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Thanksgiving Festivities

Tuesday, November 28, 2017
Helloooooooo! So I can't start this post without writing to my future self about what happened with the Thanksgiving fundraiser this year. Basically I had this super cool idea for a fundraiser to support the Pine Ridge reservation but it didn't end up happening for various reasons. I couldn't get a hold of someone at Instagram to get my idea pre-approved, and didn't want to risk it getting shut down for violating any rules. I also couldn't get in touch with an agency on the reservation until a few days before I wanted to start. So I'm bummed it didn't happen, but it just means there is lots of time to prepare for next year!

So this year for Thanksgiving J's parents and sister came out to visit us. We started with breakfast at Caffe Social in Norwalk which was actually so good!! They had all these fun flavors of hot chocolate. I got Nutella and loved it! I don't think I've ever had Nutella hot chocolate I haven't liked. 

The classic eggs benedict was really good! I get mine with the yolk cooked all the way through because I hateeeeeeee runny yolks. Anyway, the restaurant was so cute too. It was v hip and modern and reminded me of 100% of restaurants in Utah lol. So! Needless to say I would definitely recommend it if you ever find yourself in little Norwalk, Connecticut lol. 

After breakfast we went to Jenning's Beach and drove around looking at all the houses. I LOVE driving around and looking at houses. It is so weirdly calming to me? I don't know why.

You can't see it in this picture, but there is a dog running around at our feet lol. I am kind of bummed the girl taking it didn't get our full bodies in the frame, because it would have been funny with that random dog lol.

J's face in this makes me lol. It was nice having people who were with us while we were out and about to take photos of both of us together! I love traveling with other people for that reason too lol. I always get scared to tell strangers to retake photos if they are blurry #socialanxiety

The sun was so bright lol. I usually just look away and shoot in direct sunlight, but I would like to experiment with backlit a little bit more in the future! If you have tips for shooting backlit, let me know!

How cute are these boats?? This is like... the most classic New England photo we have from our time out here, I think. One to show the kids, for sure.

We ate Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant called Fire At The Ridge. I can't comment on it because I don't like Thanksgiving food in general, but J said it was good! They had some blueberry cheesecake that I was very on board for. 

Then we went and saw The Avengers! It was pretty much what I expected. Ben Stiller as Batman was... interesting? I get so hung up on the same people being the same things, so it's always weird for me to watch like a Spiderman or Batman or whatever when they have different actors. I just want them to keep the same people, gosh dangit!

Pink sweater is from here. Grid jacket from here

P.S. My friend is reading this post right now and lol-ing because I 100% meant to say Justice League... shows how much I know about superhero movies lol. Also Ben Affleck... not Ben Stiller. I am keeping it all up there though because this made me laugh at how dumb I am haha. 

Happy Halloween From Candace And Toni!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

When My Life Was Actual Gilmore Girls

Monday, May 29, 2017
Most of my days spent in Connecticut are just days spent in Connecticut. Today, though, my day in Connecticut was actually 100% straight from an episode of Gilmore Girls, I SWEAR TO YOU.

So a friend at our church invited us to come this "traditional New England parade". A drum group played drums and then we all followed them and marched to a cemetery where they read off a list of names of veterans who had been buried there. It was really cool and interactive! 

It was a really fun and respectful thing to on Memorial Day. History is a really big thing over here! It's the only part about Gilmore Girls that I think is accurate haha. I kept thinking of all the town celebrations they have in Gilmore Girls. The town we live in doesn't ever have any, so it was neat to go somewhere that did. If you want a very traditional New England/Connecticut/Gilmore Girls experience, go to Stony Creek!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day!

- - - - -

Valentine's Day Adventure

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Ugh I need to get back to using this blog as a journal. To be honest, life is pretty boring out here in Connecticut. We just got to work (J) and school (me) and then come home lol. But, there are little details I want to remember every once a while!

So yesterday was Valentine's Day and honestly I didn't make any plans. Sometimes I feel like there are so many holidays to make a big deal over, and while we are on a grad student budget I'm not crazy about spending a ton of money on every single holiday. So, I was just planning on like doing a normal day. But, then J said he had something planned.

So on Tuesdays we leave the house at 6:00am. I take the train into New York while J goes to work. He gets home a little bit earlier than me and then picks me up from the train station at 9:00pm. So I was like WTF are we doing at 9:00pm at night??

But he was so cute and was waiting for me at the train station. He got out of the car as soon as he saw me come down the stairs and gave me some roses. He had some Reese's minis in a heart waiting for me on the car seat (which is the true key to my heart) and a card! QT.

Then we went to Center Street Social in Shelton, Connecticut for dinner! There honestly aren't a lot of food places around us here hahaha.

 So this is one we had found a while ago that we wanted to try, but thought it was expensive?? Ok well pro tip if you are ever in Shelton, Connecticut (which will most likely never happen unless you are doing a Gilmore Girl's tour or something lol) GO ON TUESDAYS. They have taco Tuesday with $2 tacos and nachos.

This was the main thing I wanted - the Bavarian pretzel. It came with honey mustard and jalepeno cheese and I couldn't even finish half of it. IT WAS SOOOO GOOD. Also it was like 12 inches across, so yeah. Huge.


These tacos were $2 a piece. Jake couldn't even eat 3. We are now wondering why we don't go there more, because even with paying a waiter our whole meal would still be under $20 if we did nachos and tacos lol. 

Then we went home and immediately went to bed! In other news, I have recently heard our neighbor coughing while we are laying in bed and I'm like "!?!?!?!?!?" Like J and I do a lot of pillow talk at night and I'm just wondering if this guy is over there listening to every. single. word. hahahaha. We haven't met him except for when our building fire alarm went off at 2:00 am on. Sunday morning and we all evacuated and he was leaving his apartment the same time we were. I hope to never meet him because I do not even want to KNOW what he has heard us talk about hahahaha.

I hope you all had a happy Valentine's Day! My mom did the cutest lil' tradition for us when we were kids where she had a Valentine's dinner and wrote us a riddle about where in the house our gift was hidden. The gifts were just little $20 things, but it was so cute and I can't wait to do that for my babies when I have them in 50 years lol.

Anyway, hap V day!

- - - - -

Christmas In New York City!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
This weekend we went into New York City to see all the Christmas things! I feel like SO. MANY. MOVIES. take place in New York at Christmastime. This was our first time back there since the summer and it felt GOOD to be able to walk around without dripping sweat lol. I probably wouldn't go back to New York in the summer again to be honest!

(Oh, and a little tip, if you use the app Spot Hero, you can find parking in Manhattan for like $12 a day. We always thought parking was like $60 and that we had to take the train which is like $30 round trip per person, but noooo! Our whole day in New York was done for around $50! Idk about you guys but we are pretty frugal (#studentlife) so this is like, the best discovery we have ever made. Bring on the New York weekend trips!!

I miss these pretty streets! I seriously think it's prettier than anything in the world.

It was so fun to see everyone's Christmas cuteness. I am happy that there is no grinch going around like, ruining it for everyone else. You would think that in a city that big there would be some jerk who would cut the Christmas lights or something lol.

I have been experimenting with different shutter speeds and I really love the blurry look. 

The window displays were seriously amazing. The windows at Bergdorf Goodman were our fave. I lol at these little green apes. I want one!

Blair Waldorf? You in there?!

How cute is that candy door frame?! 

We walked into Saks and it was SO PRETTY. Can you imagine working here every day? I mean I'm sure you would get annoyed of customers, but how freaking pretty is that ceiling?!

The Rockefeller Center was crazy crowded! But look how pretty and tall that Christmas tree is omg. Does anyone know how they get it there? Like I am so confused.

We stopped in for some hot chocolate at Gregory's Coffee. (Side note: We found a Dean and Deluca on Google Maps, but it has since been shut down and they are turning it into a By Chloe!! Like it sucks that it wasn't there, but I am excited that all the people in that area are getting a By Chloe! It's seriously the yummiest place.)

Jake didn't like the hot chocolate here lol. He seriously like only likes Swiss Mix and I'm like ????? But it was so good and creamy! It kind of tasted like it had coconut in it or something too which was delish.

We went to the Union Square holiday market! It was so cute! There were some pretty cool booth too. Right after we took this picture we heard dogs barking and were like, "THERE ARE DOGS NEAR." There was a dog park like right above this, so we went and watched the dogs for easily 10 minutes lol. There was this super cute black dog that looked exactly like my friend Jovanna's dog except in black! Any ideas what it could be?!

We went and found my school! It was cool to see what's around it. I don't know why we never did this when we lived there this summer? But whatever lol. The door was locked so I just peeked in. It made me so excited to start school! I don't know how many semesters I'll take in the NYC campus (I have 5) but I am excited to do my first semester there. It will be fun to get to go into New York once a week and get some food and just explore.

Washington Square was like super empty and it was so weird lol. Especially after being in huge crowds at Union Square and on 5th Avenue.

I was hoping to get a good photo for our Christmas photo this year, but I feel like we look too casual haha. But also the sun sets at 4:30pm and we leave for Tokyo on Friday... So this is probably the best I am going to get before Christmas this year!

For dinner we went to San Marzano in East Village. The portions are small, but also only $9. I got the pear and gorgonzola ravioli and it was SO GOOD. Jake said if we went back he would get my dish lol. 

We went home after that! It's fun to be able to experience New York but also live in the suburbs and have a car! Gosh especially now knowing that parking isn't like $60 I feel like we will be doing it more! 

- - - - -

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