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Mexico Day 1: Aka My First Panic Attack

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Ah, our trip to Mexico haha. What a fun story to tell!

We ended up taking Uber to the airport which was 100 times better (read: cheaper) than paying for parking. At the airport I got my fave SLC airport hot chocolate from Seattle's Best Coffee, GO THERE.

Then the time came to board our flight. This could be a long story and rant, but I will make it short: Basically me and J did not have seats next to each other. Right before we got on the plane, the stewardess told us she was able to move me by J. Good news, right!? Well, we go to our seats and there was a hispanic family sitting in the whole row, except for the one seat that J had. We showed the family our tickets and they showed us theirs: we had the same seat assignments. 

So we called over a steward to help us figure out what to do and he went to the back for a few minutes. Now, let me tell you the seating arrangement when we got there. If you were looking down on the row from the sky it would have been: son, dad, empty (aisle) mom, other child, other child. So there was one empty seat in the whole row, which is where J's seat was. 

Anyway, the steward came back. I was guessing he would (obviously) have me go sit somewhere else, since my original ticket was for somewhere else and they changed it last minute to put me by J. But, instead, he told the dad to move to a different seat, which would have meant the dad was sitting away from his family and the son was by strangers.

SO DUMB RIGHT?! Anyway, obviously I didn't make the dad move and I took the seat they were going to move him to. Which then made me feel so bad because it was economy comfort and the steward didn't tell us that it was a nicer seat when he told the dad to move, so then I felt like I had stolen something from the dad. Anyway, the whole thing just made me think of how different the world is for white people verses people of color, and all the ways in which I, as a white person, am probably contributing to racism through complacency and so much more. 

Idk if I did the right thing by taking the seat the steward was going to have the dad move to and am open to hearing how I could have been a better ally to POC in that situation, if you feel like sharing. 

On the flight I watched The Forest, which was SO GOOD. 10/10 recommend watching it. It does have subtitles and is in French, so I have been saving it for a time like this. When we landed in Cancun we had booked a car to take us to Tulum, which I would recommend doing. My first impressions of Tulum were very... underwhelming? I was imagining it as a lot prettier, nicer, etc. but it felt a lot dirtier and rural than I was expecting. We ate a really good dinner at Om. The guacamole and my pomodoro were really good; J didn't like his carbonara. The coke was really good too! Idk what they do to Mexican coke but it is so much better than American. 

Ok. So here is the part of the story where I have to admit how stupid I am lol. SO. I didn't think it was going to be hot in Mexico. I also didn't think it was going to be humid. 

It was both of these things. 

I wanted to be fun and adventurous, so I booked us a really cute Airbnb. 


To my defense, I didn't know it didn't have air conditioning until we got there. It was hot and humid when we checked in, but not too bad. I was bummed it didn't have air conditioning, but felt we would be able to handle it ok. 

YOU GUYS. I have NEVER in my life had a panic attack, but I HAD A BAD ONE for hours that night. It was the most horrible thing to experience and my heart goes out to people who experience panic attacks <3. 

We got back from dinner and settled down to go to bed, and I started freaking out that it was so hot and humid. I swear to you it was more hot and humid than it was during the day. I just felt like I couldn't breathe good air? It is hard to explain, but it was hot and I was shaking and my chest felt tight, like I couldn't breath and I couldn't sit still. I kept pacing around and going outside to see if the "air was better" out there, trying to sleep in the hammock, getting eaten by bugs, and then coming back inside. I got in and out of a cold shower probably 6 different times. I finally sat in a cold shower for maybe 20-30 minutes before I was able to go to bed wrapped in a towel and fall asleep curled in the fetal position. That was around 2:00 in the morning. I kept waking up with tingling toes (?) throughout the night and thinking really weird thoughts. I can't explain it but it was weird. I was also getting worried about dying from dehydration, so I kept drinking water. Anyway, it was a really scary experience (even J said I was scaring him) and I'm glad we were able to stay somewhere else the rest of the trip!

Like I said, I finally fell asleep at like 2:00 and then woke up at 5:00. That day, we decided to take a taxi 2 hours to go back to Cancun because my father-in-law travels a lot for work and had points we could use to stay at a hotel there. It was so nice of him! Also, I was not in love with Tulum in general (I'll talk more about it later) and so Cancun it was!

It made the WORLD of difference to stay in a hotel with air conditioning! I loved our trip and thought it was so much fun! We pretty much just relaxed and took it easy, which was exactly what we wanted to do!

Anyway, moral of the story: make sure to check what amenities your Airbnb doesn't come with lol!!

Vancouver: Day 3!

Monday, July 9, 2018
This was our last day in Vancouver! We tried to go to Jam on Beatty for breakfast but the line was sooooo long. So we went to Chamber's next door instead. I got the waffles with orange fit marmalade and milk chocolate lavender, J got a loxs eggs benedict thing. I thought it was really good and would recommend!

On the walk home we passed the neat colorful alley again!

After that we went kayaking! It was really fun and really scary lol. It was in a little like, peninsula type thing? I don't know the word for it but basically it was surrounded by land on 3 sides, so it was really calm. The girl told us that past the corner it got a little choppy, but there was a cool island you go to that way. Anyway, we started going there and then all of a sudden it got like, VERY wavy lol. And I totally freaked out. I am scared of open water, by the way. So I immediately turned back and we ended up just going around the little area close to the land. It was really fun, though! I think it would be fun to go kayaking on some of the lakes/ponds in Utah where the water is really calm.

After that we went to dinner at a really good place called Forage! I didn't take any pictures because the lighting was pretty low and also I just didn't want to lol. But it was farm to table and very delish! 

Walking home from dinner we stopped for a crepe from Cafe Crepe Express. It was super cute! You just pull up off the sidewalk and order from a window. You can watch them make it too!

I left the next morning! Overall, it was a super fun city. I am always scoping out cities to live in one day and I genuinely feel like we would be happy in Vancouver, although the whole different country thing does give me pause. But, anyway! I would definitely go back! I'd love to rent a car and drive around the area a bit more next time. Overall, 10/10 would recommend. 

Vancouver: Day 2!

Saturday, July 7, 2018
Guys, Vancouver day 2 was arguably my favorite day. We started our day with açaí bowls from Me Lu, which were good but also the berries were frozen? Which was kind of weird for me. So just know that if you are going to go. 

We then did my FAVORITE THING EVER!! We rented bikes and rode them through Stanley Park! Stanley Park was AMAZE and a huge reason why I think I would like living in Vancouver over other cities I have visited. We took lots of stops to take photos, and at one point a guy saw us trying to take a photo together and offered to take one for us. Well, turns out he was a photographer so the pictures are very great and actually in focus lol. Also he took a bunch with different backgrounds, which I will post all of here because I get scared sometimes that my hard drive will break and I'll have to download all my photos from my blog lol. 

The whole ride around Stanley Park took us maybe 2 hours, but also we stopped a lot to take photos and take in the view. It was also very level without many uphills, so that was also nice. Basically, I feel like most people would enjoy this bike ride, even if you never exercise like me! I was very tired at the end (and hot because I stupidly only wore my Patagonia sweater) so J was a v nice husband and pushed both our bikes up the hill lol.

After our bike ride we walked back to the hotel. I got some fish and chips on the way back at a food truck I can't remember the name of and THEY WERE SO GOOD. I tried to get fish and chips in Utah after we got back and they were horrible lol. If you live somewhere with fresh fish please enjoy a fish and chips for me! After eating, we went to the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

Now, before you look at the pictures from the park, let me tell you something... If you are reading blog posts like this and expecting it to be like that for you, YOU ARE WRONG. It was SO. CROWDED. Idk if the age of instagram has just ruined us or what, but yeah, it was pretty crazy. Some of the girls from J's work went right when it opened the next days and they said it was still pretty packed. So, just be aware lol. I still thought it was a really cool experience and worth going to though! There are a bunch of bridges and walks aside from the main one, so make sure to explore the whole thing!

I just stole this pic from my mother-in-law's Facebook lol. 

I have also been playing around with black and white editing and often can't decide which I like better! I can't remember if I already talked about this on here, but basically I have been getting back to being an artist instead of an influencer lmao. I feel like my vision for art has been so messed up and inauthentic ever since the invention of social media. Whenever I look back at my old stuff, I love and miss it so much. This trip was really fun because I got back to the style of photography that I like (more candid) and love the way they turned out. They feel very "me". 

When u go to Capilano expecting an empty bridge but the whole thing is very busy and the bridge sways 

We got some ice cream at their little gift shop and it was pretty good! They also had fudge there that we sampled which was also very good.

For dinner we went to Salam Bombay. I got the Vegetable Korma and it was VERY GOOD. I would be lying if I didn't say I got a little sick afterwards, but it was worth it lol. 

The walk home from dinner was so pretty!

Ok so potentially my favorite part of the whole trip was what happened with these cookies lol. So, the first night there was just one cookie on J's nightstand (we hadn't unpacked our stuff yet). The next morning, I straightened my hair and left some things out. When we came back that night they had left 2 cookies!!! How cute! They like, noticed that there were 2 people staying there and left 2 cookies hahah. I just thought it was so cute. 

We ended our night with 13 Reasons Why (I think? I honestly can't tell from the photo lol) which I actually was not that impressed with (the 2nd season I mean). Anyway, I won't give any spoilers but yeah. I didn't like it. 

Overall, day 2 was very fun!