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Staycation: Day 4

Saturday, June 3, 2017
Wow. It's been a hot second? Did you think I forgot about these posts? Cause I did lol. The school semester I am in is 7 weeks instead of 14. So every class period equals a week! We are two weeks in and I am already writing midterms. It's crazy! I am v happy with the program so far. I am the type of person who would rather do something really, really hard for a short period of time, than something moderately hard for a long period of time. Rip those band aids off!! Am I right?

Anyway, so on Thursday we went into New York City. We had a play that night, so we decided to stay overnight. When we got there it was already like SO. HOT. We walked the high line and it was nice. I also needed to get out of the heat ASAP because if you know anything about me, plz know I DO NOT DO WELL IN THE HEAT. 

They had some new artwork! This one of them? Maybe they have little performances here? Idk.

Disclaimer! This next part is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk!!

Ok so don't ask me how I know this: There is a movie called The Human Centipede where this scientist creates a human centipede by chopping people apart and putting them, er, into each other. I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE, OK! I am a big fan of horror and saw it and was discussing it with a friend. When my friend describe it to me, I was SEVERELY grossed out. Like, vomit everywhere. (Not really.)

Seeing this sculpture on the High Line I was like, AN ANIMAL CENTIPEDE?!?! I doubt that's what the artist was going for, but that's what my morbid/dark brain thinks of. Yikes!

Ah, now to clear our heads of any disturbing thoughts. Here we have some flowers. Focus on how pretty they are and forget what I said before!

They also replaced this huge wall! To be honest, I liked the old piece better. (See it here.) 

Can you guys see that Trump poster? One thing I like about this presidency is that it has shown us how resilient people are and how willing they are to fight for what they believe is right. 

So this is where they used to have the sleepwalking dude! (See post here for pics of him.) I thought they replaced it with a nose, but on the other end there are holes too, so maybe I'm wrong? This group of women made me so mad. Like can we not gather as a group to discuss our next move RIGHT NEXT TO THE PRIMARY ART PIECE?! Awareness, tourists, awareness.

After the High Line we got lunch at Chelsea Market, dropped our bags off at the hotel, took a nap, and went to dinner. We ate at Sweet Chick which is my FAVORITE RESTAURANT in New York City. They have vegetarian chicken and waffles and they are A+. I've talked before about what our last day on the East Coast is going to look like and let me tell you, breakfast at Jacob's Pickles and dinner at Sweet Chick. Over and out.

Then we went to our play! When I saw Amelie was coming to broadway I was like, "MOM WE MUST GO." I got some discount tickets through NYU (perks) and let me tell you, it was amazing! It was so cute and quirky, just like the movie! It's my favorite movie, btw. Not sure if I have mentioned that before. But anyway, I am glad we saw it because apparently it was only temporary? I'm not sure because I still see signs for it on the subway. Anyway, if it's still on (or comes back) 10/10 would recommend!

After the show we went to Sugar Factory. Yes, this drink was $35. BUT I feel like it's something you have to do at least once in your life! (Also you could easily share with multiple people. It's huge.) When they poured the drink over the dry ice people were stopping in the window to take pictures of it lol. J was so jealous! He wants to try one of these and one of the milkshakes from Black Tap.

This was our cute hotel room! We stayed at Row NYC. It was pretty cute. The concierge upgraded us to a room with two queens, and he was so nice about it! Definitely made our day! The hotel is also like, in the same building as Sugar Factory. So, if you are going to New York and plan on seeing broadway plays every night, I would def recommend! 

If you're not planning on seeing shows, I would def recommend somewhere downtown! It's my favorite area of Manhattan. I'm probably biased since NYU, but I think Greenwich Village and East Village are the best neighborhoods, for sure!

All in all, Thursday was great and very hot! I am glad we survived. I most definitely took a shower that night and was super gross and sweaty. Tis the life out here on the East Coast! At least this summer we have a pool in our apartment complex to cool down in!

Last part of this staycation coming' at ya fresh tomorrow!

- - - - -