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Saturday, April 30, 2011

I think I want to take a walk with you.

Vomit everywhere on my life.
102 degree fever. Coughing. MUCUS WHICH I HATE.
And a 9 hour work shift.


I really want to watch a good movie. Any suggestions?

Oh, and also my camera has started this new thing where it doesn't turn on! And it snowed today and is so beautiful! Bawl.

Well folks. That's all for now. I'm doing a nighttime photo shoot tonight!! Cheers!!

I love the snow. And you. And your dog if you have one. Animals are so nice. My dog threw up on my bed this morning. Poor little baby girl.

Also. If you haven't been to Bombay House, go there and get the mango ice cream. You will fall in love.

- Girl in my painting class: "haha! look! it says face!". Me: "that's stupid! haha! why would someone write face? that's not even like, a funny word or something!". Girl in my painting class: "... I think I wrote that last week. It looks like my handwriting.". Me: (silence) "well it's ok if it was you... because... that's just your personality, but like..(rambles on). My thoughts: Emily. Shut up already. You've already screwed up. There's no coming back from this one.

- Me: "Alright. Here's your receipt! Thank you so much!" Tall, awkward proportioned, middle aged, man customer: Thank you.... Emily. (Can you say awkward use of a name?! Delayed as well. I hate my name tag.)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I've been troubled sleeping.

I made another bow.
Daily ritual coming on?
I think so.

I skipped fourth period today to go to a movie with my mother.
("Emily! You're so cool!!" Yes, I'm aware. Please, no need for flattery.)

It was quite good. If you haven't seen Hanna yet, go!

T-Rickey was feeling left out.

We had breakfast together on Easter morning. It was extremely enjoyable.

She understands me.

- My mother and I went to little cafe to grab a bite to eat. While my mother was ordering, I saw a glass display case with two brownie bites in it. I asked my mother if they were samples. She said yes. I proceeded to lift off the glass top and eat one. The old lady who was helping my mother didn't care at all. It tasted a little weird, but whatever. Then, after my mother got done ordering, the lady went to the back to start making her food. My mother went to the sample display case and grabbed the remaining brownie bite. The old lady saw and started laughing and saying how she didn't know why they had them like that. Then she started telling a story about how one time a woman came in and bought a cinnamon roll and took the display one. My mother and I laughed at this comical story, and just assumed the old lady was being nastalgic, as all old ladies are.
Come to find out, they weren't samples.
They were part of the display.


Next week I will be through with the majority of my finals.
Therefore, my time will be spent sewing clothing and doing photography.

Be excited.
I know I am.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Oh Dawson Leary, why don't you marry me already.


Unfortunately I have been sick.
So I haven't really gotten dressed, or gone out of the house at all for two days. (what?)

But I made this bow headband. I will be making a million more with all my extra fabric. What do you all think I should do with them?

I'm not really sure how many people actually read this, so I don't know if I should do a giveaway?

Help me decide.
I have decision making problems.

Also, I think I should have been born in Capeside so I could meet Dawson Leary and marry him.

Thank heavens for the 90's.
And their ability to create a completely over dramatic, unrealistic, but oh so enjoyable television show.

Watch it.
The we can chat about it over Honey Lemon Chamomile tea and English muffins.

I didn't actually wear this today.
I technically wore it yesterday for ten minutes when I went to rent a film.

Have you seen Hereafter?
I liked it! It's funny to see Matt Damon taking cooking classes and being very...
artistic after seeing him in the Bourne series.

Also, if you haven't already seen Flipped, go watch it! It's super cute and will make you wish it was summer time and you were 12.

Those were the days.