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Romwe Clothing Haul!!

Sunday, September 17, 2017
So, I love Asian clothing websites. I have been shopping them from way back when you had to pay a million dollars in shipping so you had to order like $200 to make it worth it lol. Needless to say, websites like Romwe change the game! Asian clothing prices with regular shipping? YES PLEASE. I ordered once from them to test it out, and loved everything so much I placed a second order. These are my favorites from the two orders!

10/10 would recommend shopping through them if you're in college and/or trying to save money but still wanna look fly. :)

1. $5. I am obsessed with the color of this! It is a nice, thick material too. I feel my most Jessica Day when I wear it lol. Buy it here.

2. $5. So I have been LIVING in this! It fits the bust well but is so cute and flowy. V bohemian. V cute. Buy it here

3. $5. This is so cute and loose! It looks so cute tucked into pants.  Buy it here.

 4. This whole outfit was $6! The skirt band stretches and is floor length. WIN X 3. Buy the top here and the skirt here

5. $7. This is a crop top and SO SOFT. Like wear all the time, soft. Buy it here.

 6. $10. Can you ever have too many alien things? The answer is no. Buy it here

7. $7. This another super soft shirt! It's my go to as soon as I come home and change into sweats. Buy it here

8. $8. This is another cute, loose top that looks super cute tucked into jeans. Buy it here

Anddddd, this is what I wore today! The top is thin and lets a lot of air in. (If you live in a humid place like me, this is important haha.) Buy it here.

The skirt is old from Anthropologie. All in all, I am obsessed with Romwe. You can find such good things for under $5, it's crazy! Some tips: Make sure you check the measurement on each item in your cart. I typically wear a small and some of the items I ordered were medium/large. That's actually the only tip! Everything looks like the picture. Shipping is pretty good too! I keep entering the wrong zip code because I am an idiot, and luckily everything has found its way to me in about two weeks each time. So if you did the right address you'd probably be about a week! I honestly feel like the quality of the clothes is what you would find at Forever 21/H&M (and even some of those online boutiques that are so popular these days). So I prefer to just buy them from the source! Lemme know if you guys try them out and what you think!
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Wasatch Trend

Friday, June 10, 2016

Good morning everybody! I recently discovered these tees and am obsessed! It's like keeping a little bit of Utah with me haha. We used to go to Tibble Fork all of the time when we were living there. We were literally like a 15 minute drive! 

Anyway, I know the Utah pride tends to run deep, so check out these tees for sure!

- - - - -

P.S. Not sponsored, just a fan and know like half my reader base is in Utah haha.

How We Wore It: Bein' A Tourist

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Blazer - thrifted. Shirt - some store in midtown. Pants - also thrifted. Shoes - Birks. 

Edited with Afga Vista 800- from VSCO Pack 5. I've been loving this preset for the rainy days.
When I saw the inspiration picture for this month's How We Wore It on Gentri Lee's blog I LOL-ed. 

Like, how fitting. I meant to get a cheap, oversized "I <3 NY" shirt, but I did this last minute and the only store I could find had the fitted. But on the plus side now that I'm wearing the right bra size and don't have saggy boobs, I felt I could pull this off.

Sometimes people who live in New York are like, anti "touristy". But I'm like, "Who cares?" Bring on the touristy vibes! 

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P.S. Head over to Diedre's blog to get entered for next month's How We Wore It!

Sk8er Girl

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Dress / Shoes / Lipstick (My favorite shade for summer!)

On Sunday we headed over to The Met to shoot some product for Recks and Relle. I knew it wouldn't be busy, but I didn't think it would be completely empty! It was seriously a dream shooting there and not having tons of random people in the background lol! 

We shot product for about 30 minutes before we had to leave because of the CRAZIEST wind (pictured above). It was seriously impossible to shoot anything, so we left and then on the walk home it started raining while we had armfuls of clothes! Ha! Gotta love it.

Anyway, I have decided that skater dresses are my go to. I just bought 3 last week, and my "interview" dress is a skater as well. I just feel like they are more flattering on my body shape? Idk. I know a personal stylist and I want to have her dress me in a few different outfits so I know what looks best for my body shape!

Jake lol. I have started having him take pictures of me, instead of me taking pictures of him. I finally realized that he would rather be behind the camera instead of in front of it! But I still have to test my lighting ;) haha.

- - - - -

How We Wore It! At Last!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
I have been wanting to do the How We Wore It challenge/link up/whatever for so long haha. Today is the day! I didn't realize how awkward it would be to take photos of my actual outfit. I don't know how you fashion bloggers do it. If you have any posing tips, I am all ears.

Dress - hand me down from my amazing sister. Tights - Ebay forever ago. Shoes - I actually have a link for these (here) because I bought them today! Very obsessed so far. Oh, and I bought them very on sale ;)

This was the outfit inspiration picture from Elevate Everyday! It's funny because before I saw this picture, we went to H&M and I saw that skirt and was like, "I am going to come back and buy this with the gift card my mom gave me for Christmas!" And then I opened the email and bam. There it was haha.

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To sign up, go to Deidre's blog! It's selected randomly so don't feel bad if you don't get in the first time around!

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While we were walking down this street I was like, "Jake!! Look how pretty it is!" Then I realized that's probably how people feel about the mountains in Utah! It's funny how different people have different ideas of what they think is pretty. Probably so many people are snickering about how gross or ugly New York is but I really do think all the city views are gorgeous! Still can't believe we're living here haha.

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