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A Happy List: 181

Monday, January 15, 2018

01/08/18: I ate a taco with fake meat and it was sooooo good! I love recreating recipes with fake meat.

01/09/18: I had a really hard day at work, so I asked J to give me a massage. A week or so earlier, I showed him this video on Facebook of massage techniques for your partner, just causally and kind of in passing. But then, as he was giving me my massage he was trying out the techniques! It made me lol. Also, toward the end of the massage he kept massaging but got up and off the bed to make it a "smooth" transition lmao.

01/10/18: Seeing Pitch Perfect 3! It was such a feel good movie and had so many hilarious ladies. It made me want to watch The Edge of Seventeen soooo bad.

01/11/18: I was in CVS and jammin' to a song they were playing. I got in the car and decide to scan the radio to see if I could find it. I pressed the scan button and it landed on the same song!

01/12/18: Watching Tucker chew a biscuit. I love the way dogs chew. It's so satisfying. / Someone in a work meeting: "There are two ways to play Jenga: One is the way where you see who makes the tower fall. The other is the way where you see how many levels you can build together." I loved that!

01/13/18: We took Tucker of the off leash dog beach and he was so good! We also finally watched The Killing of a Sacred Deer. It was so good, in a creepy, uncomfortable way.

01/14/18: Making cute little watercolor postcards. / J: "Tucker, if I'm wearing a dog jacket, I want you to wear one with me." (proceeds to put Tucker in his down jacket). / (You know those Facebook statuses that are like, "Ask you s/o these questions unprompted and write down what they say."? Well I was asking J a bunch of questions from one of those. He got up to do the dishes and 5 minutes later was like, "Em, you know all those questions you just asked me?" I said, "Yeah?" He said, "Will you go through and do all of them for me?" lol.

Other funny things J said that I forgot to write down before: "I don't hate dogs. Dogs are like a 7 out of 10 for me." "Is my hair all over the place? Cause it's like 1:00" "If I could have 5 dogs, I would have 5 corgis."

A Happy List: 180

Monday, January 8, 2018

This chicken noodle soup recipe is actually from the gods. It's vegetarian (maybe vegan? Idk) and SO GOOD! I hadn't had chicken noodle soup in soooooo long until I made this. I'm hooked! 

We gave Tuck a bath (he needed it so bad!) and put peanut butter on the wall to distract him lol. It worked pretty well for the first little bit, but then he lost interest. I still would confirm that this life hack is very much true.


(I am going to be doing my happy lists a little differently from now on. I found that I would just be like, thinking of things that happened on the day I was writing it, instead of keeping track day to day and looking for the small things in each day. So, from here on out (or until I change my mind) I'm going to try to come here once a day and log what little thing that day made me happy!

12/31: We had the most interesting day at church. There was a meeting on literally how to prepare for natural disasters/anything else. We sampled freeze dried food and jerky lol.

01/01: Waking up to find J had the day off work!

01/02: 1. Leaving Tucker un-gated in the house for 8 hours and he did nothing bad! Slept the whole time. 2. J was trying to get me off the couch to go to bed, and I wasn't participating. So J was like, "Ok, I'm going to bed." and tried to get Tucker to come with him. Tucker stayed with me and then a minute later started licking me to get me up and into bed lol. I thought it was so cute that he was so loyal and wouldn't just leave me on the couch. He wants his human to be together <3

01/03: I got my hair cut! The girl cut it a few inches shorter than I was imagining, but I really like it so far! I also threw an X-Files party lol. You can see more pictures of that here.

01/04: We got hit with a huge snow storm, so my internship closed and I got the day off! J got to work from home too.

01/05: This is maybe gross but it's my blog and I do what I want. Every time after Tucker poops, he gets really hyper and crazy and jumps around a ton, trying to bite the leash or the snow or just flipping around. It cracks me up! He also insists on pooping in snow that is like literally a foot deep. Much to our dismay.

01/06: We watched Wind River and it was SO GOOD. Like 10/10 go watch it right now. Also I drank Root Beer and for some reason it was so good? I have never been that into it before, but for some reason lately it has been really hitting the spot.

01/07: J and I played Monopoly and bet a 10 minute leg massage, and I won! Really it always ends up being a battle between whoever owns and has hotels on boardwalk and park place, and whoever owns the red and yellow lol. I honestly feel like I am the luckiest person at that game because I always avoid people's properties with hotels so slick lol. Anyway, the leg massage was just as good as it always is. J is a true masseuse.

A Happy List: 179

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1/ We got SO MUCH snow on Saturday! It was amazing! Lots of snow pictures to come. 

2/ I started doing this thing to J that we call "being a ram". Basically at random times I will just bend over the top half of my body and ram into him over and over lol. Anyway, we were at a concert waiting for the band to start and I felt something hit my back. I turned around and J was being a ram!!!!!!

3/ We bought a pre-baked Gingerbread kit and I don't think I can ever go back to using grahm crackers!

4/ How quiet it gets in the winter. I always forget, it's so crazy. It's like the whole world ceases to exist.

5/ I went to dinner with friends over the weekend (Which is happy in and of itself because I have practically no friends in Connecticut. Like I could literally count them on one hand lol.) and one of my friends found out my birthday is coming up and told the waiter. It's been FOREVER since I've had the whole people-singing-to-me-at-a-restaurant experience hahaha. They also brought us a free dessert that was SO GOOD! Anyway, so I technically had a little birthday dinner with friends! See mom! I have friends!

6/ J's hair "officially" fits into a man bun, according to him. I am very into it. 

7/ Tucker has been going back to sleep after waking up at 6! It's nice because it's still dark outside at 6 and we live on the border of a rough area. There are always people walking around and it makes me nervous being out there alone at 6 in the morning in the dark lol. So, I have been trying to train Tucker to sleep in until 7 and it's gone ok!

8/ I am almost halfway through with my internship! Woohoo! This is not the place for me to talk about my internship (I keep that for the private posts lol) but let me just say, there is a reason people are not interns forever! 

9/ I have been loving the different shades of blue nail polish I got from Zoya's Black Friday sale. Painting my nails is one of my favorite self care things to do! Now I just wish they would grow out again lol. 

10/ That first application of a new mascara lol. Nothin' like it. 

A Happy List: 178

Monday, December 4, 2017

(Sweater above is found here.)

1/ A girl in my class was using a candy cane pen lol.

2/ We used our moviepass cards for the first time this weekend and they worked! I can't believe we didn't discover this sooner. Like 4 years ago at the start of our student life would have been great. Of course we find them when we have like 6 months left of student life lol.

3/ When Tucker crosses his legs.

4/ I got the cutest gnome mugs (link here)!! I am drinking out of one right now and the most obsessed. I love gnomes lol.

5/ This blogger has the cutest style! Ever since I moved out of my home state I have been having weird style identity crises lol.

6/ Also, this is one of my favorite therapy things I have seen this year. I know it's long, but it has SO MUCH good and interesting info. Next time you are going to deep clean the house or on a road trip, listen to it!

7/ All of the "gift guides" are making my shopping for all the December birthdays in my family SO MUCH EASIER. And for my own birthday list haha.

8/ WONDER. If you haven't seen it yet, RUN RUN RUN. If you know me, you know I NEVER cry. I actually have some weird things with crying and hate it and blah blah blah. But I have been trying to get over my biases and just LET IT OUT. So anyway, we went to see Wonder and like, not even 10 minutes in I was bawling lol. I ended up having to unroll my turtleneck and use it as a "tear catcher" hahahahaha. It was seriously the cutest movie and made me not want to have kid and to have kids ASAP at the same time?? Weird things, weird things.

9/ J let me straight razor shave his beard this weekend and it was just as satisfying as I always thought it would be.

10/ This pumpkin hot chocolate mix is so good! I tried something a little different from my usual and I'm glad it paid off!

11/ BONUS HAPPY POINT! Bright Eyes! I am loving his music right now. He was such a thing when I was in high school... well maybe just to me haha. Anyway I haven't really listened to him since then, but he just came up on one of my playlists and I am FEELIN' IT. (Ok also not by Bright Eyes, but this song is so pretty. Oh, and I love this one too.)


Funny things J said this week:

J: "What does RT mean in media speak?"
Me: "Re-tweet??"

Me: "Do you get hit on a lot?"
J: "No. People more or less just avoid me."

J when he saw my wrap around braid: "Gosh. Nice like... wreath hairstyle."


Also, I have recently discovered the World Market is my favorite store in the whole world. I am actually mad at people for not telling me about it earlier?? Like everything is just so amazing! Look at all this cool stuff I found!

A Happy List: 177

Monday, November 27, 2017

1/ The sound Tucker's mouth makes when he catches treats in the air.

2/ Finding this cute, string light covered street in the middle of gross midtown. 

3/ Homemade fries. I have the best recipe and am obsessed. You cover them in cornstarch, olive oil, curry powder, brown sugar, and bread crumbs. THE BEST.

4/ On the subject of food, flavor blasted goldfish. YUM.

5/ It's getting colder outside! But it's nice because it isn't too cold to be outside yet. AKA the walks with Tucker are still endurable lol.

6/ The sunset on Sunday night. It was so pretty!

7/ Teaching Tucker how to walk nicely on a leash. I think we have finally figured out what works well for training him and it's nice to feel like we are making some progress.

8/ J ordered my birthday gifts and I am so excited! I can't decide if I should take them with us to Ireland and open them there? Or maybe just take one? Or open them all before? I am worried that if I open everything before then it won't feel like a birthday when we are over there!

9/ Going through all my recommended movies on Netflix. Some have been horrible but some have been pretty good actually! If I get a minute maybe I'll do a separate post on it, but in the mean time if you guys have any recommendations let me know!

10/ I got the cutest gnome cookie jar from World Market and I'm so excited! I also got some nail polish from Zoya that just came in the mail today. It's nice to be an adult because you can just buy yourself whatever you want lol.

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