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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I'm glad I saw you, because you put a smile on my face.

This was my Calculus-Doing outfit. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS BABY. Oh, and I only got one assignment done. Don't worry though, there's still two more... and a take home test.

Stolkholm syndrome folks.
Happening right here.
Darren? Ya. He's my tapeworm.

No one is actually sure if he exists. I, of course, am adamant about the fact. Other, slightly more rational, people have tried to convince me of the opposite.

He's the cause of my mysterious 7 pound loss in two weeks.
My obsession with fries and diet pepsi/coke/dr.pepper.
My late periods... tmi. Sorry.
And quite possible, the loss of my sanity.

We used to love each other. We'd eat fries and watch great films like no one's business.

But, then google images happened.
And now I just want him the mother freaker out of my body.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Then he said, "kiss me".

I completely acknowledge that it is entirely unfair to all my readers if I do not explain my title.

But, sometimes life's unfair. ;p

I'm not exactly sure how, but over the years we have seemed to develop a tradition of going to my brother-in-law's grandma's house on Christmas morning. She pulls out her special china and makes creeps, orange juice, and cocoa for us all.

God bless the elderly.
The bring such joy to the world.

Here's the start to my henna portfolio ahahahah...

I should mention my brother did this one... I like to think my work is a tinch better than that.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas makes us monsters.

everyone's so busy posting their cutesy footie pajama photos and talking about what santa's going to bring

but guess what
for some people santa never comes.

christmas caters to the rich
and spits on the poor

next time you're walking next to the man ringing the bell in the cold
give him your change

it's not like you need it that badly anyways