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A Happy List: 150

Monday, January 16, 2017

Saving $500 by renting my textbooks instead of buying them.
People have been so nice helping me navigate NYU things.
Finding SO. MANY. GOOD. INDIE. FILMS. on Netflix. 
My nieces troll party lol. She had these cute macarons.
Finishing 2 of my Amelie watercolor paintings.
Going to a dinner party with friends.
Getting plants for our apartment.
Keeping a dream journal again.
IKEA's new chocolate bars.

- - - - -

I was complaining to my mom about how our apartment is not homey and has like one decoration. She was telling me it was decorated and cute, so I responded with 9 pictures of blank walls in our house. The next day we were talking on the phone and she was like, "Em??? Sounds like you're echoing?! You must not have anything on your walls!!!"

Not gonna lie, this week has been hard. I feel like a dog in a kennel most days. It will be good to get an internship and go back to school! Stay at home life is NOT for me haha.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 149

Monday, January 9, 2017

We drove into our building, parked, got our stuff, and walked to the door. Then realized we were on the wrong floor lol.
J surprised me with a donut cake and presents and sang happy birthday (since the Tokyo birthday was  sad lol).
The guy who wrote the "Utah: Lifestyle Porn Capitol" had a website crash because of all the traffic lol.
Our vacuum roller had a ton of hair in it. So I took the whole thing apart and fixed that ish BY MYSELF.
We were watching Four Christmases and J though Kristin Chenoweth was Mindy Khaling in makeup. 
The new snickerdoodle hot chocolate at Starbuck's.
Visiting the non-NYC campus of NYU.
Our winter picnic in the car.
Getting so much snow!
Getting gold flatware.

- - - - -

J: "Whoever designed Connecticut was an idiot." (The roads and freeways here are twisty and weird lol.)

J was overclocking his computer. I was sitting on his lap and saying hello and he said, "If you're not careful, you might get overclocked too." 

J telling me why he likes corgis: "They're short, but portly."

I was asking J what he likes to do for fun. He was telling me about how much he loves go carts and said, "I would like, verbally smile."

- - - - -

A Happy List: 148

Monday, January 2, 2017

Learning about Snowden haha. I should know this by now, but seriously such a cool story.
Fitting into an xs small dress for the first time in my life. My smaller boobs are amazing.
Discovering there are Australian shepherds that look like Bernese Mountain dogs.
Making some IRL friends! They are photography friends too yay!
Doing 1 week of BBG without cutting corners or skipping things.
Seeing an old guy at the mall pound on chest like a Gorilla.
Sitting in a steamy bathroom while the shower is running.
Eating Marshmallow Santas, my favorite food.
Lemonade Vitamin Water heated up omg <3
The red sauce from Panda Express.

- - - - -

My mom: "So you got fired twice by the same people?!"

I was wearing stripes and J said, "Oh! Cute stripes! I'm gonna call you stripes!"
Me a few seconds later: "UGH! Our duvet is so uneven it's freaking irritating."
J quietly: "Sorry stripes."

J: "You're my sick little bb."
Then, a few seconds later: "Would it be hot for you if I was like, a male nurse?"

J pranked me. He and I were walking to the gym and I was telling him about photography business ideas. After a minute of talking he motioned to his earphones like he couldn't hear me and for a second I was so appalled until he bust up laughing haha.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 147

Monday, December 26, 2016

Figuring out that fructose is what has been making me sick after like a year of seemingly random issues.
J putting his hands all the way through the train hand holders, like he was in jail.
The feeling of the layer of bubbles in a bath from underneath.
J said he has been planning on getting us a dog this summer!
When a guy's backpack got stuck in a closing train door lol.
Getting back into working out and starting BBG again ugh.
Recreating Olive Garden's salad soooo well.
The heated toilet seat at our hotel in Japan.
Eating a lil' hamburger from McDonald's.
Seeing the sunrise from our hotel room.

- - - - -

J telling me about the bidet: "I remember the first few times I did it, I felt violated."

J still telling me about bidets: "Wiping is so last year."

Me when it was time to check in for our flights: "I checked you in cuz baby."
J: "You checked me in?! Wait! You need to teach me how to do these things so I can be independent if you die."

J: "Do you see that baby right there? Same."

(Me and J always fake die. He did it while driving but kept his eyes open.)
Me: "Were you dead?!?!"
J: "I was sems dead."

J ranting about 2 lane freeways. "What are they, trying to preserve the bridge? Um, make the bridge bigger?"

- - - - -

Movies I watched this week. (This is A LOT because of our flights to and from Tokyo lol.)
Tarzan: It was ok, but not what I was expecting. That guy is freaking RIPPED though. Can I be him ya know?

Ghost Busters: I loved this. I thought it was very feminist in a non-obvious way. J didn't even notice that they were all women and no men, which I feel like is a good sign that they did it well.
Nerve: I thought this was so good! Also made me LOL because Staten Island hahahaha.

Anthropoid: This was good. I wasn't giving it my full attention and also it was weird to see The Scarecrow as someone else. But it was very good and inspiring!

The Intervention: I thought this would be dumb but I actually loved it in a weird way. There were some good one liners and some good indie characters. I also liked the underlying moral about not being in other people's business, because you've most likely got similar issues haha.

Ben Hur: My mom LOVES Ben Hur so I gave this a shot. I am not the biggest fan on movies that take place in an older time, so that might have lost me. But also just like WTF is going on in this whole movie? He tries to prove the other guy wrong by racing horses? Idk maybe that's wrong? Also Ancient Greece was just BRUTAL gosh. I hate when people talk about how bad the world is today, because HELLO! GLADIATORS USED TO BE A REAL THING.

The BFG: I read this book as a kid and had high hopes. I was really disappointed. I felt like it was every child's worst nightmare? Weird guy takes you from home and won't return you at your request? HELLO LET'S NOT. And then they become friends and all the (SPOILER ALERT) the bad giants get exiled to some crappy island? Like it just seemed mean and to be teaching children bad principles haha. I will not let my kids watch it. 

I.T.: I get what they were doing with this, but it just didn't turn out very well.

Don't Breathe: I actually wasn't expecting anything from this, because I had run out of movies to watch on the plane. It turned out to be SO GOOD!!!

- - - - -

Sorry I missed last week! I freaking HATE missing weeks for my happy lists, but I was traveling and the time difference was 14 hours (or something) and it was just a weird time. So, please forgive me.

I've got lots of Tokyo posts coming up!

- - - - -

A Happy List: 146

Monday, December 12, 2016

One of Jake's video games wouldn't let him play it until it installed an update. The update put sweaters on the chickens.
Finding a way to keep our Christmas tree watered while we are in Tokyo next week.
Baking our gingerbread houses this year! It's been fun to start our own traditions.
Steffy's Pros and Cons' baby. (Look at her Instagram story to see his hair lol.)
Hard work prevailing and getting a refund from a school I applied to.
Filling out my field placement forms for school.
The holiday energy in New York City right now.

Seeing two Bernese Mountain dogs in person.
Finally catching up on my Bloglovin' feed.
Little kids with Irish accents.

- - - - -

We were at the dog part in New York City looking at people's dogs. (The funnest thing to do to kill some time, btw.) There was a Great Pyrenees and a Bernese Mountain dog standing right next to each other. (Click here to see what they look like before reading on.) 

Jake had never seen a Great Pyrenees before. He said, "What kind of dog is that?!" 

I said, "It's a Great Pyrenees."

He said, "What if they're the same and one just came out white?"


Ok also while we were in New York everyone was dressed up as Santa. It was the WEIRDEST thing. We were trying to figure out what could be going on and Jake said, "What if it's a social movement?"

I said, "No way!"

Jake said, "No, you know how there are all these social movements? Planking, dressing up as clowns, now Santa Clausing. Kids are like, 'Let's go out and do Santas' probably."

- - - - -

New shows and movies we found:

The Fall: It's a lot different than I thought it would be, but it's a really good t.v. show! Dana Scully from The X-Files is in it and has a British accent... it sort of throws me off lol, but she does so well in it.

American Crime: We finished the whole first season in a week and now are on to season 2! They bring up some really good social issues and make you think. There are also so many characters to hate and love lol.

A Christmas Horror Story: I thought this was going to be like a Krampus type thing, but it was actually just horrible and we turned it off.

Stranger Things: J had seen this before, but I hadn't. I watched the whole thing in one day (that work from home life tho) and thought it was super cool! I am really confused about the ending though, so if you know what it means plz text/email me.