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A Happy List: 140

Monday, October 31, 2016

The asiago cheese bagel sandwiches at American Fork Hospital
There is a new Beans and Brews right by my mom's house
Meeting an overweight Chihuahua named Marsha
Getting good medical news! Will announce later
My 1 1/2 year old niece's cat eye makeup
Doing a shoot with Kaitlyn and Sarah
How friendly people in Utah are
Finding a new "picnic spot"
My mom's bathrobe
Swaddling Trixie

- - - - -

A Happy List: 139

Monday, October 24, 2016
My Trumpkin is getting gross and caved in lol. In other news, if you have any interest in this election, definitely go watch Black Mirror, the Waldo episode! I think there are a lot of similarities to Trump's presidency in it.
Every Friday Jake's work has 'Bring your dog to work day'. Every Friday Jake sends me pictures of dogs.
This punk skater couple I follow are going to have a baby. I'm excited to see it! I love skater babies.
Jake went all the way to this out of the way grocery store and bought me Halo Top ice cream!
Cody and Lexy videos. They edit them with funny sound effects that make me lol.
The religious aspect to Supernatural. It's apocalyptic and so cool.
Finally figuring out how to keep my basil plant alive.
The smell of McDonald's hamburgers (weirdly).
Preparing for our trip to Japan!
Trixie's Halloween costume.
Apple cinnamon scones. 
Running on a treadmill.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 138

Monday, October 17, 2016
I made a Trumpkin lol. Something truly scary.

We found all these cool stick shelters in the forest, I'll put the footage of them in my weekend video, but they were definitely like witch-crafty.
Jake gave me a back rub with a guided meditation haha. It was all over the place.
I got booked for a couple's shoot! It's the first since we moved to the east coast!
Jake cleaned out my pumpkin for me because he knows I hate the goop.
We are going on a SUPER fun trip in December and it just got booked!
Chrissy Tegan and John Legends baby, it's so cute OMGz.
We found the cutest little coffee shop in New Haven!
The everything bagels from Trader Joe's bakery.
The fall foliage in Connecticut is to die for!
Planning my school schedule!

- - - - -

Here's some funny things people said this week:

We watched the hotel series of American Horror Story the past few weeks. One night Jake said, "You never know what the Gaga's going to be up to."

We were talking about what to name our future daughter (We have 1 name and that's it!) and Jake said, "I've honestly never liked the name Regina." Like he has know tons of girls with the name hahaha. 

We were in the drive thru and I forgot to order something after we had started pulling away. I told Jake to just forget it, but he was like, "Em!!!! Dreams come true when you're in the car with me!" and reversed lol.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 137

Monday, October 10, 2016
We always go to breakfast at this place called Donut Crazy (they have good egg sandwiches and hot chocolate) and Saturday we found a really pretty picnic spot close by it. Needless to say we will be breakfasting here from now on. 

Fall is just starting to hit Connecticut and I'm SO EXCITED. I feel like New England does fall better than anywhere else.
I ordered this rug for our living room. I think it is the cutest thing and am so excited to get some color in our place!
Jake notices like, the littlest things. Like if I have wiped down a counter or mopped. It makes me lol.
We finally got a step-up-lid trash can and it has already changed my life, just like I knew it would.
I finally made a consultation with a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction!
Finalizing my food plans for my trip to Utah.
Figuring out dairy doesn't make me sick.
Beagle's little roos when they bark.
Rewatching trip videos.

- - - - - -

Jake to the dog we were babysitting: "How would you like it if I peed in your crate?!?!"

- - - - -

A Happy List: 136 + Anxiety Confessions

Monday, October 3, 2016
Do you guys like my Jorden Keith-esque editing? I am convinced that all photographers have constant editing crisises BUT THAT'S ALL IN THE FUN RIGHT. (Said sarcastically.) Anyway, I have come to a partial peace that I always love moody editing when other people do it, but I'm not the biggest fan when I myself do it. Whatever. We're moving on.

Having our first LDS conference weekend in our own home! Here's the thing about living in the same state as all your friends and family: Basically all of our holidays were spent at someone else home because someone was always hosting something! I am a total home body and my biggest stress was figuring out how to balance being polite and going to people's stuff, but also paying attention to my own needs/wants. Anyway, it gave me the worst worst worst anxiety because there was always so much going on and I always felt like everyone was looking at me to make a decision. And I never made the right one, really. Because I was either turning someone down to do what I wanted, or I was accepting someone's offer and not doing what I wanted. UGH THE STRESS. Totally gives me anxiety even talking about it for real. Anyway, this weekend was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. because there was zero stress with all of that. We got to be in our own home, guilt free! And I got to make like three new recipes. yay!

Jake brought me home this chocolate that looked like a mountain from Ukraine and it was v delish.

The feeling of knowing our kitchen is fully stocked for delicious meals all week long.

When the golden retriever we were babysitting would lay her head on my chest.

Jake gave me another full body amazing massage. Salon quality, yo.

I made the BEST pumpkin curry. I am obsessed with it.

I got another job editing photos for a photographer. 

Officially moving past pre-training in BBG.

The way Jesse talks in Breaking Bad.

My mom's Snapchats of Trixie.

- - - - -