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A Happy List: 184

Monday, July 2, 2018

I actually didn't keep track of any of the "little" things this week, so I'll just use this as an update of general things making me happy!


We moved into our house this weekend! So far we are really liking it. I am excited to update all of our furniture and get everything organized. I am also loving being so close to Salt Lake! And weirdly excited to get like patio furniture and roast marshmallows in the backyard haha. 

I went to my first book club yesterday and it was so fun! We read Orphan Train which I would DEFINITELY recommend! It's such a horrifying piece of history. Like people actually put orphans on trains and then let random people take them home and use them for labor?? WHAT! 

I got a really good idea for some art! I am excited to make it and extra happy that I haven't started work full-time yet (just part-time right now) so I have the time to do so!

We have moved most everything I own out of my mom's house and into ours, and it feels so nice knowing all of my stuff is in one place.

- - - - -

A Happy List

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

So I have been keeping happy lists in my phone for the past month or so instead of on here! So, here's a happy list dump!


How immediately dogs get up to follow you when you leave the room. 

My mom and I went to Little Caesar's and she ordered an "extra moist pizza" instead of the "extra cheese pizza" lol. We had already been through the drive-thru 10 minutes before to get a gift card, so the second time around when we were leaving, she said to the drive-thru employee with a big smile on her face "we won't come back again!" and the kid was so confused. 

There is a bakery outlet by my house that says "we are more than just bread." on it's street sign.

One day I slept in until noon, which was really unusual. I went into the bathroom and when I came out saw Tucker was waiting for me, laying right against the door and very concerned with my change of schedule haha. 

I was trying to apply to NEDA (the National Eating Disorder Association) and accidentally paid $50 to apply to NEDA (the Northeast Economic Development Association) haha. They did give me a refund though. 

J: "This song is definitely mood AF."

A woman at the grocery store let me go first because I had less items than she did. 

My total at the grocery store was $10 even.

Seeing an ant. 

We were out to eat and I said to J, "We could share one and if you like it you could go get another one?" and J said, "Yeah. Or I could always go to Taco Bell after if I'm still hungry."

A girl at CVS complimented my glasses. 

I saw a girl with a crop top that said, "bitch relax". 

A lady on the train complimented my jacket. 

Seeing a girl check her makeup in a Snapchat while walking. 

Someone walked in the classroom from one door, at the exact same time as someone walked out of the classroom from another. 

Standing on the subway perfectly so you get off right at the exit on the next stop. 

J thought neon was a color lmao. 

When Tucker shoves the bathroom door open when J goes into the bathroom. 

A girl closing her eyes while listening to music. 

I saw a guy in a fabulous purple suit, and then a block later walked by an older couple having a conversation about him and how he always wears fun, bold color suits. 

Talking with a cute older lady at the dog park. 

The smell of dogs after they play in the rain. 

Tucker's face before I throw his ball. 

Seeing a couple kiss at Grand Central. 

The subway announcer announcing each stop with a trill in his voice lol. 

I got to the train station at 8:45, but because of train delays, I made the 8:36 (usually) train instead of having to wait until the 9:06. AND found a seat by the window. 

The barista upgraded my hot chocolate to a size large. 

Seeing a store called Wayward that looked so cute.

How nice everyone in Seattle and Portland was. 

Tucker cuddled with me and we both fell asleep. 

In movies when cops get out of the car and put their cop hats on lol. 

Having a conversation with a guy at the grocery store about the dog bone I was holding, which led to us talking about his daughter's new puppy. 

Seeing the sunrise. 

The smell of fresh flowers as I was going to bed. 

A Happy List: 182

Saturday, February 10, 2018
01/15/18: Taking a break in the middle of a work day to go home and get my lanyard. I love the feeling of not being somewhere I am supposed to be lol.

01/16/18: I woke up in the middle of the night and Tucker was laying with his head inches from mine. Also, if you didn't hear, the lead singer of The Cranberries died this day, and the radio station did a tribute and played all of her songs, which I thought was so thoughtful and respectful <3.

01/18/18: Hearing J swear for the first time in the whole time I have known him lol. It was at Tucker, in case you were wondering lol.

01/19/18: I was at the dog park with Tucker and this huge goldendoodle kept humping Tucker. At one point, they were standing right by us owners and the dog was humping tucker the opposite way on his back lol. The elderly guy who owned him said, "Well, you can tell he's a virgin! He doesn't know how to do it!" It was SO funny hahahaha.

01/20/18: It was so warm at the dog park and no one else was there, so I was able to sit on the bench and read for a bit. It was really nice.

01/21/18: Ok so let me preface this by saying that church out here is so much better than church in Utah. The culture is SO different and it cracks me up every day. Today in Relief Society (a meeting for the women in the church) I looked over in the corner and there was an older woman eating a sandwich lol. Also during Sunday school we witnessed someone take glasses straight off of someone's face, clean them, and put them back lol. Also Tucker ate a pretzel stick gently out of my mouth.

01/22/18: J switching back to iPhone!!

01/23/18: Tucker putting his face in my lap from underneath the table while I'm eating breakfast.

01/24/18:  I walked in the kitchen and saw J eating the only donut we had left. So I squeezed his cheeks and called him a "donut monster" and he smiled and looked like the cutest little chipmunk with powdered sugar all over his lips lol. Also the Indian spiced oatmeal at Oatmeals in Greenwich Village.

01/25/18: Preordering the new garments! I am sooooo excited you can not believe!

01/26/18: Hanging new art on my gallery wall.

01/27/18: Listening to Esther Perel's podcast. I listened to the "I've had better" episode and it was SO GOOD.

01/28/18: Tucker sleeping and chewing his bone at the same time.

01/29/18: When I'm eating breakfast and Tucker comes from underneath the table and puts his head on my lap.

01/30/18: Getting to leave work early.

01/31/18: Tucker wrapping himself in the curtains lol. Also my mom sent me a GIF of Spongebob smoking and I asked her what she typed in the search bar to find that and she said "smoking a joint" hahahahaha.

02/07/18: Imogen Heap. Listening to her feels so much like home to me.

02/08/18: Watching Tucker watch a bird fly.

02/09/18: Tucker sleeping with his food bowl. Also, he always picks his food bowl up and moves it around, so I have been teaching him to pick it up and bring it back. And today he did it! I had to put it in his mouth, but he still carried it back haha.

A Happy List: 181

Monday, January 15, 2018

A Happy List: 180

Monday, January 8, 2018

This chicken noodle soup recipe is actually from the gods. It's vegetarian (maybe vegan? Idk) and SO GOOD! I hadn't had chicken noodle soup in soooooo long until I made this. I'm hooked! 

We gave Tuck a bath (he needed it so bad!) and put peanut butter on the wall to distract him lol. It worked pretty well for the first little bit, but then he lost interest. I still would confirm that this life hack is very much true.


(I am going to be doing my happy lists a little differently from now on. I found that I would just be like, thinking of things that happened on the day I was writing it, instead of keeping track day to day and looking for the small things in each day. So, from here on out (or until I change my mind) I'm going to try to come here once a day and log what little thing that day made me happy!

12/31: We had the most interesting day at church. There was a meeting on literally how to prepare for natural disasters/anything else. We sampled freeze dried food and jerky lol.

01/01: Waking up to find J had the day off work!

01/02: 1. Leaving Tucker un-gated in the house for 8 hours and he did nothing bad! Slept the whole time. 2. J was trying to get me off the couch to go to bed, and I wasn't participating. So J was like, "Ok, I'm going to bed." and tried to get Tucker to come with him. Tucker stayed with me and then a minute later started licking me to get me up and into bed lol. I thought it was so cute that he was so loyal and wouldn't just leave me on the couch. He wants his human to be together <3

01/03: I got my hair cut! The girl cut it a few inches shorter than I was imagining, but I really like it so far! I also threw an X-Files party lol. You can see more pictures of that here.

01/04: We got hit with a huge snow storm, so my internship closed and I got the day off! J got to work from home too.

01/05: This is maybe gross but it's my blog and I do what I want. Every time after Tucker poops, he gets really hyper and crazy and jumps around a ton, trying to bite the leash or the snow or just flipping around. It cracks me up! He also insists on pooping in snow that is like literally a foot deep. Much to our dismay.

01/06: We watched Wind River and it was SO GOOD. Like 10/10 go watch it right now. Also I drank Root Beer and for some reason it was so good? I have never been that into it before, but for some reason lately it has been really hitting the spot.

01/07: J and I played Monopoly and bet a 10 minute leg massage, and I won! Really it always ends up being a battle between whoever owns and has hotels on boardwalk and park place, and whoever owns the red and yellow lol. I honestly feel like I am the luckiest person at that game because I always avoid people's properties with hotels so slick lol. Anyway, the leg massage was just as good as it always is. J is a true masseuse.

A Happy List: 179

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

1/ We got SO MUCH snow on Saturday! It was amazing! Lots of snow pictures to come. 

2/ I started doing this thing to J that we call "being a ram". Basically at random times I will just bend over the top half of my body and ram into him over and over lol. Anyway, we were at a concert waiting for the band to start and I felt something hit my back. I turned around and J was being a ram!!!!!!

3/ We bought a pre-baked Gingerbread kit and I don't think I can ever go back to using grahm crackers!

4/ How quiet it gets in the winter. I always forget, it's so crazy. It's like the whole world ceases to exist.

5/ I went to dinner with friends over the weekend (Which is happy in and of itself because I have practically no friends in Connecticut. Like I could literally count them on one hand lol.) and one of my friends found out my birthday is coming up and told the waiter. It's been FOREVER since I've had the whole people-singing-to-me-at-a-restaurant experience hahaha. They also brought us a free dessert that was SO GOOD! Anyway, so I technically had a little birthday dinner with friends! See mom! I have friends!

6/ J's hair "officially" fits into a man bun, according to him. I am very into it. 

7/ Tucker has been going back to sleep after waking up at 6! It's nice because it's still dark outside at 6 and we live on the border of a rough area. There are always people walking around and it makes me nervous being out there alone at 6 in the morning in the dark lol. So, I have been trying to train Tucker to sleep in until 7 and it's gone ok!

8/ I am almost halfway through with my internship! Woohoo! This is not the place for me to talk about my internship (I keep that for the private posts lol) but let me just say, there is a reason people are not interns forever! 

9/ I have been loving the different shades of blue nail polish I got from Zoya's Black Friday sale. Painting my nails is one of my favorite self care things to do! Now I just wish they would grow out again lol. 

10/ That first application of a new mascara lol. Nothin' like it. 

A Happy List: 178

Monday, December 4, 2017

(Sweater above is found here.)

1/ A girl in my class was using a candy cane pen lol.

2/ We used our moviepass cards for the first time this weekend and they worked! I can't believe we didn't discover this sooner. Like 4 years ago at the start of our student life would have been great. Of course we find them when we have like 6 months left of student life lol.

3/ When Tucker crosses his legs.

4/ I got the cutest gnome mugs (link here)!! I am drinking out of one right now and the most obsessed. I love gnomes lol.

5/ This blogger has the cutest style! Ever since I moved out of my home state I have been having weird style identity crises lol.

6/ Also, this is one of my favorite therapy things I have seen this year. I know it's long, but it has SO MUCH good and interesting info. Next time you are going to deep clean the house or on a road trip, listen to it!

7/ All of the "gift guides" are making my shopping for all the December birthdays in my family SO MUCH EASIER. And for my own birthday list haha.

8/ WONDER. If you haven't seen it yet, RUN RUN RUN. If you know me, you know I NEVER cry. I actually have some weird things with crying and hate it and blah blah blah. But I have been trying to get over my biases and just LET IT OUT. So anyway, we went to see Wonder and like, not even 10 minutes in I was bawling lol. I ended up having to unroll my turtleneck and use it as a "tear catcher" hahahahaha. It was seriously the cutest movie and made me not want to have kid and to have kids ASAP at the same time?? Weird things, weird things.

9/ J let me straight razor shave his beard this weekend and it was just as satisfying as I always thought it would be.

10/ This pumpkin hot chocolate mix is so good! I tried something a little different from my usual and I'm glad it paid off!

11/ BONUS HAPPY POINT! Bright Eyes! I am loving his music right now. He was such a thing when I was in high school... well maybe just to me haha. Anyway I haven't really listened to him since then, but he just came up on one of my playlists and I am FEELIN' IT. (Ok also not by Bright Eyes, but this song is so pretty. Oh, and I love this one too.)


Funny things J said this week:

J: "What does RT mean in media speak?"
Me: "Re-tweet??"

Me: "Do you get hit on a lot?"
J: "No. People more or less just avoid me."

J when he saw my wrap around braid: "Gosh. Nice like... wreath hairstyle."


Also, I have recently discovered the World Market is my favorite store in the whole world. I am actually mad at people for not telling me about it earlier?? Like everything is just so amazing! Look at all this cool stuff I found!

A Happy List: 177

Monday, November 27, 2017

1/ The sound Tucker's mouth makes when he catches treats in the air.

2/ Finding this cute, string light covered street in the middle of gross midtown. 

3/ Homemade fries. I have the best recipe and am obsessed. You cover them in cornstarch, olive oil, curry powder, brown sugar, and bread crumbs. THE BEST.

4/ On the subject of food, flavor blasted goldfish. YUM.

5/ It's getting colder outside! But it's nice because it isn't too cold to be outside yet. AKA the walks with Tucker are still endurable lol.

6/ The sunset on Sunday night. It was so pretty!

7/ Teaching Tucker how to walk nicely on a leash. I think we have finally figured out what works well for training him and it's nice to feel like we are making some progress.

8/ J ordered my birthday gifts and I am so excited! I can't decide if I should take them with us to Ireland and open them there? Or maybe just take one? Or open them all before? I am worried that if I open everything before then it won't feel like a birthday when we are over there!

9/ Going through all my recommended movies on Netflix. Some have been horrible but some have been pretty good actually! If I get a minute maybe I'll do a separate post on it, but in the mean time if you guys have any recommendations let me know!

10/ I got the cutest gnome cookie jar from World Market and I'm so excited! I also got some nail polish from Zoya that just came in the mail today. It's nice to be an adult because you can just buy yourself whatever you want lol.

A Happy List: 176

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

1/ One of my friends is doing a new blog series that I love! She is my makeup guru friend who I always talk about lol. Check it out here.

2/ I got Tucker these pajamas and I can't get over it hahaha. He strangely doesn't mind wearing them at all? Which is an actual miracle from heaven.

3/ I don't have school this week! Which is also exciting because it means I only have 3 weeks left... which is also exciting because after that I have ONE SEMESTER until I graduate and am done with school forever!

4/ J's family is coming in to town this week and I'm so excited! I have loved living outside of Utah, but sometimes being across the country from everyone you've ever known can feel v isolating ha! Which is another reason why we wanna be back on the west coast, but not in Utah. Anyway! I'm excited! We're going out for Thanksgiving dinner (which I plan to do for the rest of my life lol) and into the city! Twill be fun!

5/ Into The Woods! Has anyone else read this? I feel like the main character is v relatable for some reason? I don't know what it is but I always like when I like the main character.

6/ As I am writing this, I have been balancing Cheez-Its on Tucker's nose lol. I just went to flip it off for him to eat and it somehow landed on his head hahahahahaha.

7/ That part in Friends where Phoebe and Rachel see Chandler and Monica hooking up from the apartment across the street. And then Ross walks in and they start jumping around all excited and Ross joins them hahahahahaha. I have never liked Ross, but recently I feel like he is super funny.

8/ HAHAHAH so now Tucker is flipping his head upwards to check and make sure there are no more Cheez-Its on his nose lol.

9/ Also Tucker related, but I have been leaving him alone in the house for a few hours and he has done really good and not chewed anything up!

10/ Finally throwing away the gross amount of trash in my car lol.

A Happy List: 175 + Links

Monday, November 13, 2017

1/ I watch Orphan Black and in the opening song there are these woman who sing really high, just like "oooooh oooh oooooh". J sometimes sings along and it always cracks me up.

2/ Speaking of J, his hair is long now, ya know? He put on a beanie today and his hair is sticking out and it is SO CUTE! I have been singing "He was a skater boy" all day lol. I am one those fans of the "skater boy" look and plan to dress my son like a little skater haha. I am so excited.

3/ Speaking of skater boys, do you guys follow weslie_ on Instagram? She dresses her little boy like a skater and it is the CUTEST THING. I am constantly like, "J!! Look how cute this kid is! Our future son!" lol.

4/ We have been trying to just eat what is in our house, or to buy what we are craving from the grocery story to prevent ourselves from going out a lot, and it's going well! It's actually kind of fun and soothing to feel like we are using all the food before it goes bad.

5/ We created an Excel for all our trips and it's so nice to be able to track what we've spent! Right now we are saving everything for Ireland and almost have it all paid back!

6/ We drove around Fairfield tonight and looked at all the million dollar homes on the beach. It was super fun and weirdly gave me some zest back? I often live in the future, always waiting for us to be in the next "phase". I guess that's what being a student for 5 years can do to you? Anyway, so I am always looking at places to live/obsessing about where to move next, etc. and not focusing on what's right in front of me. We got treats and went to the beach with Tucker and it was really fun! It made me realize that even though Connecticut isn't my favorite place, there are some fun things we can do to make this time a little easier to swallow.

7/ We decorated our apartment for Christmas and it's so cozy! I went to Target after Halloween and got so many cute Halloween things on mega sale! I can't wait until Christmas is over to do the same!

8/ I only have 4 days of classes left before I am in my last semester of grad school. Ah!!!

9/ Giant marshmallow Santas! I didn't even know these existed until I sent J to the store for cream cheese and he came home with them lol. Yes, I have been eating a marshmallow Santa a day. Judge me.

10/ Organize our "junk closet". We move a lot, and every time we move we do really good at organizing and sorting through everything... until like the last box lol. Then we just put everything in a drawer, or a closet.  And it drives me crazy!! So I went through and organized it and threw a bunch of things away.


Cool internet things:

This cute blogger I've followed for years is pregnant! (Does anyone else feel like everyone is pregnant and having kids except for themselves? Make yourself known because at this point I feel like I am the only person who has been married for a while and doesn't have babies lol.

Is this not the cutest airstream you've ever seen? I love following along the adventures of people who live life on the road. 

I'm very excited for this T.V. show to be made into books!!

I know I'm probably late to the game, but this Halloween video has me CRYING

Can you believe this couch is only $300? I literally posted mine on Craigslist second after seeing this lol. Cross your fingers mine sells!

A Happy List: 174

Monday, November 6, 2017

1/ Tucker takes my slipper and just cuddles it. If he moves where he is sleeping, he will move the slipper with him lol.

2/ It is finally getting cold outside! It's nice because it isn't cold enough that like, I have to super bundle up to take Tucker out. But it's cold enough for a jacket. The perfect type of cold!

3/ Redoing our Ireland itinerary. I posted our original plan in Trip Advisor and people were super discouraging about us being able to drive anywhere at all, etc. So I changed all our hotels to Dublin, Galway, and Cork. But then I realized it's stupid to change my entire plan based off what some cranky people say. So I changed it back to what we originally had, which just includes Killarney and the Dingle Pennisula. But I am excited because I figure if we are going to Ireland, I want to experience it to it's fullest, whatever that means for winter! I'd rather be out braving the cold and in traffic than snuggled up in a hotel room or in a place we had already seen. Idk. So yeah, I'm excited!

4/ High school teachers always talk about how they are "preparing you for college" by not accepting late papers, etc. But I lol because I truly feel like college professors are more lenient than high school teachers? So I guess like the personal responsibility is a good lesson to learn, but I haven't encountered more than 2 college professors who have been really strict about late papers, attendance etc. At my high school we had to pay $5 and go to attendance school for every absence we had over 3! And then you get to college and no one cares if you don't go lol. Anyway, I am glad I am in college and not high school.

5/ Driving around in the rain. I wonder if I'll get sick of it when/if we live in the PNW. Probably haha. But for now I like it.

6/ Ok so I am mad no one told me about this earlier, but there is this thing called Movie Pass. You pay $10 a month and can go to a movie a day (1 per day is the only limit). Mine is in the mail, but I am excited for it to come and test it out!

7/ I have 5 1/2 months left of grad school! And of living in Connecticut! And of being poor! YAY!

8/ Friends with kids who give you a bunch of their kid's halloween candy lol. #benefits

9/ So I was super bummed I couldn't watch Riverdale, but it turns out if you download the CW app you can watch it for free! Yay! You can watch it online too, but on my computer it only shows half the screen. Idk if it's a problem with my computer or the site. But anyway, I have been liking it so far! It's very corny but I'm a sucker for all teen soaps.

10/ Alllllll the fake meat. I have been OBSESSED with it lately. I need to buy more, actually. If you have any good ones that I should try, let me know! My current faves are the corn dogs and bacon (I make BLTs) haha. 


Funny things J said this week:

Me: If you were given 10 seconds to say something to Tucker and he would understand, what would you say?
J: Do you like your life with us?

Me: Ugh, what should we do for dinner next week?
J: Hmmmm.... Maybe sandwiches? A pasta dish? How hard is lasagna? 

J: Look at all those ducks in that field playing soccer!

J: Tucker gets his eyebrows microbladed!

A Happy List: 173

Monday, October 16, 2017

1/ Tucker was sleeping on the bed. He went to roll over but his back side fell off and he was just desperately trying to keep himself on hahaha.

2/ This is the best sparkling cider!

3/ We went to Vermont on Saturday. Just like, for the day. And I think that's super cool that we can go to Boston, Vermont, Rhode Island, etc. just for the day and come home to our beds at the end. It's one of my favorite things about New England!

4/ I shot with this girl once for a brand campaign and now she has the cutest baby! Babies in beanies are the cutest beanies. I want to dress my kids like little skaters.

5/ All the good series on Amazon Prime. We are watching Under The Dome right now and I'm obsessed. I want to watch Vikings after this. If you have any good recs, let me know!

6/ Using my new picnic blanket! It was only $10 from Flying Tiger. I wish they had stores in every state so all you could experience how amazing it is! I am very obsessed. (See it here, if you didn't already.)

7/ So you know how I talk about the dog park a lot? Well, it's because it is beyond any dog park ever. Not only are we all in a WhatsApp group, but there is also a Halloween party. There are prizes for the best costume in each category, a panel of judges, a parade, and a photo op. I said I could bring my camera, and I am now dubbed the puppy Halloween party photographer lol. Needless to say, this will be my most exciting photography job to date.

8/ I finished reading The Lovely Bones and it was so so good! I thought it was going to be a horror/thriller, but it ended up being more of a drama? I am obsessed with the afterlife and just like, what happens. I have the craziest dreams and think about it a lot. In the book, she talks a lot about heaven and it was super cool to read. I feel like there aren't often books and  movies that reveal the things "we don't know".

9/ We went to a murder mystery Halloween party on Saturday and it was so fun! I have never been to one before and ended up really liking it. Me and one other woman guessed the killer right so holla at yo girl.


A Happy List: 172

Monday, October 2, 2017

1/ Opening up a cupboard and smelling the faint smell of crayons. 

2/ When my mom sends GIFs. 

3/ Northeast rain.

4/ Seeing little bits of color peek out.

5/ Finding out I can start a private practice after graduation. Which is exciting because it cuts 2 years off of my time table. Also, for anyone considering a career in therapy: It sounds daunting at first (4 years undergrad, 2 years grad, 2 years post master's) BUT is actually extremely doable. You can do your undergrad in 3-4 years if you're dedicated and down to business. Then there are some short grad programs (1 year MSW programs if you got your bachelor's in Social Work, or 16 months if you didn't). AND THEN you can start your private practice (aka work for yourself) right after graduation, if you want! You just need to receive supervision (once a week) still. Anyway, this is all just to say that sometimes certain careers sound like they need a lot of schooling and it can be off putting, but actually you can figure out a lot of work arounds! 

My total time in school is: Undergrad - 09/12-04/15 = 2 years 7 months. Grad - 01/17-04/18 = 16 months. So, total = 3 years and 11 months. So I was in school for about 4 years and will be a therapist working for myself. School is worth it, folks! Don't give up!!!! 

Also if you want to know more about how I did school so fast, comment or email me. People ask me all the time in real life, but I don't post about it a lot here. I actually wrote out a post at one point but didn't think anyone was interested so I deleted it. But if you want to see it let me know! I will forever pat myself on the back for flying through school as fast as I did! And I'll forever be grateful for being in a situation where I was able to financially. Hashtag blessed.

6/ When Tucker sits next to me on the couch. He is as tall as me and it just feels like we are best friends haha. 

7/ One of the kids I work with chastised me for wearing Birkenstocks when my toes weren't "done" and I have never felt so in line with my future granola self haha. 

8/ J's amazement at my normal, every day abilities. He's always like, "You're so fast at computer things!!!" and "You fold laundry so fast!!!" And I'm over here, just like living a normal life haha. It's nice to have a cheerleader though. 

9/ As I am typing this I am realizing I have 3 Polaroid cameras... And that just makes me really happy. So I guess I could rephrase and say FILM!! I hope film never dies. 

10/ Seeing everyone come together in the midst of all these tragedies. I know this is a happy list, so I'll save my rant for another day. But I just love seeing people help each other out and drop what they are doing to volunteer their time, money, voice, etc. It's a tough time to be alive (and will be for the next few years...) but seeing people really come together to support each other has been a nice side effect. 

That being said, my heart goes out (I hate how corny that sounds but I don't know how else to phrase it) for all the people in Las Vegas. I have avoided talking about political things on this blog, because if I mention one thing, people are going to expect me to always mention all the things. But also I'm tired to not saying what I think out of fear of someone else judging me. Because the truth is, I am human and I'll for sure offended every single one of you at some point, but that is just how life works. It doesn't mean you stay silent about things that are important and let that fear of being judged rule your life. So, once again, I hate that all this violence is happening and I hate that all those people died and I HATE that we just set a new record for the worst modern day shooting. I hope everyone involved will be able to heal and reach closure (whatever that means). And I sincerely, sincerely hope we stop seeing violence like this.

A Happy List: 171

Monday, September 25, 2017

1/ Indie films! I am working on a list of the best indie films on Netflix right now. But if you have any recommendations, let me know!

2/ Whole Foods. If I ever have a lot of money, this is 100% where I would shop. It's the only place I know of that sells my favorite fake burger, Beyond Meat! I am making McDonald's (shut up they are the best hamburger) hamburgers tomorrow and am excited to see if they taste similar haha.

3/ When people tell us how cute Tucker is and I am like, "Thanks!" even though that doesn't make sense as an answer.

4/ Walking around the lake by our house in the mornings. It is so peaceful, but there are still occasional people so you don't feel like you are going to get murdered. 

5/ How cheap basil plants are. I don't know why anyone would use dried basil! (Keeping basil plants alive is another story.)

6/ I had sweet and sour cauliflower Friday night and it tasted like what I imagine vegan wings would taste like. SO GOOD. I need to replicate the recipe. 

7/ When Tucker licks my hand really slow and stops for a second mid-lick.

8/ Finding out there is an Aldi really close to my work, so I can shop on my lunch break now. 

9/ Having clear skin for the first time in forever! I finally found the perfect skin care routine. If I stray from it I break out! But if I stick to it exactly, I have 0 acne.

10/ I am reading The Lovely Bones right now and it is seriously so good! I love the way heaven is portrayed and have always imagined it to be something similar. 


Here are some funny things people said this week:

Me:  Should I cut up an apple and we can have caramel apples on the way there?!?!
J: Sure!!! But you can just have all of it.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 170

Monday, September 18, 2017

1/ When Tucker tucks his feet under his body and looks like a bread loaf. 

2/ I was in New York and the temperature was absolutely perfect. Not too hot, not too cold. My last class got canceled so I decided to get pizza before catching the train home. So, here I am. In the most perfect weather. In the most perfect city. With a pizza in my right hand and a soda in my left. I was thinking about how it was such a perfect moment and right then You Are The Ocean came on my headphones (my favorite song). And I was just in awe at how perfect that moment was.

3/ We made both these recipes yesterday and they were so good. I love when random online recipes turn out! 

4/ J and Tucker had been waiting for me in the car. When I finally got in, J was posting a selfie with Tucker to Instagram lol!

5/ I have an office! It may be in a basement and shared with someone else, but hey. Still a step up!

6/ Seeing a Leonberger. Flippin' majestic.

7/ Teaching Tucker how to play hide and seek.

8/ Getting back into photography! I can never decide if I want social media to be my side hustle (as J and I call it) or if I want to do photography. Well, I think a more accurate way to phrase it is: I would rather do photography as a side job, but I feel like I get booked more with social media campaigns. Anyway, if you're in New York and need a photographer, check me out

9/ Getting my order from Romwe even though I am an idiot and keep putting the wrong zip code. If you haven't already, check out what I got

10/ I have just been thinking a lot lately about time. When I think about how I have 8 months of school left, it still seems like a long time. But then I break it down by what trips and breaks are coming up, and it actually seems like it's going fast! This semester we have Vermont, Harry Potter World, Ireland, and then Christmas and Thanksgiving break. So like, all of that will make it go by really fast! And then after that it's my last semester, which I feel like will naturally go by fast, even though we have nothing exciting planned during that semester. 

Anyway! I'm trying to live more in the moment and not obsess about moving to Portland (because like, we've never even been there and who knows if we will be able to find jobs and make it happen). So looking forward to the trip/break that's coming up has been helping me to be more present... even though it's still not being entirely present lol. 

Oh well! Sometimes you just gotta keep crawling through life looking toward the future or you'll never make it hahaha. And with the grad school load I've got, that's all I can do!

- - - - -

A Happy List: 169

Monday, September 11, 2017

1/ Unclogging the shower drain on our own! We ended up using a plunger and it worked like a charm. The next morning I was standing in the shower and I just had this overwhelming feeling of competence. Like, I am an adult. I can be in charge of a house and a career and a dog and babies and plan trips and pay for my stuff and do whatever I want, because I'm an ADULT.

2/ This post is amazinggg. Especially if you want to use Pinterest more but don't have time.

3/ I finished Riverdale! The first episode I wasn't that into and stopped watching. But then the teenagers I work with were so into it I felt I needed to watch it. (If you work with teenagers/kids you gotta get in their world! So I told J I was "working" every time I watched an episode lol.) I actually ended up liking! EMO COLE SPROUSE AM I RIGHT!? Like where did the baby Zack and Cody go? I love seeing child actors grown up. Also, I was similar to his character in high school, so it was nice to see my tribe represented.

4/ Fall is almost here in New England! It's like, the best season here BY FAR. I think the flock of people that come out is evidence of that haha. It's our last Fall here, too. So, I'm trying to make the best of it and be the most festive. I just baked a pie and my whole house smells so yummy!

5/ This is the best vegetarian main dish EVER! I will be making it for every anti-Thanksgiving from here on.

6/ Finally seeing It! I have been following its production since they first announced there would be a remake! And then when they announced Bill Skarsgรขrd would be Pennywise I was like OH SNAP!! Anyway, so it was so fun to see it after hyping myself up for what seemed like years! If you haven't seen The Gunslinger yet either, go see both!

7/ My aunt and uncle had a baby which means I have a cousin on my mom's side of the family now! I'm v excited to see more pics of her! She's lookin' pretty cute so far.

8/ So there is a lake in Connecticut where you can take your dog! We went on Saturday and there were a ton of dogs playing in the water. It was the cutest ever! Wait, I think I took some photos? I am trying to do more photos of every day life. Every time I am in school/busy my blog turns into like, the same three posts, and I'm always like, "BUT WHAT DID YOU DO DURING THAT TIME?!" So I am trying to capture the little moments more, even if they are just me on a train, Tucker, and going to the dog park haha.

9/ My eyelashes from this post are working like a charm! I am getting better at putting them on and they are bending more to my natural eye shape. Needless to say: NEVER GOING BACK TO MASCARA!!

10/ J went grocery shopping. Can I just tell you how much I love not having to go grocery shopping?? Bless that boy's heart!


Here are some funny things people said this week:

We were at the dog park and a guy asked J how old Tucker was. J said, "He's a year and 7 months" and me and the guy just rolled hahahahaha. It was so reminiscent of when you ask someone how old their baby is and they're like "21 months!" (Side note: My sister said her daughters name in months until she was like 3 hahaha.)

We were going to a movie but had to walk through Target first. We were already a few minutes late, but Target had the CUTEST Fall and Halloween things out. So, I stopped by to do a quick browse. Seconds later, I hear a *snap! snap! snap!* and look over to see J, 20 feet away, snapping at me to follow while he walked away haha. (Bonus!! I posted this story on my Facebook and a woman from my mom's neighborhood commented and said: "I would not have moved an inch?")

I was at the dog park (the only place I ever go, apparently) talking to a woman at a table. There were a group of people a little further away from us. As the woman and I are talking, this older woman approaches me and says, "Whose dog is that?!?" pointing to Tucker. My heart dropped and I was like,  "Oh! He's mine!" She then broke into a smile and went off about how much her dogs were connecting with him and invited us to come to the park when she comes to the park haha.

Long story short: J thought kids started to walk when they are 3!!! In hindsight, he thinks if he would have thought about it more he would have known it happened earlier, because we have multiple nieces and nephews... sure J.... sure....

We were following our Google Maps and it said it would take us 10 minutes to get there, but we got there a few minutes later. As we pulled in J said, "Psh! 10 minutes my a! My ripe, rump a!" I am still LOL-ing at this typing it haha.

- - - - -

A Happy List: 168

Monday, September 4, 2017

1/ Finding out one of my classes is online.

2/ Tucker only sleeps on the couch while we are gone, but just barely he jumped up here while I am up here and is currently snoozing beside me!!! My heart!

3/ Driving around and looking at really nice houses. If you wanna find nice houses near you, download Zillow and search for like 3 million and up and go there! I can't wait to drive around once everyone has all their Christmas decorations up!

4/ Remember when I talked about how much I loved my friend's strawberry rhubarb pie? Well I bought one from the store that is NO WHERE near as good :( BUT! She sent me her recipe so I am so stoked to make it! I want to do some cute little pies.

5/ Getting new plants. I kill all of mine, but when they are $15 at IKEA it's not so bad haha. 

6/ The houses in Riverdale. I only made the decision to give this show another shot because the houses and filming locations are SO BEAUTIFUL. I need to be in British Columbia ASAP. 

7/ Getting Tucker a puppaccino. They saw that he was a big dog through the drive thru camera and gave him a grande instead of a sample cup. 

8/ ALSO! I ordered 3 vanilla bean scones and they gave me 5! Thank youuuu Starbuck's!

9/ Whipping out my plaid blanket. FALL IS ALMOST HERE.

10/ I did the math and figured out it is literally not possible to do all the reading assigned for school, which makes me feel really good. So my new plan is to skim, skim, skim and keep up hobbies/mental stuff. 

- - - - -

A Happy List: 167

Monday, August 28, 2017

1/ I got added into a class I have been waiting for! My old schedule was going to be 11-8:30 and my new one is 9-6:30!! Which is amazing because now I will get home at a decent time instead of like 10:00 lol. (Also, for anyone curious, it takes us about an hour to and hour an a half to drive into New York City, but I like taking the train better, so that's why it takes me longer to get there. We typically drive in on the weekends too, when there is less traffic.)

2/ Russell Stover has released their marshmallow pumpkins which are v good. Not as good as the marshmallow Santas (which are my favorite food out of all foods) but a good option until the Santas are available.

3/ Racoons eating.

4/ You know how the signs for watermelon say like .79 cents per lb? But the "per lb" is really tiny? J thought a watermelon wedge was .79 for the whole thing lol. It was actually like $4.

5/ I made these two recipes (here and here) and they were v good!


7/ I found some neighborhoods in Seattle that are affordable and *supposedly* good for millennials. So now, of course, I want to move to Seattle instead of Portland lol.

8/ Do you ever realize that you are an adult? Like I feel like being in college always makes me feel like a kid, but then sometimes I have these realizations that like, I AM AN ADULT. I was in the shower this morning and realized that like, I could get a sauna if I wanted to. I could buy a house with a sauna in the basement if I wanted to. Like I could make it happen on my own, without having to ask anyone for help or permissions, and that was a really neat feeling.

9/ Planning a trip into New York next week for fashion week... Ok we all know I am just going so I can not have FOMO and also eat cute/good foods.

10/ I ordered a bunch more clothes from Romwe and am v excited to do another haul! If you missed the first one, watch it here.


Here are some funny things people said this past week:

J: "Everyone's try to get with that guy, and he's not having it. He's like, "My penis is not for sale."

I have been walking around hunched over because it hurts my incisions less, and J was like, "We need to get ya a cane, grandma Emmy??"

So before my surgery I was trying to decided whether or not to get it. I finally decided to flip a coin, like the old days. It was heads up which meant the surgery was a go. J (and my mom, too) had a hard time that like, this was how I made the decision. The next day we were talking about it and I was like, "How do you think I decided to marry you?" J was like, "Ohhhhhh my gosh... pleaseeeeee do NOT say you flipped a coin." I was like, "I'm just kidding!" J was like, "Cause like... I wouldn't be surprised." Lol

- - - - -

A Happy List: 166

Monday, August 21, 2017

1/ Teaching J a new braid. This one is fancy and I can wear it to work/school, so I'm v excited.

2/ Pretty much every recipe I made this past week was sooooo so good. I have accumulated a ton of good recipes (mostly vegetarian) and am thinking of posting all of them for anyone wanting to try eating veg. They are all pretty fast and easy, cause I'm no cook! But they are fancier than like, macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles lol. 

3/ Finished my internship and am now on a break with nothing to do but watch T.V. and do arts! What's good on Netflix and Hulu right now? Oh, and Amazon Prime T.V.?

4/ Tucker has been really tired lately and I'm LOVING IT. He's giving us a glimpse of what life will be like when he's not a puppy anymore and it is SWEET. 

5/ Finding 6 books at Good Will for $10. Also one of them is those Child Craft books, which are a total childhood memory for me. Crazy that they were there. I think I am going to try to collect them all!

6/ Booked a trip to Vermont and I'm so excited! We're trying to squeeze all the quintessential New England stuff in during our last 9 months (!!!!) here. A trip to Vermont in the fall is like, the most quintessential New England thing I could imagine lol. 

7/ We FINALLY found a girl name we both like. No, I'm not pregnant. No, we're not planning to have babies any time soon. I just weirdly need to have my children's names planned out, idk why. 

8/ Started an art shop! All proceeds will go towards my tuition lol. Shop your heart away. 

9/ We did a little bbq with friends and it was so fun! I ate strawberry rhubarb pie for the first time and it was so classic. The amount of times I have read and heard about strawberry rhubarb pie is like, a lot. I was excited to finally try it and LET ME TELL YOU. It was so good. When we left we took two more pieces lol. 

10/ Also, at that bbq one of our friends was telling us about this podcast where people believe the world is flat and interview people and ask them dumb questions. It sounded so funny. I guess they have this theory that the sun is cold, because space is cold. And it just made me really grateful for conspiracy theories and people who are super into them lol. I am obsessed with them. 

- - - - -

A Happy List: 165

Monday, August 14, 2017

This fry recipe is SO GOOD.

Tucker threw up worms :( More to come on that later! So I covered every surface of my body and disinfected the apartment lol. Also, I was on the other side of a metal door, trying to keep it open with a rock, when Tucker saw a dog and LUNGED after it. It slammed my hand on the corner of the metal door and this is what happened lol. I woke up in the middle of the night with it STILL hurting. #dogsaredangerous

When you tell your husband to get you a blanket but he covers you in a "pillow blanket" instead.

- - - - -

On to the happy list!

1/ Sitting on trains backwards. (My mom hates this lol.) 

2/ The show Atypical. 

3/ Trimming my plant from Ikea. The ends kept dying? Now it looks like one of those fig trees everyone is obsessed with. 

4/ Small talk with people at dog parks. 

5/ Seeing Tucker be chased by literally 10 dogs lol. He was the star of the show and it was so funny. He flippin' loved it. Me on the other hand... #nervousdogmom.

6/ The way Rachel Lindsey talks to Copper lol. It's so funny. I also like her sad face she used when the guys said something sad haha. 

7/ J went to the grocery store and got every ๐Ÿ‘ thing ๐Ÿ‘ on ๐Ÿ‘ the ๐Ÿ‘ list. Since I am on break I am trying out some new recipes! Most of what I've tried out so far has been really good. 

8/ Finishing Awkward. It was v cute. 

9/ When dogs watch T.V. 

10/ Tucker just jumped on the couch and laid down next to me! He stayed a whole three minutes without me petting him before leaving lol. 

Funny things people said this week:
We were talking about how people die during childbirth. J was like, "What if it was really weird but like I died during your child birth?"

J: "Em, I'm wiping hair on my face! I'm doing it to build a resistance." (Because my hair is always in his face lol.) 

We went to the dog park and there were a ton of other dogs there. Tucker played with them for a long time and then we drove home. On the drive home, we were talking about how much fun Tucker had. J usually isn't a "dog dad" but he started going off about him saying, "He is popular, Em!! He's an athlete... he's very sociable. And you know what, out of all the dogs I've seen him with, I haven't seen one run faster than him." I have lol-ed at this again both typing it and editing for typos hahahah. 

A classmate told me I looked like Sandy from Grease because I was wearing faux leather leggings lol. Best compliment. 

So when the trains are still at Grand Central, there isn't any service. I usually just play around on my phone until we are above ground. So, I was sitting down and playing Candy Crush. This business man next to me said, "Are you getting service?!?!" and looked over at my phone. He saw I was playing Candy Crush and was like, "Oh, you're doing nothing." hahaha. 

J: "Yelp's like, "Looking for lunch?!" Ugh! No! I already have my lunch picked out and it's Taco Bell!!!!!! You think they would know by now!"

- - - - -