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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

school + new in shop

Hello folks.
Firstly, I'm selling the skirt and the bow. However, I haven't made my Etsy yet, so it will be a couple more days for the bow. I don't want to make an Etsy and only have like six items... hahaha so I'm making A TON. I think I counted 20? last night. But, I'm not really sure. Anyways, I'll keep you updated when that goes up through my Twitter.

In other news, I AM SO READY TO BE DONE WITH HIGH SCHOOL. It's getting annoying. I mean, the previous statement is getting annoying. I'm getting annoying with how ready I am to be done with it. Blasidhgvpzxdknzsdlfikjpasd9bjasldg.

It's not that I feel above it or anything...
Bahahah just joking. I know I'm still a high school student. But, I'm sick of having to go there. 

Yesterday, my mother and I went to the creamery and got dinner. It was quite enjoyable. Then, we drove by the new dorms (which are the ones I want to live in). I just made me so antsy to actually go!! I know I'll probably miss certain things about high school. Well, actually, let's make a list.

(I should probably add that I should be in second period right now ha ha ha)

-Ms. Coletti
-Mr. Hanks math jokes
-Awkwardly scrawny boys talking like they're the s***
-Uncomfortable PDA by equally uncomfortable couples
-Walking down the hall and seeing someone you were friends with in 7th grade and not knowing whether or not you should say hi or not, but then you look at them and they are pretending to text.
-Seeing the creeeeeepsterrrrr from the library EVERYWHERE. Especially after I thought he graduated two years ago...
-Walking folks to class
-The Justin Beiber hair flips
-Ms. Nehr, even though I've never had her.

I guess that's basically all I'll miss. High school is overrated. Also, definitely not the best years of our lives. I've already started making a list of things I want to do in college. <3.

Well, I should probably go to at least the last 30 minutes of second period.

Make it a good day.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Tell me when you hear my heart stop.

Well, hello folks.

Man, I'm so behind. All these photos are from Wednesday, and it's Friday night! I feel like I'm living in the past. Which isn't good. Remember what our good friend Ghandi said: Take care of this moment.

Bahahah. Anyways.

So, I think I've discovered a new form of OCD. 
Wednesday... I came home from school and did whatever it is I usually do before I head off to dental. Well, at the time, I believe my finger nails were unpainted. I spotted a bottle of nail polish and remembered the awesome zigzag nails I saw on The Dainty Squid. So, I set out to try it myself. Welllllll. Let's just say I was an hour and a half late to class and my nails looked NO WHERE NEAR as adorable as hers are. But, it just made me realize. My nails have to be one of two ways: unpainted or painted nicely. I can't have chips going on, or I end up picking it all off.

Wow. Who am I turning into. I just wrote a whole paragraph about nails.

"Her empty head dreamed of being a nail artist."

Anyways. So, yeah. That happened. But, apparently I missed like, the most enjoyable class ever. They all got frosties and funny things happened. Eh.

While I was driving home, I saw this road ahead of me that I've never noticed before. I decided to risk driving my car (it's making the strangest noises) all the way up there. Turns out it was a park I've been to, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. I think I'm going to do my friend's senior photos there. 

Anywho. I'm just really feeling like having a tea party these days.
At Fairyland.
What's Fairyland you ask?
A park.
A great park.
A great, beautiful park.
A great, beautiful park where I saw bunnies while walking to school.

Well, this has been highly enjoyable, but I'm afraid I have nothing else to share with you.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who the &#%$*@!!! are my followers on here?!?!?!?

I was going to place this dress for sale, but then I cut it shorter and decided I love it. If only my BUST WASN'T SO BIG I could avoid the cleavage to my forehead. #girlproblems

Calculus + b&b cocoa + my friend's mind= homework done in no time.

Um. These are the flowers I got for Valentine's Day. I have never gotten flowers before.... so I felt they needed to be photographed at least once.

These photos are from the day I looked like a watermelon. Also known as Tuesday. 
Anyways, I've been doing super good at documenting my days now! Yay!!

Except, I do have one question for you AVID READERS (Sarcasm intended.) How do you take photos using a tripod? Because, I'm trying to sell my wardrobe on this blogosphere, but I don't know how to take photos using my tripod. I guess the easiest way to go would be to buy a remote, but eh. Any tips or tricks on how to focus it so when I jump in it's the correct depth of field? Merci beaucoup.

Welp. I will rehash the events of Tuesday. 
I totally thought it was an A day and had a mini freak out in my head, because all my calculus was not done. HOWEVER, it was only a B day. Which means all I have is Independent Art Study and MATC. Winnnnnnning. 

That was annoying. I'm sorry.

Thennnnnn. I went to Bean and Brews to get caught up on my homework. I was on a roll. Literally. 
Bam. Two homework assignments done in like MAYBE three hours. 

A girl who used to live by me works there now.
Also, this is beyond stalkerish, BUT remember the boy who works there who I used to stalk/have a crush on? Well, I figured out who he reminds me of. Jason from Pretty Little Liars!!!! Pshhhhhh, no wonder he has that creepy quality about him. Bahahhah I am so mean.

Well, this is getting awkward and a strange woman just showed up at my door. So, farewell.


P.S. Without you things get hazy.