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A Happy List: 157

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The name Felicia.
The slang in Awkward.
Getting back into running.
Coming home to a clean apartment.
Washington Square park in the spring.
The rosemary and currant scone from Oren's.
Finding cheesecake at Aldi (my least favorite place ever).
I spilled eucalyptus essential oil in my car and it smells so good now. 
Listening to the radio for the first time in literal years and "Lose Yourself" by Eminem came on. 
Complained about having to wake up early to fill my car up with gas and J went out that night and filled it up.

- - - - -

J: "I technically ate paintballs all the time."

J ran up the stairs while making a whooshing sound. Then he said, "Em, sometimes I have to verbally express how fast I'm going."

I told J about this app where you set a timer so you can focus better. If you don't exit out of the app before the time runs out, it will grow a tree for you. Once you have so many trees you can exchange them for a real tree to be planted. It's really cool. It's called Forest. Anyway, he downloaded it while he was studying and then came down and said, "Em! Look!! My tree growed!"

- - - - -

A Happy List: 156

Monday, April 3, 2017

Costco chicken bakes OMG.
This tweet and Riley's response LOL! 😂
Donald Trump's speeches turned into an emo song.
Hearing someone pronounce tartar like "tar tar" instead of "tarter" lol.
Cutting our heating bill down by $40 by keeping it at 68 and opening the blinds.
This cool app that plants real trees in the world if you don't use you phone for a set amount of time. 
Got my first bra since my reduction. It makes them look normal! (I have what looks like slight symmastia without it.)

- - - - -

So I got these cool water balls that like grow when you add water. They don't really have a name or a purpose, they're just like a cool thing. They have led to lots of laughs lol.
J: "These balls are getting tiny!"
Me: "Did you see my balls are shrinking?"

Right now I'm working in eating disorders. I've learned a lot of really good things about body image, food, and the way society handles things. I was telling J the other day how people will be like, "Being naughty and having a cupcake!" and it's like, why is that naughty?? You can have a cupcake if you want? Anyway, then J was scrolling through Instagram and saw someone had posted a picture of food  they "shouldn't have eaten" and he was like, "Em, look! Food shaming! Food shaming!!!!" Lol I'm teaching him well! 😂

Overheard at school: "Do color blind people see skin color?"


Monday, March 27, 2017
HIIIIIII. It's been a hot minute. Life has been good, just busy and blogging isn't really on my top priority list! I do have lots of pictures to post, but just need to find the time!

- - - - -
Meeting up with my friend Leah in New York!
Seeing new posters put up in the subway station.
Finding a good new "picnic spot" at the beach in Milford.
Getting a 93% on a midterm for a class I am way scared of.
Running full speed with a hoard of business men to catch the 6:53 train.
Seeing an old woman feeding squirrels peanuts at Washington Square park.
This YouTube video of a girl getting laser hair removal on her vagina hahahaha.
Getting another Christmas package late! I love it, it's like Christmas keeps going.
Found a good hair salon in CT! Go to their first post on Instagram to see what I am getting done (eventually).

- - - - - -

(Talking about the Vampire Diaries.)
Me: I'm team Damon, not even because of looks though but
J: Em!!! Totes because of looks though!!! Let's just get this one out of the bag.

(I was talking to my mom. She was complaining about how long it took her to change all of her clocks for daylight savings time.)
Me: Is that too many clocks to have then???
My mom: No!!!! I want more!! I want a clock wall!!
Me: Are you sure??
My mom: People like things!! I like clocks!!

My mom: I have a suggestion for you. You may not like it.
Me: Are you sure you want to tell me?
My mom: I have to because it's ruining my life.

Me: Are you ready for tomorrow?
J: Em. I'm so frickin prepared it's sad.

J: I would say, "Em, can you put it on the thing for me? But you probably literally don't have arms long enough." 

J: Throwin' that sass right back! I would call you Sasquatch.

J: After you put it on your YouTube I'll put it on mine! Don't worry, I'll give you totes creds!

Me: I just don't like eating Little Caesar's like... every week.
J: Yeah, I agree... well... I agree that you don't like eating it.

J and I were talking about what we would want the other person to do if they were on life support with no brain function. J had just finished telling me what he wanted, and then we pulled up to the pharmacy drive-thru and he requested my medication. Then he turned around to me and casually said, "What do you want?" referring to pulling the plug hahaha.

J pranked me into thinking he got a computer monitor that we don't have money for by using the stores credit card and paying it off for 6 months. We were lol-ing at how good of a prank it was because I was shaking afterwards from the rush of emotions.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 154

Monday, February 27, 2017

Planning our camping and weekend trips for the summer. (Weird to think it will be our last summer out here!)
Learning about Pay As You Earn and Income Based Loan repayment programs. (Hello freedom!)
Meal prepping and planning for the week! It will be nice to eat some quality food lol.
The Bachelor taking place in Finland! I am obsessed with Finland lol.
Getting a new photography website! Check it out here!
J calls Golden Girls "Golden Grandma's" lol.
Making the decision to get a second car.
Getting approved to start my internship.
Making unicorn hot chocolate.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 154

Monday, February 13, 2017

The nicest guy threw windshield wiper fluid on my windshield when the gas station's was frozen.
Starting to meal plan. I made squash and avocado tacos tonight and they were good!
Photographing the cutest products for Shanti Studios. Check her out!
Trixie survived her time in a kennel while my mom was in Hawaii!
Church being canceled from the most baby amount of snow haha.
Realizing I can make smoothie bowls in my food processor.
Getting all the classes I wanted for summer semester.
Freshly vacuumed carpet.
Riding the train.

- - - - -