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Thursday, November 30, 2017

New York Festivities

Saturday we went into the city to do things! It was such nice weather omgggggg. Also we drove in which was SO NICE. Every time we drive into New York I have these like, overwhelming feelings of gratitude that I can drive into New York City in an hour haha.

Speaking of, I want to go to more cities in the U.S., because I really haven't been to that many. So like, I know I love visiting New York, but how do I know that I won't love like Chicago, Seattle, or Portland more? Ya know? I'm trying to view this stage of life (pre-kids) as super exploratory and just finding what city vibes most with me. 

We were going to eat at this barbecue place, but realized we wouldn't have enough time lol. I have this map of places I want to try, so I just whipped it out and we ended up walking over to some poke bowls! J is OBSESSED with these. He gave them a 10/10 (which NEVER happens lol). 

Tofu poke bowl! 

J's salmon and... something else poke bowl. It had avocado and was pretty good, I will admit. 

I always wear the same earrings, but I recently did a collaboration and got these cute shooting stars. I am obsessed! They go up your earlobe and idk why but I just really like the way that looks haha. Here's the link for them!

We saw Waitress. I thought Jason Mraz was SO GOOD! Like, he made that play for me haha. It was cool to see a singer acting. Ok wait also for my Mormon friends out there, do you remember The Single's Ward or Sons of Provo? K well that guy is in Waitress!!! I was dying! And he plays a total douche bag character haha. Anyway, I lovedddddd those cheesy Mormon movies when I was little but literally haven't even thought about them in years. 

How cute are these little pies?? I was hoping they would sell pie for treats haha. 

Ok so you guys know how I was vegetarian for 7 years? Ok well now I eat mostly vegetarian, but mainly I just say "I eat what I want" whenever people ask. So like if I want a hamburger I eat it type of thing. But as a general rule I tend to lean more toward vegetarian foods just because it's what I am used to and like the most.

ANYWAY. So we went to The Smith for dinner and nothing was really looking good except for a steak, which is so weird because I have never been a steak person lol. So, needless to say I ate my first steak in like 8 years hahaha. To be honest, it wasn't what I remembered it as. Oh, and it was a filet mignon, which might mean something to meat eaters? I think it was weird because I have only ever eaten steak with A1 sauce, and this just had butter. So I think if I could have drenched it in sauce it would have been more on my level. But anyway! It was fun to try it out haha. 

They had this Mac-n-cheese appetizer that was SO GOOD. To be honest I would get it as a main next time I go haha. 

Oh yes, here we are. The steak in all it's glory! I am now remembering that it was really... soft?? If that's a thing. Which I liked. 

Look how cute this street was!!!! I don't know who did this or why, but it was MAGICAL! I didn't take a photo the first time we passed and instantly regretted it. Luckily we passed it again haha. See, these are the types of photos you can only get if you have other people with you! A stranger would have never risked their life standing in the middle of the road in midtown to get this picture haha.

Anyway, it was a fun day! I love living close to a major city and am literally planning my life to keep it that way haha. New York during Christmastime is the most magical place in all the land. They are lighting the tree at the Rockefeller tonight and I can't decide if I should go or not. I am already here for school so it would be easy to just stay a few hours later, but idk! Let me know what you vote I do haha. 

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trying The "Best Bagel In New York City"

Ok, so a while back I posted about some bagels I had eaten in New York and said they were the best. Shortly after, someone commented letting me know that the bagels I had posted about were in fact, NOT the best bagels in New York.

So, me being the person I am, added the "true" best bagel place to my NYC food list and moved on. Then, last week I had a photoshoot very early in the morning and had an hour or two to kill before school started. So, I figured what better way to spend that time other than trying the true best bagel in New York City and then walking 30 blocks to school?

So, without further ado, I give you... a lot of photos of New York in the morning and one picture of a bagel. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

First Day Of School

Guys! I had my first day of school on Wednesday! I wish I could say it's my last first day of school, but alas. Only second to last. Anyway, the night before I looked up the train schedule and saw it was leaving at 7:09. So, J and I hopped in the car and got to the train station at 7:05. There was a train there with the doors closing. I was like, "What train is that?? No way it's the 7:09." We decided it was probably a local bound train. But no. YOU GUYS. It was MY TRAIN! Like what kind of public transportation comes EARLY? I mean if you are a train that's early, sit there for five minutes for heaven's sake!! So, I got on a later train. I have slight social anxiety with some things, and the thought of walking in late to my first class on the first day was like NO THANKS. So I kept debating whether or not I should go. I finally decided to just be an adult and do it, so I got on the next train. It was a really pretty ride with all the fog.
Ok, so then I got there and I was about 30 minutes late. The whole class is 2 hours, so I figured I could still get a lot if I went in. IT WAS SO HARD. But literally I just kept going thinking "What's the worst that can happen?" Well, I walked in the class and the only seat was in the front. When I sat down the professor asked me what my name was and then asked if I was ok hahahaha. I was like, "Yeah my train was just late." But like, why you gotta ask if I am ok bro? People are just late sometimes!! Ughhhhh.
It was nice to be back in the city! New York is the prettiest city I kidddddddd you not. I hate living there but LOVE being able to train in. I haven't spent the fall there yet, and I'm excited to explore this year!
As is typical for my life, I missed the train by THREE MINUTES. so I got home about 20 minutes later than I would have otherwise. SMH. But I gotta tell ya, living closer to the city than last year is so nice! I get home at 8:00 instead of 10:00! Moving FTW.

- - - - -

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


GUYS. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS FRUITY PEBBLE CROISSANT FROM UNION FARE. I don't know how I lived without it in my life for so long. Needless to say, I got it three weeks in a row while in the city for school. Also, they have other flavors like birthday cake, cookies and creme, and matcha.


- - - - -

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

New Yorkkkkkk

A part of me feels like I already blogged about this?? But maybe I just posted it on a different social media lulz. 

So on Saturday I found a SCREAMIN' DEAL on Craigslist in the city. So we drove down and took a route with no tolls. It took us ONE HOUR (and like five minutes or something). I'm like, what is this dream that is my life where I can drive to New York City in an hour? 

I always say this, but I don't know why we don't go to the city more. If you park via Spot Hero it's like, $10-$15. Which is totally not that bad. I want to start going down there once a month! I go in weekly for school as you so know (it takes longer to get there on the train) and I really love trying new foods and exploring on my breaks. But I'm not going to like, hit up a sit down restaurant on my own, ya feel? So it would be nice to go in with J on a Saturday or something. 

Also! This is our old apartment! Remember the tour from here? I actually really loved it and thought it was the cutest thing. 

Our windows weren't any of these you can see, but our door was right next to EJ's Luncheonette. Which is also the cutest because our couple initials are E and J. It was just meant to be probably. 

Since we were on the upper east side anyway, we decided to drop by the best place of all time: PICK A BAGEL. I kid you not THESE BAGELS. They are sooo good and moist (had to spell check this b/c my computer kept auto correcting it to moose? lol) and soft and just the best ever. 

ALSO the black and white cookies are THE BEST IN ALL OF NEW YORK CITY.  I promise. Wait I have a pic of them, one second...

HERE! How yum, right?!

I always get an everything bagel with cream cheese. J got plain with loxs cream cheese and liked it. I had to lol b/c when we first moved to New York he saw loxs cream cheese and was like THE F?! But now he is a fan. 

Here's our little table all set up! After FOUR YEARS of being married we finally have a proper kitchen table! The chairs and table are from Target and were prob like $300 or more originally, but we got it all for $70! I am so proud of myself for finding this deal, you guys. 

Oh also we live near a Trader Joe's so we always get the $4 flowers haha. It's like $8 per month to have fresh flowers? I'm like DEAL. 

Our first breakfast on our new table! It's also nice to have a table because Tucker is cray. I don't mind eating on the floor though and actually still have been eating on the couch haha. But it's nice to have a table for our more formal dinners together! 

- - - - -

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Staycation: Day 4

Wow. It's been a hot second? Did you think I forgot about these posts? Cause I did lol. The school semester I am in is 7 weeks instead of 14. So every class period equals a week! We are two weeks in and I am already writing midterms. It's crazy! I am v happy with the program so far. I am the type of person who would rather do something really, really hard for a short period of time, than something moderately hard for a long period of time. Rip those band aids off!! Am I right?

Anyway, so on Thursday we went into New York City. We had a play that night, so we decided to stay overnight. When we got there it was already like SO. HOT. We walked the high line and it was nice. I also needed to get out of the heat ASAP because if you know anything about me, plz know I DO NOT DO WELL IN THE HEAT. 

They had some new artwork! This one of them? Maybe they have little performances here? Idk.

Disclaimer! This next part is not for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk!!

Ok so don't ask me how I know this: There is a movie called The Human Centipede where this scientist creates a human centipede by chopping people apart and putting them, er, into each other. I HAVE NOT SEEN THIS MOVIE, OK! I am a big fan of horror and saw it and was discussing it with a friend. When my friend describe it to me, I was SEVERELY grossed out. Like, vomit everywhere. (Not really.)

Seeing this sculpture on the High Line I was like, AN ANIMAL CENTIPEDE?!?! I doubt that's what the artist was going for, but that's what my morbid/dark brain thinks of. Yikes!

Ah, now to clear our heads of any disturbing thoughts. Here we have some flowers. Focus on how pretty they are and forget what I said before!

They also replaced this huge wall! To be honest, I liked the old piece better. (See it here.) 

Can you guys see that Trump poster? One thing I like about this presidency is that it has shown us how resilient people are and how willing they are to fight for what they believe is right. 

So this is where they used to have the sleepwalking dude! (See post here for pics of him.) I thought they replaced it with a nose, but on the other end there are holes too, so maybe I'm wrong? This group of women made me so mad. Like can we not gather as a group to discuss our next move RIGHT NEXT TO THE PRIMARY ART PIECE?! Awareness, tourists, awareness.

After the High Line we got lunch at Chelsea Market, dropped our bags off at the hotel, took a nap, and went to dinner. We ate at Sweet Chick which is my FAVORITE RESTAURANT in New York City. They have vegetarian chicken and waffles and they are A+. I've talked before about what our last day on the East Coast is going to look like and let me tell you, breakfast at Jacob's Pickles and dinner at Sweet Chick. Over and out.

Then we went to our play! When I saw Amelie was coming to broadway I was like, "MOM WE MUST GO." I got some discount tickets through NYU (perks) and let me tell you, it was amazing! It was so cute and quirky, just like the movie! It's my favorite movie, btw. Not sure if I have mentioned that before. But anyway, I am glad we saw it because apparently it was only temporary? I'm not sure because I still see signs for it on the subway. Anyway, if it's still on (or comes back) 10/10 would recommend!

After the show we went to Sugar Factory. Yes, this drink was $35. BUT I feel like it's something you have to do at least once in your life! (Also you could easily share with multiple people. It's huge.) When they poured the drink over the dry ice people were stopping in the window to take pictures of it lol. J was so jealous! He wants to try one of these and one of the milkshakes from Black Tap.

This was our cute hotel room! We stayed at Row NYC. It was pretty cute. The concierge upgraded us to a room with two queens, and he was so nice about it! Definitely made our day! The hotel is also like, in the same building as Sugar Factory. So, if you are going to New York and plan on seeing broadway plays every night, I would def recommend! 

If you're not planning on seeing shows, I would def recommend somewhere downtown! It's my favorite area of Manhattan. I'm probably biased since NYU, but I think Greenwich Village and East Village are the best neighborhoods, for sure!

All in all, Thursday was great and very hot! I am glad we survived. I most definitely took a shower that night and was super gross and sweaty. Tis the life out here on the East Coast! At least this summer we have a pool in our apartment complex to cool down in!

Last part of this staycation coming' at ya fresh tomorrow!

- - - - -