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Wednesday, June 26, 2019

A Happy List: 187

Seeing a guy taking pictures of sanitary pads, no doubt to send to his girlfriend/wife and confirm he is buying the right kind. 

Seeing two army guys in uniform eating Five Guys.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

A Happy List: 186

Seeing a mop dog.

Seeing a woman with a bunch of dogs at the dog park. She reminded me of a preschool teacher taking her kids out in public haha. Calling after all of them to stay with the group. It was the best thing.

Monday, December 17, 2018

A Happy List: 185

Lol I haven't done a happy list since July... which is right after I moved to Utah 😂 You guys know I struggle here! Anyway, I have been writing things down, just not consistently. So this is basically a happy list compilation of random stuff I have taken note of the past few months. 

I do want to get back into these, but I'm not making any promises!

Monday, July 2, 2018

A Happy List: 184

I actually didn't keep track of any of the "little" things this week, so I'll just use this as an update of general things making me happy!


We moved into our house this weekend! So far we are really liking it. I am excited to update all of our furniture and get everything organized. I am also loving being so close to Salt Lake! And weirdly excited to get like patio furniture and roast marshmallows in the backyard haha. 

I went to my first book club yesterday and it was so fun! We read Orphan Train which I would DEFINITELY recommend! It's such a horrifying piece of history. Like people actually put orphans on trains and then let random people take them home and use them for labor?? WHAT! 

I got a really good idea for some art! I am excited to make it and extra happy that I haven't started work full-time yet (just part-time right now) so I have the time to do so!

We have moved most everything I own out of my mom's house and into ours, and it feels so nice knowing all of my stuff is in one place.

- - - - -

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Happy List

So I have been keeping happy lists in my phone for the past month or so instead of on here! So, here's a happy list dump!


How immediately dogs get up to follow you when you leave the room. 

My mom and I went to Little Caesar's and she ordered an "extra moist pizza" instead of the "extra cheese pizza" lol. We had already been through the drive-thru 10 minutes before to get a gift card, so the second time around when we were leaving, she said to the drive-thru employee with a big smile on her face "we won't come back again!" and the kid was so confused. 

There is a bakery outlet by my house that says "we are more than just bread." on it's street sign.

One day I slept in until noon, which was really unusual. I went into the bathroom and when I came out saw Tucker was waiting for me, laying right against the door and very concerned with my change of schedule haha. 

I was trying to apply to NEDA (the National Eating Disorder Association) and accidentally paid $50 to apply to NEDA (the Northeast Economic Development Association) haha. They did give me a refund though. 

J: "This song is definitely mood AF."

A woman at the grocery store let me go first because I had less items than she did. 

My total at the grocery store was $10 even.

Seeing an ant. 

We were out to eat and I said to J, "We could share one and if you like it you could go get another one?" and J said, "Yeah. Or I could always go to Taco Bell after if I'm still hungry."

A girl at CVS complimented my glasses. 

I saw a girl with a crop top that said, "bitch relax". 

A lady on the train complimented my jacket. 

Seeing a girl check her makeup in a Snapchat while walking. 

Someone walked in the classroom from one door, at the exact same time as someone walked out of the classroom from another. 

Standing on the subway perfectly so you get off right at the exit on the next stop. 

J thought neon was a color lmao. 

When Tucker shoves the bathroom door open when J goes into the bathroom. 

A girl closing her eyes while listening to music. 

I saw a guy in a fabulous purple suit, and then a block later walked by an older couple having a conversation about him and how he always wears fun, bold color suits. 

Talking with a cute older lady at the dog park. 

The smell of dogs after they play in the rain. 

Tucker's face before I throw his ball. 

Seeing a couple kiss at Grand Central. 

The subway announcer announcing each stop with a trill in his voice lol. 

I got to the train station at 8:45, but because of train delays, I made the 8:36 (usually) train instead of having to wait until the 9:06. AND found a seat by the window. 

The barista upgraded my hot chocolate to a size large. 

Seeing a store called Wayward that looked so cute.

How nice everyone in Seattle and Portland was. 

Tucker cuddled with me and we both fell asleep. 

In movies when cops get out of the car and put their cop hats on lol. 

Having a conversation with a guy at the grocery store about the dog bone I was holding, which led to us talking about his daughter's new puppy. 

Seeing the sunrise. 

The smell of fresh flowers as I was going to bed. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Happy List: 183

02/14/18: Taking a Via in NYC instead of the subway / Shooting a surprise proposal / Seeing a herd of pre-schoolers in reflective vests holding hands and crossing the street. / These "what would you look like as the opposite gender" results! They crack me up haha. I was trying to do one for my mom, but it took my niece's face instead lol. Also why does my sister look like a UVU student who wants to sell me Vivant?

02/16/18: Tucker sleeping under the curtain lol.

02/17/18: White chocolate raspberry cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Mmmmmmm.

02/18/19: We went to the dog park to play in the snow and the snow was PERFECT for snowballs. So all the dog owners were throwing snowballs at their dogs and the dogs were rolling around in the snow and it was just so picturesque! / J: "I need a new carabiner... My carabiner is out of carabine!"

Saturday, February 10, 2018

A Happy List: 182

01/15/18: Taking a break in the middle of a work day to go home and get my lanyard. I love the feeling of not being somewhere I am supposed to be lol.

01/16/18: I woke up in the middle of the night and Tucker was laying with his head inches from mine. Also, if you didn't hear, the lead singer of The Cranberries died this day, and the radio station did a tribute and played all of her songs, which I thought was so thoughtful and respectful <3.

01/18/18: Hearing J swear for the first time in the whole time I have known him lol. It was at Tucker, in case you were wondering lol.

01/19/18: I was at the dog park with Tucker and this huge goldendoodle kept humping Tucker. At one point, they were standing right by us owners and the dog was humping tucker the opposite way on his back lol. The elderly guy who owned him said, "Well, you can tell he's a virgin! He doesn't know how to do it!" It was SO funny hahahaha.

01/20/18: It was so warm at the dog park and no one else was there, so I was able to sit on the bench and read for a bit. It was really nice.

01/21/18: Ok so let me preface this by saying that church out here is so much better than church in Utah. The culture is SO different and it cracks me up every day. Today in Relief Society (a meeting for the women in the church) I looked over in the corner and there was an older woman eating a sandwich lol. Also during Sunday school we witnessed someone take glasses straight off of someone's face, clean them, and put them back lol. Also Tucker ate a pretzel stick gently out of my mouth.

01/22/18: J switching back to iPhone!!

01/23/18: Tucker putting his face in my lap from underneath the table while I'm eating breakfast.

01/24/18:  I walked in the kitchen and saw J eating the only donut we had left. So I squeezed his cheeks and called him a "donut monster" and he smiled and looked like the cutest little chipmunk with powdered sugar all over his lips lol. Also the Indian spiced oatmeal at Oatmeals in Greenwich Village.

01/25/18: Preordering the new garments! I am sooooo excited you can not believe!

01/26/18: Hanging new art on my gallery wall.

01/27/18: Listening to Esther Perel's podcast. I listened to the "I've had better" episode and it was SO GOOD.

01/28/18: Tucker sleeping and chewing his bone at the same time.

01/29/18: When I'm eating breakfast and Tucker comes from underneath the table and puts his head on my lap.

01/30/18: Getting to leave work early.

01/31/18: Tucker wrapping himself in the curtains lol. Also my mom sent me a GIF of Spongebob smoking and I asked her what she typed in the search bar to find that and she said "smoking a joint" hahahahaha.

02/07/18: Imogen Heap. Listening to her feels so much like home to me.

02/08/18: Watching Tucker watch a bird fly.

02/09/18: Tucker sleeping with his food bowl. Also, he always picks his food bowl up and moves it around, so I have been teaching him to pick it up and bring it back. And today he did it! I had to put it in his mouth, but he still carried it back haha.

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Happy List: 181

Monday, January 8, 2018

A Happy List: 180

This chicken noodle soup recipe is actually from the gods. It's vegetarian (maybe vegan? Idk) and SO GOOD! I hadn't had chicken noodle soup in soooooo long until I made this. I'm hooked! 

We gave Tuck a bath (he needed it so bad!) and put peanut butter on the wall to distract him lol. It worked pretty well for the first little bit, but then he lost interest. I still would confirm that this life hack is very much true.


(I am going to be doing my happy lists a little differently from now on. I found that I would just be like, thinking of things that happened on the day I was writing it, instead of keeping track day to day and looking for the small things in each day. So, from here on out (or until I change my mind) I'm going to try to come here once a day and log what little thing that day made me happy!

12/31: We had the most interesting day at church. There was a meeting on literally how to prepare for natural disasters/anything else. We sampled freeze dried food and jerky lol.

01/01: Waking up to find J had the day off work!

01/02: 1. Leaving Tucker un-gated in the house for 8 hours and he did nothing bad! Slept the whole time. 2. J was trying to get me off the couch to go to bed, and I wasn't participating. So J was like, "Ok, I'm going to bed." and tried to get Tucker to come with him. Tucker stayed with me and then a minute later started licking me to get me up and into bed lol. I thought it was so cute that he was so loyal and wouldn't just leave me on the couch. He wants his human to be together <3

01/03: I got my hair cut! The girl cut it a few inches shorter than I was imagining, but I really like it so far! I also threw an X-Files party lol. You can see more pictures of that here.

01/04: We got hit with a huge snow storm, so my internship closed and I got the day off! J got to work from home too.

01/05: This is maybe gross but it's my blog and I do what I want. Every time after Tucker poops, he gets really hyper and crazy and jumps around a ton, trying to bite the leash or the snow or just flipping around. It cracks me up! He also insists on pooping in snow that is like literally a foot deep. Much to our dismay.

01/06: We watched Wind River and it was SO GOOD. Like 10/10 go watch it right now. Also I drank Root Beer and for some reason it was so good? I have never been that into it before, but for some reason lately it has been really hitting the spot.

01/07: J and I played Monopoly and bet a 10 minute leg massage, and I won! Really it always ends up being a battle between whoever owns and has hotels on boardwalk and park place, and whoever owns the red and yellow lol. I honestly feel like I am the luckiest person at that game because I always avoid people's properties with hotels so slick lol. Anyway, the leg massage was just as good as it always is. J is a true masseuse.