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DIY Magnetic Eyelashes!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Can I just say that I am so happy right now?! I HAVE LIFE HACKED THE MOST IMPORTANT THING: EYELASHES.

I LOVE the look of eyelash extensions but don't have them because
A.) I don't have the money to get them done every month. (Let's be honest, even if I did I wouldn't because you can buy like, an airplane ticket with how much you can spend on lashes lol.)
B.) I don't want to take the time to get them filled.
C.) I like having the choice between real or fake lashes.
D.) I'm one of those gross people who loves to pick things, whether it's scabs or eyelashes. So I end up picking them all off and have 0 eyelashes. 

So, when I saw that little Facebook ad for magnetic lashes I bought them faster than I have ever bought anything in my entire life. (Well, except for those Russell Stover chocolate covered marshmallows that come out during the holiday season. Mmmmmmm.) However, when they came, I was really disappointed. I mean, they covered like the outside part of my eye and looked wayyyy too natural. If I'm gonna have fake eyelashes people gotta KNOW, ya feel me ladies??

So, I took it upon myself to create the ULTIMATE FALSE MAGNETIC EYELASHES. This is probably the most important thing I will ever do for you (yes, you). So, let's begin!


Materials needed:
- magnetic eyelashes 
- false eyelashes (One pair for every two pairs of magnetic lashes. So if you have four magnetic lashes, just get one pair of false eyelashes. You can't tell but I have 6 magnetic eyelashes in this picture.)
- eyelash glue

Step 1.) Trim the eyelashes to fit your eye. I actually ended up trimming mine more after I finished them. You'd rather trim too little than too much, so be careful!

Step 2.) Squeeze eyelash glue to the top of the magnetic eyelash. Make sure you have tested out which magnets go together and are getting one that works as a top lash. You'll want to let the glue dry for a bit until it is tacky, then add the false eyelash on top. 

I couldn't get a picture while they were going together because it was MESSY! But here is how mine look afterward. So I have the false eyelashes on the top, glue in the middle, and the magnetic lashes on the bottom. These are what I would put on the top of my eye, and I have the little untouched magnetic lashes that go on the bottom. You only need the top magnetic lash to have the false strip lash. The bottom one can stay as it came. 

Step 3.)  Once they are dry (make sure they're dry!) try them on and trim accordingly.

That's it! You're done! Here's a before and after of mine. Top photo = mascara. Middle = "shy" lashes. Bottom = "midnight" lashes.

So, I will warn you. Depending on your eye shape, not all of the lash may fit right against your eyelid. You can mess around with the lashes and bend them, but they don't always stay once you get them on. This is an obvious downfall of this DIY, but from a normal standing point you can't really tell. (As my husband promises me.) Here are some photos to show you what they look like if you were a normal talking distance away.

These first photos are the "shy" lashes. Also I didn't know I would be making this a four square collage at the time, so excuse my lack of posing. 

These are the "midnight" lashes.

So there you have it! This whole thing was like... maybe $30 for everything? Definitely cheaper than eyelash extensions! I love being able to skip mascara and just slide them off before bed! And even though the edge doesn't fit right against my eyelid, I feel it's worth it. I tested it on J and had him get varying levels of close to me and tell me when he could tell lol. 

But I mean, overall WHO IS LOOKING AT ANYONE THAT CLOSE! I mean, in our narcissistic world it is nice to imagine that my classmates are going to spend their time critiquing the outer corner of my eyelashes, but in reality?? Not. Gonna. Happen.

Anyway! If you guys try these, let me know what you think!

- - - - -

Bath Bomb Valentine's Gift Idea

Thursday, February 2, 2017
YOU GUYS!!! I found the cutest store called that sells the all time, CUTEST bath bombs. It's called Chasin Unicorns and their bath bombs even have little keepsake crystals inside! (Not sponsored by the way.)

I have been working on improving my product photography, so I put together an easy little Valentine's Day gift for those bath lovers in your life lol. 

This heart tissue paper is at Target right now and so cute!

I have a hard time actually using mine because they are so cute hahah. I just want like 10 in a container for decoration!

Anyway, I hope you guys have big plans! I will be in New York City for school alllllll day so I'm thinking we probably will be doing nothing. Dun dun dunnnnn. J claims he has something planned but I'm like "???? Every where will be closed by the time I get back to Connecticut?" So, we'll see!

- - - - -

DIY Polaroid Memory Box

Friday, January 27, 2017

This DIY is super easy and quick!  Plus, it makes such a cute gift for Valentine’s Day, or any special occasion!

This is a cute, functional way to showcase all your favorite memories over the years through a unique memory box. Simply pull the tab and watch all your favorite memories unravel before your eyes. 

I got this wooden crate at Michael's for $1. I painted it white because I want it to be timeless, but any color would look good. I chose gray cardstock and cut it into strips slightly wider than my Polaroid photos. I glued the strips together with super glue and folded them accordion style. I added a little ribbon to the top of the pullout for easier access. Lastly, I peeled the backs off the Polaroid photos and stuck them to the cardstock. And that was it!

I got the cutest gold and pink tissue paper at Target and used it as wrapping. I think it turned out really cute and festive!

- - - - -

Thank you to Polaroid for providing me with my own Polaroid Snap instant digital camera and partnering with me on this project!

Disclaimer: I was provided a Polaroid Snap instant digital camera by Polaroid, but all opinions expressed are my own! 

DIY Speckled Christmas Present Packaging (Kraft Paper and Tweed!)

Thursday, December 1, 2016
HAPPY FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER, THE BEST MONTH OF THE YEAR!!!! Literally I can not tell you how excited I am for this Christmas as it's our first living outside of Utah! So far the cuteness and quaintness of New England hasn't failed us, so I'm hoping it keeps on keeping on through Christmastime! (Although I am mega jealous of all the snow all you Utah friends are getting!)

Anyway, like a crazy person I completed all my Christmas shopping in October (aside from J) and lemme tell ya, it feels good! I am really proud of how cute they turned out this year.

For these I used (my exact supplies are linked):
White paint mixed with water
A paintbrush

The actual doing is really pretty self-explanatory. I speckled mine inside but just be careful it doesn't go everywhere haha. I ALWAYS make a huge mess when I do DIYs, but I can proudly say NONE of my paint strayed from that paper! *cheers*

If you guys try this let me know how it worked for you! Also if you have any cute go to Kraft roll ideas let me know that as well. I am always on the hunt for new cutie ways to dress up Kraft paper.

- - - - -


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I told my friend that my pageviews like quadroupled when I moved to New York and she was like, "Maybe it's just because you're posting more regularly?" I was like, "Oh duh". Lol. I was always hella inspired and doing cool things there (although dying slowly on the inside).

Anyway, I have been taking photos and doing things but I just forget to post because I can't handle hermit life with a full time job. *JoKeS*


Basically if you have adhesive/liner you can put it places and make your life a little bit cuter. I enjoy making the shelves of my cabinets cuter. Also, it's nice if you shelves are icky.

That's all folks. I will most definitely be posting about the election. Well, maybe not on here but I just know I will end up talking about it publicly because I'm always making bad decisions like that.

- - - - -

DIY Polaroid Photo Wall

Thursday, October 27, 2016

YOU GUYS. I cannot tell you how happy I have been to be able to decorate our apartment again! While living in my mother's basement in Utah had many benefits, I had the hardest time with not being able to make it feel like our home. Needless to say, our little New England home is my total obsession all day, every day.

I have very specific home tastes. It needs to look clean, but cozy, but also modern, but not like a glass castle. Ya feel? I honestly am the luckiest person in the world because I have a husband who cares 0% about any decor. #blessed #husbandoftheyear

There are tons of great ways to decorate your home, apartment or even dorm room with your favorite photos. But one of my favorites is a simple DIY photo wall. Basically, it’s the easiest thing in the world and SO. CUTE.  

You will need: white push pins, twine, gold binder clips, and some cutie Polaroid photos of your life! My husband and I have been loving our Polaroid Snap instant digital camera. The camera prints out photos instantly while we’re exploring new places or just hanging at home. These adorable 2x3” Polaroid photos are a perfect touch to personalize your home.  I got the push pins, twine, and binder clips from Flying Tiger for like $4 total. (Oh how I miss that place! Seriously one of my favorite things about living in New York City.) You can get the supplies from Amazon. Here are the binder clips, twine (love that pink!), and push pins.

Step #1: Eyeball where to put the push pins until your OCD husband gets nervous and whips out the measuring tape. Place appropriately.

Step #2: Cut way more twine than you actually need. Tie it around the push pins.

Step #3: Clip your photos to the twine! Sometimes there is a little twine thread that you can clip the photo to and it will hold it in place. But honestly, I let mine weight distribute themselves. So they could just slide either way on the twine if that makes sense. You have to put them all on there before you try to distribute the weight

Step #4: Cut your tails to the length you want. I wasn't originally planning on keeping these babies but I just liked the way they looked so I thought "What the heck".

Step #5. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! And make sure to switch out your cutie Polaroid photos to keep things fresh!

The end! It's weird how such a simple little decoration can add so much! We have these giant walls because we have a second floor loft, so the living room is open. I have been weirdly stressed about what to do with them since we moved in, and I really like how this helps break up the space!

Anyway, I have tons more cute Polaroid photo DIYs coming, so keep your eyes peeled kids!

Thanks to Polaroid for partnering with me on this post! They are bae <3

- - - - -

DIY $5 Marble Coasters

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Guys! This is the cutest and easiest DIY! And it's like under $5!

Get some oven bake clay. I got this and this. Then take a chunk of whatever you want the major color to be, and mesh in chunks of the secondary color. Then twist it like a log, roll it out, and cut it into whatever shape you want!

Baking instructions will be on the clay package! I baked these for 15 minutes at 400 degrees I think. 

Just make sure you roll them to be really even so your drinks don't spill when you set them on the coasters!

- - - - -

Apartment Before And After!

Friday, July 15, 2016
Alright. Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. Here is a tour of our 350 square foot studio aparment in New York City. I am always curious about what other people's houses look like, especially when they are in cool places. I feel like, super proud of how cute I made this, but I'll include some before pictures at the end so you guys can compare for yourselves haha.

Pillows (left to right): one, two, three, four, and the one in front. Duvet cover. (Also only $15 and seriously the best!)

Tassel similar here. Lights. Letter marquis lights


I made the New York City print. Temple print is @celestecclark. Donut print is @chelseawhipps on Instagram.

J has to sleep with a fan on so I made him get a beautiful one haha.

This tapestry was $6 on Amazon! Can you even believe it? It's sold out now but similar here.

Gnome salt and pepper shakers.

Drawer liner/adhesive from Flying Tiger.

Adhesive from Flying Tiger. Reusable Starbuck's cups from Starbuck's. We are obsessed with them. Flamingo glass from Flying Tiger. Friends mug is literally everywhere just google it haha.

Spice storage. Magnetic pencil holder from Flying Tiger.

Rug from H&M but honestly I wouldn't recommend their home goods shop. We got some other items that were such bad quality I actually sent them back. 

Also from Flying Tiger haha.

I have a tutorial coming on this get naked art! Also I never realized those drips on the toilet before! I think it's the editing I did in this that made them look weird haha. But that is the thing about New York apartments! They are all very lived in haha. And have been for a while.

We have been loving our Quip toothbrushes! They buzz for 2 minutes with 30 second intervals, so you make sure you brush for 2 minutes. It's funny how psychologically you feel like you can't stop until the vibrating is done lol.

This is so you can all see how big my bathroom is lol.

The before pictures! Luckily the girl who lived here before us left her couch haha. Also, everything you see is everything we brought with us! We traveled light!
I know our apartment is just a tiny matchbox but I love it! We were living in my mom's basement for 2 years before this, so really like anything is good haha. Just having your own place is nice, ya know? Like literally I am naked probably 90% of the time we are home haha. #nudistlyfe. Anyway, I think it's super cute and it just feels cozy like home. <3 I will definitely be happy when we have a door on our bedroom in a future place, but this apartment will always be a fun memory to look back on.

- - - - -