sale and my toothbrush is probably the grossest thing in the entire bathroom. My eyes are slowly feeling the four shots of espresso and I'm done planning things, even though I know that's a lie. All that needs to happen is cleaning. Cleaning and organizing and listening to music. That's all that needs to happen. Finals aren't until next week and no one needs to pass school anyways.

I know I'll have a ticket. I just don't agree with their policies.

- - - - -